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My horrorfying dream of doom

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posted on Sep, 6 2011 @ 11:10 AM
My horrorfying dream of doom
A journey of the mind

Hey my friends... I so do want to share a something that happened to me last night
I had been feeling so weird all evening, some kind of uneasyness or anxiety
Almost like the air was alive with something
Just before I went to sleep, I was out taking a smoke, looking at the starts as I usually does, here I too saw this weird glimpse of light, it was like zig-zagging, changing color... really hard to explain.

Well that is not what I want to share, just to give u a picture of how my evening had been
I went to bed, surprisingly enough I passed out quickly, like a big black blanket were put over me
Then the dream started, the dream that I want to share with you.
First I found myself in this gentle landscape, was greenish, I heard a calling and was walking towards the sound.
It made me quite comfortable and it resonated well with my feelings inside
Walking towards this calling, I passed by many people and creatures of all sorts...
Some were walking fast, others slow, some stood still, reluctant to walk towards the calling.
I proceeded
Now there was too some kind of light on the sky, where the sound seemed to be coming from.
Inside I felt more and more heavy inside
It was actually like all my dark sides, all that what I am ashamed of, angry about or for some reason dont like to think about got magnified by the ressonance of the sound
It felt so strange
E.g. I remember once when I was a kid, I came into a room where a uncle of mine was doing something bad sexually to his own daughter
At that point he had threatened me, to kill me if I told my parents
Therefore I kept silent, feeling so ashamed,, feeling guilty, being afraid
Well that was one of many scenes from my life that got on the big screen.
Never the less I proceeded, now in a slower pace, because of my growing anxiety
I could now see 4 figures in the horizon, very dim.
They looked like some kind of light-beings, standing in front of this big pyramid, hoovering.
It was from them the calling came, or rather it was from the pyramid, and the 4 beings were transmitting it.
In the dream it was like the pyramid was bot there in the horizon and inside me at the same time
Making me painfully aware of the darkness inside of me
The tension grew, and suddenly I encountered the uncle and his daughter... She was scared and crying, he was angry and threatening
I lost it... I turned around
I remember having the feeling of wanting to get away from it all, just seeking to make it stop
Just running scared
Running back, I felt kind of easier inside, felt like all the sadness all the fear and anger went back into the shadows
On the other hand i heard the calling got stronger, now it was pointed directly at me
I ran
I made the choice to seek oblivion
Others ran with me, we wasn't like a group, just like a bunch of scared individuals running scared into the bush.
Then I wished for the calling to stop
Suddenly it did
Now the dream changed character
It was like all the air stopped
Like the mist covered all
There were no light-beings or pyramid to be seen
My inside was just like not felt
There were several beings there, just standing
Hardly to be seen because of the mist
In the dream, it felt like an eternity
Then all of a sudden a light on the sky started to glow
Looking up, I saw the most freightening sight
Honestly I dont know why I didnt wake
In the sky was this big, gigantic, dark red sphere arriving
Like out of nothing
The air was filled with sounds
It was like demons screaming
There was another presence now
All the people standing there wanted to escape, but really, there was no where to escape
Only mist darkness... and then that gigantic sphere and that screaming
Then the dream became very violent
The sphere touched down to the ground and started fire and quakes
Suddenly some kind of beings were there
I dont know if they came from the sphere or just out of the air
They were like alligators walking on two legs, with broad shoulder, double height of humans
They had those 2 yellow eyes, that revieled no emotion and could look right trough you
The attacked the people standing
Beating them
Eating people
Gathering some in groups, like slaves
Suddenly I saw this huge being coming right towards me
It was like its eyes paralyzed me
Then i woke up
You know the kind of dreams that when u wake up its like the dream didn't really end
This dream was like that
Had to take the day of from work, just to pull myslef together
Scary # really

Just wanted to share
Any thoughts?

posted on Sep, 6 2011 @ 11:27 AM
nice story, you should see my dreams whoa

posted on Sep, 6 2011 @ 11:30 AM
I had a dream eerily similar to this. I got a good look at the alligator like things, They looked like someone had crossed an Avatar Na'vi with a Velocoraptor. They seem to be some sort of predatory species.

posted on Sep, 6 2011 @ 11:30 AM
I had one where a being took a child's mother in a deep catacomb type church setting in water leaving a door. the just born baby cried out saying you cannot take my mother and the beings face and body were on fire with magnificent flames but clearly turned around and spoke with dead fire eyes.."you know there can only be nine not 10" in the most horrific of voices...then a faceless demon was yelling and screaming at the top of his lungs on this corner pillar type deal in front of me. I was with a man of the cloth and we said we need to get out of here. felt like the place was coming down from rumbling and it felt like it was a chamber in hell of some sort. Very hard to describe the entire dream but that was the climax as at first I was running with the man of the cloth and the woman though i could never tell you what she looked like i just remember vividly she was prego and had black long hair i guess?

When I awoke..It felt to real to be stayed with me the whole weak and still does sometimes to this day never knowing was 9 not 10 means...Reminds me of a story from Revelations though but thats a whole other discussion.

posted on Sep, 6 2011 @ 11:33 AM
Is this a poem? It kind of reads like a creepy childrens book. What exactly were you smoking outside when you saw the light before you went to bed.

posted on Sep, 6 2011 @ 12:42 PM
I have heard other people tell similar stories of dreams. One that I heard is a girl had a dream that it was a normal afternoon, then all of a sudden aliens ships landed everywhere. She was amazed and went to meet one of the aliens. She touched the aliens hand and it burnt her. She realized then the aliens wanted to kill her and she started running.

My thoughts on this: I think the coming one world government is planning a stage alien invasion. They are going to play good alien vs. bad alien. The first ones that come are going to be hostile.(The Bible says men's hearts will be failing them for fear) Then the good aliens will come to save the day along with the antichrist. He won't tell you he is the antichrist though. Look up project bluebeam, they really are planning this. Things in the world are going crazy, earthquakes, hurricanes, volcanic eruptions, tsunamis, etc...just like the Bible says. The 7 year tribulation is coming. Jesus Christ is the only one that can save you.

posted on Sep, 6 2011 @ 02:28 PM
In the last two nights i've had some strange dreams, maybe not quite as in depth as the OP's but l'll explain anyway.

1st dream(2 nights ago) all I can remember was that there was 2 craft, classical UFO shape, that were pulsating purple/green/red/bue kind of all at once all over both ships. By the way I, like the OP, go outside for smokes(not the green type either), and I was dreaming I was out there late at night looking at the stars having a smoke when this was happening, as I do very often, anyway while I was observing these 2 crafts another very large rectangle shaped craft poped up to the left that didnt have the glowing effect of the other two craft, but rather had many lights shining down form the bottom of it, it was at this point I started to feel a sort of sleep paralysis setting in. Due to being a beliver in GOD(and satan), I immediately started say over and over "GOD, I seek refuge in you form teh evil of satan", until after about the 5-6 time the paralysis was alleviated and I ran like the wind and woke as soon as I started running, thinking whoa. The main reason I thought whoa, was that I havent had a dream about UFO's in my entire 35 years.

2nd dream(last night) is very hazy in my mind, all I can remember was that I was walking around in like a park with nice grass and there was all kinds of mythical creatures, some walking, but most flying. These creatures were of all sizes, from really small to about human size, but the majority of them were really small, like little flying humans with wings. All I can remember is that I got the feeling that something very strange was going on(pretty obvious I guess) but I was more interested in all the variety of the creatures than I was about them inflicted any harm, so I got the feeling that they werent all out to hurt me. Unfortunately I didnt get much out of that dream as I cant remember it all, it wasnt as vivid as the one I've explained above, again though I have never had a dream that was anything like this.

The only bizzare life like dreams I've ever had that I can remember in my 35 years of life(without going right into them), was one when I was little about a devilish tooth fairy kind of character trying to literally claw its way through my house to get me(it had long witch like nails), and the other main one was one that caused my total paralysis a few years ago, when I saw a classical rotten looking devil floating above my bed, and it just went on to talk absolute profanities and basically tell me that he's taking my wife to hell with him eventually, the hole time I was trying to scream at my wife next to me to try and move me, but no noise was coming out fo my mouth.

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