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Police Use 'Excessive Force' on an unarmed 60 year old man in Edmonton[VIDEO]

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posted on Sep, 4 2011 @ 07:47 PM

The Edmonton shop owner in the video confronted another man in the alley behind his business on Sunday August 28, who assaulted one of his employees a few days earlier. The man in the alley got pissed off and spiteful and called police.

The police arrived and the 60-year-old shop owner, who was unarmed, did what the cops asked him was not resisting arrest when they attacked him without reason. Thanks to the video surveillance, this incident is under investigation.


Once again we have a few armed thugs assaulting a guy. This fella was 60, a shop owner, unarmed and clearly not resisting.

I'm getting tired of seeing stuff like this.


An Edmonton man is claiming he's the victim of police brutality, and he believes video surveillance proves it.

On Sunday, Sammy Sobieh says there was a disagreement outside his shop where police were called, and responded with guns drawn.

"They said 'put your hands up'. I put my hands up and that's it," he said.

He says he dropped his cigarettes and lighter he had in his hand and turned around because he was ordered to. And that's when he says the officers grabbed him and slammed him to the ground.

"I found them just beating me up. I felt like my chest, my stomach, even my heart fall on the ground," said Sobieh.
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posted on Sep, 4 2011 @ 08:15 PM

unjustified ....

all the cops here need to be made an example of ...

posted on Sep, 4 2011 @ 08:18 PM

A witness has also come forward to CTV backing the man's claim of police brutality.

Brenda says Sobieh never had a weapon and claims to have called 911 telling them that. She can't understand why police responded the way they did.

"Guns drawn and then throw him to the ground and have a beat-down. I was so shocked."

Sobieh was arrested and escorted outside. He alleges he was then punched and kicked again in the alley, but the cameras do not point in that direction.


makes me wanna puke
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posted on Sep, 4 2011 @ 08:23 PM
Man, they really laid in to him, didn't they? Kicking and punching him when he was already on the ground, WTF?

That's way over the top, no doubt about it. Sickening.

posted on Sep, 4 2011 @ 08:28 PM
Another video has turned up that shows he did have a large metal hook in his hand in the altercation prior to his arrest..

Metal hook adds new twist

New details have emerged in the case of alleged police brutality involving Edmonton police officers. CTV News has obtained new surveillance video that shows Sammy Sobieh had a metal hook in his hand during an altercation prior to his arrest- something he originally denied.

In the video, it shows Sobieh sprinting towards the back door of his business with a large metal hook in his hand. In the newly released footage not shown to CTV News, Sobieh is seen arguing with a man for several minutes while holding a hook he calls a "grabber".

Police said the man had a meat hook in his hands at the time the incident was reported but Sobieh originally told CTV News he didn't have anything on him during the argument.

It doesn't show he had it when the cops got there but he did evidently have it before.

posted on Sep, 4 2011 @ 08:43 PM
It looks like the victim hold up his hands to show He is unarmed. Then when He turned his back to the ahole cops and they tried to kill him. Attempted murder, should be the charge, against the three not so little Piggy's.

posted on Sep, 4 2011 @ 09:41 PM
i too am getting extremely sick of police brutality. these three cops should be tossed into the general population of a prison, with the word cop printed on their foreheads until their hearings as an example. this should not and can not be tolerated. this fight like many others is so completely one sided it's unbelievable, three ARMED, young and in shape men against one old man. not only that but they Wait till he is TOTALLY UNDER CONTROL before BEATING THE CRAP OUT OF HIM. if this was three teens say against one teen it would be CONSIDERED AS A STOMPING. the perpetrators once caught would be IMMEDIATELY put in jail until their bail hearings. why do i suspect these "police officers" are at home just on a PAID suspension?

as for the fact that this man had ALLEGEDLY been threatening someone with a meat hook is COMPLETELY IRRELEVANT. he was UNARMED and seemed COMPLIANT at the time of the take down so there is no reason for being assaulted.

The Edmonton shop owner in the video confronted another man in the alley behind his business on Sunday August 28, who assaulted one of his employees a few days earlier. The man in the alley got pissed off and spiteful and called police.

this is a good reason that cops should always use MINIMUM force needed. sure they were responding to what SEEMED to be a legitimate call of someone threatening with a deadly weapon. but how are they to KNOW that it could POSSIBLY be part of something bigger. it seems that the so called victim may have been an aggressor first. so instead of doing a PROPER investigation they just decide to give the guy a lesson i guess. not what a cop should be doing, that is the job of the courts. but hey cops seem to think in some cases that they are above the law. only harsh sentencing of cops will help solve that problem. you know if you are a security guard and get caught for theft at your place of employment then it is a higher charge then normal (i apologize i can't remember what it is properly called). well cops should face the same thing for brutality. so say an assault is 5 years, then for a cop it should be 10 years. after all they are SUPPOSED to PROTECT civilians not beat the crap out of them or kill them.

sadly the way it seems that cops at least in north America are being seen to behave in recent times that some issues may start to crop up. first of at this point running away from the cops due to fear for your life should be acceptable. people are GENUINELY scared of cops. it's really too bad as cops are supposed to protect us we should NOT have to fear them. even worse is the possibility that eventually if they don't start going after the bad cops that people may start taking revenge or even going on "cop hunting" sprees. this is defiantly not right but if people don't see justice done then they may decide to extract it themselves.

i really feel bad for the good cops out there. but they themselves DO shoulder some responsibility as well. in this case there were 3 cops, as soon as one started to get rough then the other 2 should have restrained him and charged him as well, not join in on the beat down. i am sure that other officers KNEW that these guys were loose cannons and should have had them dealt with before they had the chance to beat this guy up. "who watches the watchers?" internal affairs should be monitoring ALL police actions and dealing with those officers who get out of control, one tiny step over the line and the cop should be fired and appropriately charged along with any cops who may have said nothing about problems that they know about, or try to help cover up incidents. we NEED LAW AND ORDER, not a bunch of thugs with legal protection, doing as THEY see fit.

this is a good example of why it should not only be legal to film police doing their jobs, but it should be considered mandatory that anyone equipped with video equipment or cameras film what is going on when cops seem to be going out of control. it would even be a good idea to have cops equipped with audio and video recording every second of their shift (say a glasses camera). both to protect themselves from wrongful harassment and suits, as well as to protect citizens from police brutality.

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