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The Comparison of the Connection of the Old & New World Similaritys

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posted on Sep, 5 2011 @ 03:44 PM
As ive been here on ATS for a While

There is alot of Link s Comparing The OLD & New World Similarity's of a Civilization and the Great Mysteries of
Ruins of the New World Especially of Puma Punku & Tiahuanaco,

As i was Researching about the Connections of The Northern Polar Regions and the Ethiopian Pre Colombian Connection !

I Came Across this Site Below this Pretty Much Sums it all up to me if its a Proven Fact

a One World Cultured Civilization & Exploration of the New World
as the Artifacts are Similar if not Identical

Artifacts, Atlantis and the route to the sea

Here are Some Links to Compare the Old & New World

Puma Punku vs Aksum / The Ark / Queen of Sheba?

Tiahuanaco, Puma Punku the real mystery..., page 12

((( Now for the Upper Northern Polar Region of the OLD & New World )))

My Comparison of the Northern Europe's SAMI and the North American Native American Inuit & Cree
From Slayers69 Thread

Who Were the Ancient Megalithic Builders?, page 5

( Note ) Personally if you look at the 2nd Video of this link to the Thread Below
The Woman Looks allot like my Aunt ! my Fathers Sister as im part Iroquois Mohawk
Yet This Woman in the 2nd Video is From North Europe Lapland Country !
and Science say that SAMI and Native Americans DNA is Not Related!!
But Facial Feature that i see of the Sami look just like the People Around the Reservations Near my Area !
If you put that woman in the 2nd video on a reservation in my Area Not a single one within or Around the Reservation would Notice anything Different Except the Language

MY Post

My Comparison to Viking and Iroquois Mohawk Culture
From Slayers69 Thread
Who Were the Ancient Megalithic Builders?, page 7

My Post

I wonder if this has to do with anything for a World Civilization and Trading Exploration ?

The Great Circle

Great circles are straight lines that go all the way around the center of the earth. The equator is a great circle. Meridians of longitude that cross over the north and south poles are also great circles. For every location on a great circle, it's antipodal location is also on the circle. Other than the equator itself, any great circle crosses the equator at two antipodal locations, 180° apart. Other than the equator and meridians of longitude that run due north and south, any great circle reaches it's maximum latitudes at two locations that are 90° of longitude east and west of the two locations where the great circle crosses the equator.

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