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One Idea For Justice - An Alternative to Mob Rule

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posted on Sep, 5 2011 @ 09:32 AM
This is a thought that came about in response to the attitude I am seeing all around the internet.

Be it comments on youtube videos, stories on MSM websites, or on forums like ATS, the response is along the lines of this:

"Someday we, the people, will get so outraged, we will come to the houses of the elite and remove their heads" like something from the French revolution.

And it is completely justifiable to think that way. These bankers, politicians, and businessmen have led the charge in war against all lower classes.

They have taxed us to death, and beyond death. They invade our privacy with cameras, and when that isn't enough, with teams of armed ex-soldiers.

They have sent us into war under false pretenses. From their decisions, many of us have seen our friends and compatriots die right before our eyes, and been ordered to commit atrocious acts.

They lack empathy, compassion, and many other emotions which are considered to be vital for a healthy human being.

Around the world, everyone is waking up.
It is only a matter of time before there are more uprisings, like Egypt, Greece, and many others.

So when the "mob" actually reach the doors of the houses of those most responsible, what should they do?

I propose an alternative to the guillotine, to mob rule, which will only perpetuate this cycle that all of us are tired of.

Let us put these people in our shoes, literally.

Have them live in a studio apartment, working past full time just to pay for food and rent.

Erect cameras watching their every movement for "their safety".

When they try to travel, subject them to invasive pat downs and questions, for "the safety of others".

Or put them in a country, on a subsidized farm with contracts effectively enslaving them to the land.

Have them eat processed, genetically modified food products every day for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. McDonald's is a daily requirement.

When these elite inevitably begin to feel depressed and hopeless in their situation, they will be told "There is something wrong with you!" and fill them with antidepressants and other meds.

To me, this is justice.
Death is the easy way out.

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