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Mahdi Nazemroaya Interveiw: "NATO's war of aggression"

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posted on Sep, 4 2011 @ 08:25 AM
Mahdi Nazemroaya independent journalist:

He talks about Libya being part of the post 911 perpetual war ,and NATO's war of aggression ,and how the west is demonizing Gaddafi ,and how he witness NATO destroying Libyan people's info-structure ,and he see's it as punishing the people of Tripoli for resisting the rebel rule ,and explains what else he saw going on in Tripoli ,and he believes blatant war crimes are being committed.

He also goes on to say how he believes western special forces are all over Libya ,and corrupt MSM bias lies being told in Libya.

And how a pro Gaddafi supporter gave his life protecting him ,from the so called freedom fighters attacking the Rixos Hotel.

The Interveiw is 37 mins long ,and gives a good insight to the Libya fiasco from a independent journalist who was on the ground in Libya.


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