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Question to Muslims

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posted on Aug, 22 2004 @ 09:54 AM
I have a question mainly aimed at Muslims...

Though out the terrorist arrest's in Britain, Muslims have claimed that the west is oppressing them.

Non-extremist Muslims (majority) say they hate those who take a path of violence, (suicide bombers etc).

Then what is the problem if extremists are being arrested, how is the west oppressing the peaceful majority????

thanks for any responses

NOTE: damn this thread's meant to be in Faith, Spirituality & Theology on (Sorry mod's)

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posted on Aug, 23 2004 @ 06:44 AM
UK-Wizard, I don't think that opression is the right word.
Because of 9/11 Islam has been turned into state enemy no. 1. This has not been done by the goverment, but by the people and dumbed down media. Just look at the posts here on ATS about Islam, and how many people call it devil's religion, violent religion, how many say that all muslims are violent killers and nothing else.
Normal muslims, non-extremists, don't have a problem with goverment arresting the extremists, they have a problem with being put in the same category with those extremists simply because they are muslims. There have been numerous searches in homes of people who have nothing to do with al-qaeda simply because some neighbour said "them arabs next door look suspicious". Women have been atacked, harassed on the street because they wear head scarf. They have to put up with stuff like "go back to your mud hut" or other racist remarks. Then you have politicians like the one in Norway lobbying to legaly ban Islam as religion. It is a very complex situation. Muslims suddenly feel like the world is against them, like they are not wanted in western countries. Of course not all non-muslims act like this. Most of them are ok, but the racist minority screams very loud.

Also, muslims are only humans too, they love to exaggerate situations and to blame others for things that go wrong in their lives. Sometimes you will hear people say "oh I didn't get a job, must be because I am muslim" when in fact they didn't get it simply because they are not qualified for it.

So, to sum it up, muslims are ok with all those arrests if there is proof that these people are really involved with terrorism. It is the other things that bother us, the additude of some people, of media, certain politicians and all that.


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