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Something tragic just happened recently. My mom passed.

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posted on Sep, 6 2011 @ 09:29 PM
reply to post by Domo1

Your post speaks volumes.

I hope OP that you can see some truths in this offering. Losing someone you love is never easy and no one will ever be able to know how you feel.

We can understand. We can relate and we can sympathize. We can grieve with you, we can provide a shoulder as you mourn and we can hold your hand as we walk that path, but each of us breathe independently with each breath bringing us closer to our last.

Birth starts the clock to an end. Death starts the clock to a beginning. We choose what to believe. This is what I choose to believe.

I hope that you find all your answers. Be patient. Some answers are slow in coming, All things in their own time.

posted on Sep, 6 2011 @ 10:32 PM
I've lost a parent(homicide) and grandparents when I was younger. My losses slightly heal with time but sometimes like yesterday. Give yourself time to grieve and don't be afraid to ask for help. I will tell you it a challenge to find counseling groups at times and more so who can sympathize(as reference to insensitive replies that are uncalled for, but you may find that in person, as well, unfortunately). You'll heal with time, closure may come, but the loss will remain. The what ifs, the what could have beens, the why not me ....are the steps of grief. Each one of us goes through the stages differently and for different amounts of time.

Remember: She'll always be with you, when the time is right contact may occur and you will have the answers. Memories will keep loved ones alive.

Hope you can resolve the answers in person that need to be addressed by family or friends or by the law. Best of luck and sorry for your loss.
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posted on Sep, 7 2011 @ 02:45 AM
I am so very sorry to hear about your loss. I have recently stood in these very same shoes and my heart goes out to you. Your answers will come with time. The tincture of time. In the meantime, here is something that a friend sent to me. I hope it might help you in some small way too:

Now that I am gone,
remember me with smiles and laughter.
And if you need to cry,
cry with your brother or sister
who walks in grief beside you.

And when you need me,
put your arms around anyone
and give to them what you need to give to me.
There are so many who need so much.

I want to leave you something --
something much better than words or sounds.
Look for me in the people I've known
or helped in some special way.
Let me live in your heart
as well as in your mind.

You can love me most
by letting your love reach out to our loved ones,
by embracing them and living in their love.
Love does not die, people do.
So, when all that's left of me is love,
give me away as best you can.

posted on Sep, 7 2011 @ 02:53 AM
reply to post by John_Rodger_Cornman

I am so sorry for your loss, John,

But keep alert for things your mother loved.

For example, I lost my mother, and I was sitting outside looking at the birds, when, suddenly, I saw two fantails (NZ birds, quite rare) which my mother loved, and then I saw a tui (NZ bird, also rare), which my mother loved.

So I felt that was a message from my mother.

posted on Sep, 7 2011 @ 03:06 AM
I'm very sorry to hear about your loss and my deepest sympathies go out to you and your family. Its very hard times for a family after a loved one crosses over. You your self can easy to communicate to your mother as everything is energy, even your thoughts and emotions are energy. Do not pay much attention to the dark comments some members post on here as they carry a lot of negative energy and show they make have blocking patterns in there life. If something bothers you such as regrets ask for it in your mind to be sent to the white light of love to be destroyed and it will never bothers you again. I feel your your mom really loves you and hopes you find true happiness in life. Ware she is now she has no worries, ego, fear, pain, ect.. she is in harmony and some day will all will be. The pain we feel on earth is only temporary. Question thoe: Did she pass away from cancer? Take care!

posted on Sep, 7 2011 @ 03:07 AM
reply to post by John_Rodger_Cornman

Sorry for your loss, but after someone dies you cannot see them again.


posted on Sep, 7 2011 @ 03:26 AM
Try this and see if you get any results:

posted on Sep, 7 2011 @ 03:54 AM
I'm sorry to hear of your loss John, it's a sucker punch to the guts when we loose someone so close. I'm afraid i have no words of comfort, as I don't believe that there are any such words. Nothing I can say will take away what has happened to you and your family. Nothing I say will stop your pain. Words seem so very trite at times like these.

We can offer support, a place for you to talk about your feelings and how much you're hurting, but we can't take that pain from you, I wish we could, I truly do. Maybe we can lessen it for you, as you come to terms with your loss. I know talking on a forum with a load of people you don't know can seem pointless to some, but I know from experience that there is kindness in a community like this, which can be so warm and loving that it will help you deal with this up to a point.

As for contacting a loved one who has passed over, I wouldn't be getting your hopes up. There are methods you can try, and you may get some kind of result from it, but wether or not this result is a figment of your imagination, will be for you to determin. I have a friend who talks to his grandfather, who he was very close to in life. He said that at first, when he asked questions, he imagined what his grandfathers response would be to the questions he asked. He could hear his grandfathers voice in his head, giving the answers he wanted to hear. He wondered if it was his mind creating the answers, or if it truly was his grandfather speaking with him from the ether. Some years passed, and my friend has joined a spiritual church. One of the speakers at this place was walking around, she stopped by my friend and told him something. She said "yes he can hear you, and yes those are his answers" He said it blew him clean away, and since then, he talks to his gramps on a daily basis.

Keep your mind open to any possibility, but expect nothing, or you run the risk of being very dissapointed.

Keep your chin up John, be there for your family, they need you just as much as you need them.

Much love.

posted on Sep, 7 2011 @ 05:20 AM
So sorry for your loss John.
Sending love to you at this awful time.

I lost my dad 10 years ago. I still miss & 'talk' to him daily!
I have never had a 'message' from him but at his funeral, both my mums & my aunts watches stopped at the same time, which we all drew comfort from (even if it was just coincidence).

Then about 5 years ago, my mum rang upset because her reverse cycle air conditioner came on by itself while she was in the shower.(She gets spooked very easy!)
What upset her most was that it was summer at the time ,so it had been set to 'air-con'. But that day the heater came on. The only remote was still up on the fridge turned to 'heat'.
I saw it as a sign from dad & so did she eventually.
We both laughed & asked him not to do it anymore because it frightened her, & to this day nothing else has happened.
Be on the lookout for signs.
I'm sure the reason dad doesn't come through to me, is if he did it once, I'd be nagging at him constantly for more!
Look forward to seeing her in your dreams, which I'm sure you will in time.
When I see dad in mine, he's not even dead! Just annoying me like he did in life, lol.

posted on Sep, 7 2011 @ 05:36 AM
I'm sorry some of the responses have been so insensitve. Here's what I want to tell you:

Losing someone in your immediate family is a very, very painful experience and grief can be all consuming. But that's okay. Grief is a neccessary process, and you'll have to wade through it in order to get to the other side of it. Please Google Elizabeth Kubler Ross' "Five Stages of Grieving." It will help you to understand the pain, anger and hurt you are likely to feel for a long time. The amount of grief that we feel is directly related to how close we were to that person, and so losing a mother is likely to be a very difficult process.

There are several good books on death and losing people we love. Get to a good bookstore and choose one. Also, there are several good websites for people who are grieving. There are people there who are going through the same thing you are right now and they will have compassion, sympathy and advice. If you need to, there are also many good grief therapists and if you feel as if you are struggling, ask someone in your family to make an appointment for you. Talking this through and having a sympathetic ear can be a good way to heal.

Death is as natural as birth and it is truly part of life, but that doesn't make it any easier. When someone we love dies, we are robbed of their presence and their love for the rest of our own natural lives. It is hard to envision our lives without them. Slowly but surely we find our way. We adjust to the loss. We create a new life without them.

When my own father died suddenly a few years ago, I absolutely couldn't believe he was gone. I went through a lot trying to come to terms with it. Even a year or two later, I'd have waves of grief that came and went. But the good news is that human beings are very adaptable, and in time, the grief will lessen. The waves will be farther apart. You will start to feel better as time goes on.

Be really nice to yourself right now. Honor your mother. Cry when you need to. Talk to her if you want to. I believe she can see and hear you. Talk to your father or siblings and remember her. The point is, you need to grieve in a healthy way. People who hold it in and don't grieve naturally end up with anger and unresolved grief can be debillitating.

As for "talking" to your Mom through a channeler: There are many talented channelers out there who are legitimate and talented. I know several. Not everyone is a quack. Some people have the gift of seeing the other side. But the best ones can be expensive---and rightly so--because they are trying to make a living like everyone else. I have talked to my father several times and he has brought up things only he and I could know. It was comforting to know that on some other plane, he still existed. He even told me exactly how he died, and explained things that happened in his hospital room that he couldn't have possibly known as he was in a coma. If you want to talk to your Mom, make sure you find a reputable channeler. Like any profession, there are channelers with varying degrees of talent and professionalism.

So, take some steps to get through this grief. Let them be healthy steps, like reading, praying, talking and thinking. In time, the pain does lessen. This I can promise you. And remember that everyone on earth has lost someone they love---it is natural and normal....but it isn't easy my friend. God speed to you and your family....

posted on Sep, 7 2011 @ 07:01 AM
reply to post by John_Rodger_Cornman

Sorry for her loss
1) - 2) - 4) Do you really want the answers (2D)
3) You forgot already
5) She already knows
Sorry for your loss

posted on Sep, 7 2011 @ 07:18 AM
I am sorry for your loss. I cannot answer your questions but I would like to relate an experience that I had last year that may help you. I urge you to be happy and hopeful in spite of your loss and I believe you will someday see your mother again. Now several people have commented that you will never see your mother again and there is nothing you can do. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion but I find it interesting how so many people know exactly how the universe is designed. They seem to know whether or not there is life after death or not, who you can communicate with but I never see evidence of these beliefs presented. There is no guarantee that I am correct and no one person has more knowledge about the afterlife than any other unless they have been there and come back. I form my beliefs based on the patterns I see during life and sometimes I can also sense thoughts or feelings from people. Some call an ability to do this ESP/telepathy. Many years ago, someone I loved dearly and myself did successfully prove the ability to communicate telepathically. We successfully sent mental messages to each other while we were apart and confirmed what we had sent the next time we met. This skill can be developed and takes time and energy to do it. There are other skills. I do not regularly practice ESP skills but sometimes accidentally sense feelings or thoughts from people or even animals.

A lot of people will probably criticize what I have said and am about to say but I don't really care. I will not respond to any criticisms other than to say that all posters should post something of value or get a life.

Many years ago one of my aunts had an aneurysm. We lived on the east coast and had come back to visit family while she was in the hospital not knowing she was in the hospital. When we found out, we immediately went to the hospital and visited her. I think somehow that visit left a special place in her heart for us. Last year she died. She was in her eighties and had been slowly developing alzheimer's over the last few years. One of her last wishes was for me to be a pallbearer at her funeral. We lived out of town and had difficulty making it to the funeral on time. We arrived just after the viewing when the funeral service was about to start so I did not have the opportunity to view her in the casket at that time. After the service there was one last brief viewing and greeting of the family. At this time I saw something that amazed me. When I walked up to the casket and looked at her face, she was smiling. I had been to more than my fair share of funerals and I had never seen the deceased person smiling in their casket.

After everyone left the area where the casket was, the funeral home staff prepared to have the casket moved. They had the pallbearers stand in the next room. One of the pallbearers was missing so there was some delay. Once everyone had been located, they had us approach the casket. When I stepped within six to 10 feet of the casket I felt the very strong presence of my aunt. Somehow even without any telepathic communication, I knew it was her. I told her that I loved her and she told me that she loved me too. I could sense her presence and her love very strongly. Her love was almost overwhelming. It felt like our two souls mingled for a few seconds and we rejoiced in each other's being. That is the best I can describe it in words but words are not adequate.

I had heard in the past that people attend their own funerals. I had never been certain whether it was true until that day. Now I have no doubt and I know that you will someday see your mother again. I hope this helps you.
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posted on Sep, 7 2011 @ 07:21 AM
I am truly sorry for your loss.

I lost my dad 8 years ago and although it wasn’t as sudden and tragic as your loss sounds, I can tell you that it did get easier over time. It still really hurts, and of course I do sometimes cry, but I found that eventually my memories of him started making me smile instead of cry.

I want to share something with you that I hope helps with you in your grief. Lately, I’ve been having a real tough time coping with the sudden break-up of a relationship. Two nights ago, I lit a candle, closed my eyes and planted an image of my father firmly in my mind – right down to the clothes he used to wear and the way he used to sit – and poured my heart out to him. Told him EVERYTHING. That night when I went to sleep I dreamed that Dad and I were in a quiet room and he said one clear, single sentence to me (relating to the break-up) and then surrounded me with a sense of calmness and peace.

Like a lot of other people, I do believe the soul goes on. I also agree with the others that you will receive subtle signs from your mum, and she will decide when you’re ready to receive them.

Oh by the way, I also went to a medium earlier this year and much of what she said was way off. I’m not implying that they’re all charlatans but it didn’t help me feel close to dad.

Just my two cents. Everyone deals with death differently and the only really practical advice that I feel qualified to give is to take care of yourself. She loved you, so take care of that which she treasured.

posted on Sep, 7 2011 @ 08:02 AM
reply to post by John_Rodger_Cornman

Thanks OP for posting this question and dont let anyone make you believe that you posted in the wrong website and or category, because this website does have some genuine amateur seekers with information that can be of aid to you.I too lost both of my parents last year but I was lucky to have been a somewhat advanced seeker so the sorrow and confusion didn't trouble me as much as it would have in times before.
I am not aware of your level of seeking so I will try to simplify this as much as I can(my apologies). Communication is possible with those past and each has an ability to do so both consciously and subconsciously. What happens after souls have departed is that they move into time/space but if there are loved ones calling for them especially when a child is in sorrow at the loss of a parent, a part of them is left within the inner planes of our sphere earth. But what is left behind is a thought form shell but not the total entity, by this I mean that this shell contains the entity with its emotions, memories and knowledge similar to the real person when he/she war incarnate. So when communicating with a departed one you are not communicating with his/her higher-self but with an entity similar to your parent with all their earthly programming and weaknesses. So they are not wiser than they were when they were incarnate.

The reason why this phenomenon was designed as so was to protect the living loved ones from trauma or suicide. These thought forms are in constant communication with the living especially through dreams that most don't remember after they wake. You can also consciously communicate with them using those within our physical planes that are gifted in this art, mediums etc, the only problem with this is that there are many that are not genuine and my confuse you or swindle you off of your money. I also dont encourage this conscious communication if your loved one passed due to a traumatic event (eg in war or like the 911 blasts) because some die too quickly that they are not aware of their change in condition and can be trapped for long in the inner planes of our sphere earth believing they are alive and can cause a lot of damage and confusion to their incarnate loved ones.

As I stated earlier all those who have passed can do is offer you comfort. I have read some replies from your brothers and sisters on this website who have comforted you by telling you that it happens to all and its natural, heed their words for this is very true. I hope I have been of some help and I will also pray for you and send you love. I will leave you with a link that may help you understand what I spoke about. The lady on this video is genuine and the information she provides resonates with my knowledge.
Adonai vasu Borragus.

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posted on Sep, 7 2011 @ 08:05 AM
I am so sorry, John, that you have lost your mother. The passing of a parent ungrounds us somehow, yes?

I have no answers for you, but I will leave you with a thought:

Remember her with love and smiles. As long as she is kept alive in memory, she will never truly be gone.

Peace to you.

posted on Sep, 7 2011 @ 08:25 AM
OP was hoping there would be a Sensitive among the crowd.. Seems like he's getting a bunch of insensivtives instead.

Who are we to judge this person by telling him what to do, how to do it and especially (some are saying) there's no sense in even asking?

And we wonder what's wrong with humanity. Some people are simply devoid empathy-----the ability to react to other people's feelings accordingly.

OP, part of the problem with 'death' is our egos and ignorance (and years of conditioning) gets in the way. We mourn them because we, in our limited 3D/6-sense existence can't see, feel or hear them any longer.
She'll come to you in your sleep or while you're off daydreaming. You'll see. Not sure all your answers will get fulfilled and if they don't then, it probably doesn't matter or would behoove you to know.

Her lifes' imprints are all around you. Just close your eyes to see.

Also, be cognizant of new people you meet in the near future. You'll be surprised of the uncanny feeling of 'knowing' them!

posted on Sep, 7 2011 @ 09:04 AM
reply to post by John_Rodger_Cornman

hey op i dont really have any ansewrs im not to in tune as of yet
but i just wanted to express deep sympathies for you. I am so sorry just know that im sending you my love in hopes that it helps
even just a little
-your ats friend

posted on Sep, 7 2011 @ 09:04 AM
sending you my love in hopes that it helps
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posted on Sep, 7 2011 @ 09:18 AM
Sorry to hear you lost your mom. Trying to find someone to communicate with her can be very tricky. I personally believe in ghosts, but I have serious doubts about those who say they can talk to the spirits of the dead. The major red flag to watch for is money. There are those who will ask hundreds or thousands to 'talk' to your mom. Have anyone who claims to have this ability, to tell you something only you and her would know before paying Anything. Don't fall for some of these people. They prey on ones like you, who are desperate to reach the other side. There are some rip off artists who are good at reading your body language, so try really hard to be calm and objective when you're talking to them. Good luck.

posted on Sep, 7 2011 @ 09:54 AM
reply to post by John_Rodger_Cornman

John_Rodger_Cornman, first sorry for your loss of your mother. 1 doesnt know the information related to the loss of your mother and only wishes to come and wish you and your family the best with dealing with losing her. It is hard to deal with having family members not living in the realm of 3d where they can still be touched and felt by us physically but there is much more to this life/death phases of existence and hope you keep her in your thoughts and prayers and physical heart. 1 wishes you and your loved ones the best my friend. Take care.


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