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Whys is it That I Can Only Remember Bad Dreams, and Hardly Any Good or Non-Scary Dreams?

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posted on Sep, 4 2011 @ 05:59 AM
Unfortunately for me I have few but only bad or scary dreams. But I always end up saying "this is a dream, wake up" before most of them get really bad. I do have good dreams sometimes, I think. I know I have tried to remember what they were immediately after waking up. I try to fall back to sleep so I could catch it again, but it never works. I have remembered very few good dreams, but remember every detail of the bad ones. Especially one I had in the 2nd grade. I am in my late 20's but remember this dream like it was yesterday. I was in class at the elementary school and we were doing something with candles. A spark flew up from a candle and flew around the room. It then landed in the floor and made a detailed pentagram with a black dragon in it. I got to it first and said "wow" and touched it. Mrs. C- the teacher's aid grabbed me and started screaming"No!" And I immediately started falling through black and red horizontal lines. Then I asked for God to help, and I felt like something caught me and started to lift me back up. Now don't you think that is a strange dream for a 2nd grade child to have. I couldn't have been any older than 8. Over 20 years, and I remember this dream over any other. I am a Christian by the way. Sometimes not the best one, but who is. Most of my dreams are people trying to kill me. I have been shot at and hit. And have shot people in my dreams in self defense. I've been confronted by vampires. I have been confronted by human demons and went off on them while a good friend of mine who had similar dreams was sitting right next to me motionless while I literally cursed and beat the demons with a pool noodle(and it worked!). Why is it that I can remember these nightmares in detail, but I can't remember the good dreams seconds after waking. This last one was a doozy not too long ago. I am coming home to an apartment I've never been in. And an old man sitting at a desk starts talking to me creepily(not sure if that's a word) about how he has been around the world and poked me in the chest over the heart so hard it felt like he was going for it. I then said to myself " this is a dream wake up" and woke up but could not move for a few minutes because my muscles felt like I had finished a triathlon. You could ask me about a good dream and I wouldn't be able to describe 1! Can somebody help me make sense of this?

posted on Sep, 4 2011 @ 06:01 AM
The bad always stick out from the rest.

posted on Sep, 4 2011 @ 06:06 AM
when you remember, you are reminded. the reminding is timed and it is chosen what you will remember. some call guardian angel, what has the monopoly of doing that. dreams are produced by albs, non-human beings.
this is a mythological attempt to describe what you are experiencing.

posted on Sep, 4 2011 @ 06:15 AM
reply to post by Viking9019

I really do understand how the bad ones stick out. It just bothers me that immediately after a not so bad or not scary dream I immediately forget what it was. I have a good job and awesome family, why can't I have or remember dreams about that?

posted on Sep, 4 2011 @ 06:23 AM
I rarely remember dreams. When I was younger, I remembered more than I do now, but still was not very often back then. I am sure that part of the reason that I remember even less now, is because of the self-inflicted drug-induced coma that I put myself into, in order to sleep.

Regardless, the scary ones are the good ones. For that, I am jealous.

There were two recurring dreams(nightmares) that I had when I was young, that I can still remember vividly. One involved the ocean, and falling. The other, in a way, is similar to one that you mentioned.

[color=ABFFE0]Playing in a friends yard, a few houses down. My mom yellin' at me to come home for supper. Walking home, and began being chased by the devil (the cliche image of course: red, horns, tail, muscular, etc.). I always woke right as I got to the front door, which was also right before 'he' grabbed me.

I had that dream numerous times, and for years. Eventually, it stopped, and I have not had that dream since. At one point, I reached this conclusion:

[color=FF936B]"There is no need to continue the chase, after catching the prey. So apparently, he must have finally caught me."

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posted on Sep, 4 2011 @ 06:25 AM
reply to post by icepack
I understand your reply, but I don't get it at the same time. What is an Alb. Alb is the root word of my family's name if that makes any difference. And how can I get them to let me have happy dreams?

posted on Sep, 4 2011 @ 06:52 AM
reply to post by 1MrMarc

sorry, i have only the german version translated by google:

alb, alp

The word is alf of the Anglo-Saxon and Low German, derived eleven, so says the mythical elves originally the Anglo-Saxon and Old Norse tradition.
Under the name of Alb in folk beliefs have very different ideas together, which are reflected in the variety of regional names.
From the first friendly form developed early the idea of ​​an insidious, oppressive system, which is known under different names in different landscapes: in Hesse, Franconia, Thuringia, Saxony as hills, to the Upper German (Bavarian-Austrian) than turkeys, Drude, in Switzerland or Toggell Doggles, as in Lower Germany Mahr, in the Swabian and Alemannic region as Schrättele, Schratt (as well Swabian Druckerle) and in East Friesland and Oldenburg space as Walrider, Walriderske.
The Alb is a nocturnal spirit pressure that produces the so-called albtraum (nightmare). He lies down on the sleeper's chest and pushes him almost to suffocation. It is often experienced erotic dreams, which lead to the identification of Alb as a female demon (witch Drude). The shape of the pressure Spirit is in no way clear-cut. He / she may appear as an object (white feather), as an animal (cat) or in human form (beautiful girl). Especially the transformation ability is characteristic of the Jura.
Besides the idea that a man must be transformed because of predisposition to a certain fateful Alb, there is a belief in the Alps as a soul in animal form (Albmaus), which leave the body in order to push one another. It may also be a revenant, the press must, while in Eastern Europe, the Alps may appear in the form of the vampire who sucks at the breasts of children, men and women.
The erotic component of the nightmare is significant. Already in Vintler "Plueme the Tugent" it means that the Alb minnt people. In most cases it is the opposite sex encounters, ie, women are from a male, men (and mostly young) are haunted by a female Alb, which appears as a naked young girl. Often, the speech of tongue kissing, and the (female) Alb pushes a guy until one ejaculation occurs.
Freudian psychoanalysis explains the nightmare as "on a heavy psychological conflict" based, "which focuses on a repressed psychosexual component of the instinctual life forms". Other rational explanations see nightmares by excessive exposure of the stomach caused, and modern medicine sees the erotic side of their print this fear, especially by shortness of breath (angina pectoris) caused.
How did the idea Alb-possession in the course of its development from ancient to modern times many motives, so also show the defensive measures against the Jura and the nightmare their origin from different cultural backgrounds. They range from magical repellents on Christian benedictions to rational actions. Widespread is the use of the magic pentacle or Schrattengatterls the past which is not the Alps. As a defensive spell in the sleeping places a mirror on the chest or reverts to your shoes upside down on the bed, as the Alb is forced to follow in the footsteps of his victim. Christian repellents are prayers (Albsegen), holy water, relics, crosses (Drudenmesser), etc. Finally, you can prevent the coming of Albs through practical means, by closing the keyhole, or in bed around turns, because the nightmare is usually seen in the supine position . Rationalist is already on fire, the recommendation to light because of the brightness shuns Alb.
Since the pressure is usually a ghost shape transformation is, there is the possibility to reconvert him through various practices in its true form and make it visible. It clogs the hole through which he has entered the room, then he must show up at sunrise in his figure-a detained straw, a feather, then a girl. Or you hurt the animal-shaped Alb, and the next day seems a neighbor or the neighbor with similar injuries.
In some cases, you can redeem albende person by name when they call you or leaves another victim (horse, tree) to press.
Undoubtedly it is in the Alb-show at a relatively general phenomenon, which is already the indigenous people and was known in antiquity. Since the anthropological preconditions of this physical phenomenon are largely comparable, one can speak of a polygenetic origin of this idea on a certain level of cultural development.

how to get better dreams ? well i am no expert, but there some out there, this would go into the esotheric direction.

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posted on Sep, 4 2011 @ 05:18 PM
reply to post by icepack
Thank you very much for that information! I have never heard of anything like that and I learned something totally new. I will use that info and learn a little more on my own now that I know where to start. Thanks again!

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