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"The sports facilities are the detention/relocation camps..." ?

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posted on Feb, 27 2012 @ 11:33 AM
a few stadiums-turned-prison to add to the list...

Here's one from the US in 1971

DC/RFK stadium in washington dc

But all the planning and organization counted for little in the face of the government's sweep arrests. More than 7,000 people were caught in the dragnet that first day. Never before or since have there been that many arrests in the United States on a single day. (Another 6,000 were arrested over three more days, most of them for blockading the Justice Department and the U.S. Capitol.) Many of the arrestees were ordinary people with no connection to the protest; they just happened to be where sweeps were taking place. Others were demonstrators who were arrested preemptively, without having committed any illegal acts. To transport the mass of prisoners, the police had to commandeer city buses; when even that wasn't enough, they hired Hertz and Avis rent-a-trucks.48

The city jail quickly filled, even though the police crammed as many as twenty people into two-person cells. Another 1500 were packed into the jail's recreation yard. That still left thousands of prisoners, whom the police herded into an outdoor practice field next to RFK Stadium. Conditions were awful, with next to no sanitary facilities, blankets, or food. One anarchist wag made a sign proclaiming the football field, without much overstatement, "Smash the State Concentration Camp #1." The government had made a major misstep, which cost it public sympathy. People who had strongly disapproved of the Mayday Tribe's shutdown plan were appalled by the flagrant violation of civil liberties, and upset to see the nation's capital turned into an overt police state.

came across it after reading this

Sir Peter Tapsell, the father of the House, asked [David] Cameron whether he remembered the US army "wow-nding up wioters" in DC stadium in 1971. Sir Peter was 31 at the time. Cameron was four, which might explain the rumbles of low laughter around the chamber at this point.

Using Wembley would certainly solve the prison overcrowding problem, that's for sure. "I want the Wembley stadium to be available for great sporting events," Cameron told Sir Peter, forgetting that many of the ruckuses surrounding these great sporting events often resemble riots themselves.

From India this past summer

Stadium turns prison and protest site

Aug 17 2011

Chhatrasal Stadium in Model Town turned into prison and protest site for well over a thousand people on Tuesday — those being ferried in police buses joined by enthusiastic others who showed up to be seen and heard in pouring rain.

A heavy police contingent allowed them to vent, and were seen urging several protesters to enter detention in the stadium in orderly queues. Protesters, including Delhi University students, came and went, and by evening, there were around 1,500 people inside, police sources said.

The first busload of protesters arrived at 9 am, picked up while protesting at Rajghat. As a steady stream of buses rolled past the heavily guarded gates after that, decibel levels inside the stadium rose steadily, protesters shouting “Vande Mataram” and “Inquilab Zindabad”.

Reporters were not allowed inside the stadium...

...By around 1 pm, a large crowd had gathered outside the gates of the stadium, drawn by TV reports of protesters being detained at the venue. However, most refused the police invitation to join their comrades inside the stadium. Sailesh Kumar, from Bihar, said, “If all of us give ourselves up, the movement will lose steam. Instead, we will block the road and make this our Jantar Mantar.”

As the afternoon progressed, police allowed protesters to stroll in and out of the stadium, after they had allowed themselves to be checked, and given their names and addresses. Protesters who were brought in from places like Rajghat, JP Park and Civil Lines, were, however, taken straight into the main stands and not allowed to come out...

From Tarouba, Trinidad

August 29, 2011

State of emergency detainees will likely be housed at the Brian Lara Stadium in Tarouba, which was started by the PNM administration, but has never been used...

...Speaking at the daily media briefing at the National Security Ministry in Port-of-Spain, Police Commissioner Dwayne Gibbs said the total number of people arrested since the seven-day exercise began stood at 684, including 267 on gang-related issues...

...he Attorney General said: “We’re winning this war on crime...on day seven of the state of emergency, we’re moving at the arrest rate of 100-plus per day, despite getting off to a slow start.” On the State’s capacity to hold those detained and arrested, Ramlogan said the Government had identified sites for detention facilities and was in the process of outfitting them. National Security Minister John Sandy said the sites could hold over 1,000 people and would be secured by police and army forces. Ramlogan said he had asked Housing Minister Roodal Moonilal to see if the Tarouba Stadium could be used to house detainees. Moonilal will report back shortly. Ramlogan said the stadium had also been meant to be a tsunami shelter...

...Initial assessment is that the stadium is a “very feasible” choice to house detainees. Several agencies including the army will assist in the final decision. Ramlogan said yesterday: “For those ‘visiting’ these (detention) facilities, we’ll be happy to accommodate you until you change your ways.”

from rwanda

Cyangugu prison, Kamarampaka stadium & memorial gravesite, Cyangugu

The prison (background), built for 2,000, now holds 6,200; the stadium (middle) was the site of 10,000 killed; the memorial site (foreground) holds the remains of thousands killed in the area.

posted on Apr, 27 2012 @ 03:17 AM

around 4:25 a national guard colonel talks about some logistical benefits to having a stadium (Toyota Park) in an emergency, saying it's where they receive all the initial logistical support, from where all the staging takes place, etc...

"Having places like this available, um, in any of the areas, any part of the state where we're at, is critical to us to be successful. It's a good venue for parking, we have plenty of places to stage logistics, stage personnel, stage equipment, we can bring soldiers here to sleep, uh, they can be fed here, shower, and then move on out to conduct operations."

I know this type of planning can be hugely beneficial in actual emergencies, but what happens when the emergency is fabricated/against us? What if the emergency is civil unrest and one of the logistical issues is what to do with mass amounts of detainees?
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posted on Apr, 27 2012 @ 11:43 AM
reply to post by 1825114

Its to simulate the situation on the ground in a war zone. Just re-reading blackhawk down now, and the 10th Mountain Division was based out of a stadium, for instance.

BTW, you really think the polacks are going to invade us?

posted on Apr, 27 2012 @ 01:08 PM

Originally posted by steppenwolf86
Its to simulate the situation on the ground in a war zone. Just re-reading blackhawk down now, and the 10th Mountain Division was based out of a stadium, for instance.

Ok. And? Your tone is disagreement, but your statement would seem to back up the idea I'm trying to get across that when "the war" [or civil unrest, emergency, etc] breaks out, the stadiums will be used against "the enemies," whether it's just as a staging ground as in your example and the video above and other drills, or as a detainment facility like the many examples I've posted in this thread.

Originally posted by steppenwolf86BTW, you really think the polacks are going to invade us?

I never said anything like that, don't put words in my mouth.
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posted on Apr, 28 2012 @ 02:41 AM

Originally posted by imd12c4funn
So May 2-9, a multi-state exercise including smulated nukes will take place in North Dakota, Oregon, Texas, Alaska, Connecticut and Nova Scotia and involve United States and Canadian military units.

the Air Force Global Strike Command will respond to a simulated Nuclear Weapons Incident (NUWAIX) on Minot Air Force Base.

This joint operation of the US and Canada involving simulated nuke response eerily reminds me of past exorcises that with much confusion and against huge odds turned into a real affair, one in NY (9/11] and subway disaster in England.

Hopefully there are no surprises during this operation.
We will see soon enough.


something I found in relation to that:

Oregon National Guard, local and regional agencies set to conduct emergency and disaster response training exercise
-Oregon Military Department


The Vigilant Guard exercise is part of an international exercise, Ardent Sentry, conducted by U.S. Northern Command (USNORTHCOM), and North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) focused on supporting civil authorities in disaster scenarios.


Citizen-Soldiers and Airmen from the Oregon National Guard, along with other Guard members from Puerto Rico, Washington, personnel from NORAD, and USNORTHCOM are scheduled to participate in disaster and security scenarios.

Twenty-four hour training is scheduled to take place at the following locations:

Autzen Stadium, Eugene, Ore. 2-3 May

Multiple military assets, to include the new HH-60 "Mike" model medevac Blackhawk helicopters, as well as personnel and specialized equipment from the CBRNE Enhanced Response Force-Plus team, are scheduled to be used throughout the exercise.

When requested, USNORTHCOM has the ability to support civil authorities with military capabilities to save lives, prevent human suffering, and mitigate severe property damage under the authority and control of a local dual-status commander. Ardent Sentry and Vigilant Guard are designed to test and train this ability.

The Oregon National Guard provides a reliable force of approximately 8,800 citizen-Soldiers and Airmen, who are fully equipped and trained to respond to natural or man-made incidents throughout Oregon and the region.

This is that stadium, from earlier in this thread.

Originally posted by 1825114
You should really look at this one. It seems... blatant

Autzen Stadium, Eugene, Oregon 44.058386,-123.068419

There's a prison right there next to the stadium, a big national guard building right there, juvenile court and district court, masonic lodge (if that means anything to you), a mental health facility (Lane County Behavioral Health‎), etc...

All of that in one small area as if it's all part of the same business, surrounded by a canal/moat, one side of which is bordered by a river with railroad along the other side, and more fenced fields...

Originally posted by maybehelpful
The Community Corrections Center‎ is along those railroad tracks too -
44.054967,-123.094377 (Community Corrections Center, West 5th Avenue, Eugene, OR)

The Department of Youth Services (DYS) provides assessment, probation, training, counseling and detention services for all youth, ages 12-17 years old, referred by local law enforcement because of criminal behavior. It is the branch of Lane County government responsible for services to youth accused of law violations or judged delinquent by the juvenile court. DYS is funded from the Lane County general fund, along with some state and federal grant funding for new programs. The Juvenile Court is an arm of the Oregon state circuit court system and is housed at the department. DYS is staffed by groupworkers and counselors specializing in juvenile corrections. DYS staff are county employees and are all experienced in working with troubled youth. The department is organized into units: Administration, Detention Services, Intake Services, and Supervision Services. The Department of Youth Services is located in the Juvenile Justice Center building on the John Serbu Campus.

Look at the infrastructure/layout and think about how it could be used in a lockdown situation...
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posted on May, 4 2012 @ 04:57 PM
Just heard about a place that was used as a detention facility during the 1999 WTO protests. Checked the location out on google, and of course it's a huge sports complex.

Put "Sand Point Naval Station - Seattle" into , or just the coordinates... 47.680847,-122.251954

from wikipedia... "A FEMA provisional detention center was set up in Sand Point during the 1999 Seattle WTO riots. "

Everything else I can find on it is basically the same as that sentence. Anyone have any more info on it?

posted on May, 5 2012 @ 05:17 AM
With all the NATO stuff in chicago right now and the talk of evacuations and all that, I expect to see more of this in the coming weeks...

Benedictine University Told To Set Up Potential Shelter For NATO Summit Evacuees

CBS 2 has learned that Benedictine University has been asked by the American Red Cross in DuPage County to set up emergency shelters in case there are evacuations from Chicago during the upcoming NATO summit.

The Lisle campus has been told to plan for as many as 1,000 evacuees.


The designated Red Cross shelter would be inside the Rice Fitness Center. Bleachers would be pushed against the wall, and cots would cover the floor.

Benedictine is one of dozens of colleges, universities, community centers or churches standing by just in case Chicagoans must leave their homes because of violence or any other reason connected to the NATO summit.

“Whether it be for a couple of hours because they haven’t been able to contact a family member, or overnight,”

This whole situation is fabricated. People wouldn't need to evacuate if NATO didn't decide to meet in such a volatile, heavily populated area. They're getting people accustomed to moving to the shelters, and I'm pretty sure this meets the definition of terrorism.

posted on May, 18 2012 @ 07:40 PM
I've never seen the movie "The Siege" before, but I just watched the trailer.

At about 1:22, right after bruce willis' character declares martial law, you see people in a stadium surrounded by razor wire, with soldiers standing watch in the stands.

posted on May, 27 2012 @ 01:59 PM
check this one out in Haiti... 18.562963,-72.334902

Here's a rendering of what it's supposed to look like, note the olympic rings -

I wonder what london would look like from above if they had to use their sports centers (and the olympic arena) as refugee centers?
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posted on Jun, 4 2012 @ 07:13 PM
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posted on Jun, 28 2012 @ 11:29 AM
Just thought I'd point out that the people running security for the olympics are also huge into the rounding people up business...

from a thread; "Olympic security G4S concerns"


Here's something to send chills down your spine and paint a particularly disturbing picture of the future-

As G4S declares on its website: "In more ways than you might realise, G4S is securing your world."

One of the most important areas of growth for G4S has been in the UK's criminal justice system as successive governments "rolled back the state" for private companies to take on previously public services. It opened its first prison in 1997, and now runs six institutions across England. The latest – HMP Oakwood – opened in Wolverhampton in April.

Now G4S has its sights on the UK's police service. Last month, when the 17 members of the West Midlands police authority gathered in the main committee room at police headquarters in Birmingham to discuss the biggest police privatisation deal to date, G4S's bid was near the top of the pile. If the proposals go through, the successful firm could be handed contracts to investigate crimes, carry out forensics and run private "prisoner removal units", as part of a £1.5bn deal that includes Surrey police.

posted on Jun, 28 2012 @ 11:56 AM
reply to post by 1825114

As far as your reference to documents that refer to setting up prison camps on military bases ... many people like to claim this is proof that the government wants to round us all up and put us to work for the military, but that simply isnt the case. These documents refer to the use current prison inmates as a source of civilian labor, not the detention of civilians BY the military.

posted on Jul, 24 2012 @ 06:07 AM
here's another trailer for The Siege

at about 1:28, denzel washington says :

"What if what they really want is for us to herd our children into stadiums like we're doing? And put soldiers on the street? And have americans looking over their shoulders? bend the law, shred the constitution just a little bit...."

then a few seconds later it goes on to show a stadium being used as a prison camp

posted on Aug, 18 2012 @ 02:22 PM
Police evacuate 100 homes after 'explosives and firearms' are found inside house

18 August 2012

A hundred homes were evacuated today after suspected explosive materials were found at a property...

'We are working closely with our colleagues at Telford and Wrekin Council to provide accommodation for anyone who has been evacuated from their home today and is unable to make their own arrangements for somewhere to stay.

'Transport is being provided to take people to a rest centre which has been established at Wellington Leisure Centre.

'At this time, officers are continuing to work at the scene alongside explosives experts to establish what, if any, explosives are present and to ensure that the area is made safe.

Police will continue their investigations at the property today, but have lifted the cordon around the area to allow people back to their homes...
50.979534,-3.239336 or 50.97744,-3.223869
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posted on Aug, 18 2012 @ 02:26 PM
well you wouldn't use portable outhouses, would you ?

posted on Aug, 18 2012 @ 02:30 PM
reply to post by 1825114

Just built the Barclay's Center a few blocks from my home. Have a few police precincts, a jail and two armories nearby.

posted on Aug, 22 2012 @ 02:58 PM
I'm not saying there's anything nefarious to this situation, just posting it for things to look for/watch progress...


While fire trucks from around the state are responding to the Ponderosa Fire in the Manton and Shingletown areas, residents who were evacuated, starting late Saturday afternoon, are waiting in a variety of places including the Red Cross evacuation center in Redding.

As of Sunday evening, the Red Cross and Salvation Army had teamed up to provide assistance for 57 people at the evacuation center, which is at Big League Dreams Sports Park, 20155 Viking Way, in Redding.

"We opened this site Sunday afternoon because we were worried we would outgrow the capacity at the initial site," said American Red Cross Coordinator and Public Information Officer Eric Kiltz. "Sometimes in the initial "Sometimes in the initial state a place is opened that is smaller than what is needed.

In this case, the entire town of Manton was evacuated." ...

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posted on Sep, 19 2012 @ 07:52 AM
One from Lebanon in the 80s

Survivors recount Sabra-Shatila massacre

Three women who lived through the 1982 massacre at Palestinian refugee camps in Lebanon remember harrowing killings.

16 Sep 2012


At one point, the fighters separated the group, putting the women to one side and the remaining men on the other.

"They would pick on the men at random and make them crawl on the floor. If they thought they crawled well, they assumed it was due to some sort of military training, so they took them behind a sand bank and killed them."

The Lebanese fighters took those they had not killed and forced them to march over the dead bodies scattered on the streets toward the large sports stadium on the outskirts of the camp.

"We were made to walk over the dead bodies, and among cluster bombs," Balqis said. "At one point I passed a tank, where the body of a baby only a few days old was stuck to the wheel."

At the stadium, the command changed from Lebanese to Israeli.

"It was here the Israelis took my brother Salah, who was 30-years-old, for interrogation," she said.

Inside the stadium the men were interrogated, tortured, and killed. Few were able to leave alive. The Israelis threatened them, saying, "If you don't cooperate with us, we will hand you over to the Phalangists."


"On Friday morning, our neighbours told us we needed to get our IDs stamped next to the Kuwaiti embassy," outside the Sabra entrance, she told Al Jazeera. "So we went."

She brought her eight children, ranging from three years to 19-years-old.

As they walked past Shatila, they were stopped by the Phalangists. "They took us with others and separated the men from the women." The fighters took away 15 men from her family, including her 19-year-old son Mohammad, her 15-year-old son Ali, and her 30-year-old brother.

"They lined the men up against the wall, and told the women to go to the sports stadium. They ordered us to walk in a single file, and to look neither left nor right." Phalangist fighters walked next to them to ensure they followed the instructions.

This was the last time she saw her family.

Once at the stadium, they waited. "We still didn't know what was going on, we still thought they wanted to check our IDs," she said...

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posted on Sep, 23 2012 @ 02:57 PM
Look at my previous posts in this thread to see the place this is talking about. I wonder if the opening line has anything to do with me linking their articles in this thread in the past...

Alaska Army National Guard presents vehicles, shooting range to public during open house

Sep 23, 2012

FAIRBANKS — The Alaska Army National Guard’s armory on Second Avenue is somewhat mysterious with rows of military vehicles and equipment surrounded by baseball fields.

For the first time in several years, the 1-297th Recon and Surveillance Squadron opened the doors to the armory, inviting the public to climb into humvees, check out weapons and try their hand at the indoor shooting range.

Captain Walter Hotch-Hill said the open house was an effort to get the community more familiar with the armory and the Army National Guard’s presence in the community.

“This is the first time in a while that we’re doing this,” he said. “We want to connect with the community, and if we do get activated for an emergency or natural disaster, we want to have that face-to-face contact with the community.”

The Army National Guard often responds to emergencies and natural disasters in everything from rescue, coordination, medical and delivering supplies. Last year, they were dispatched to help in Cordova after record snowfall crippled the town.


“I think it’s a pretty good event,” Seddon said. “We haven’t been as community oriented since the war started. It’s great for people to know that we’re here to help in a lot of the events and disasters.”

Throughout the armory, people and children check out various technology, from heat-sensing cameras mounted in humvees to large-caliber machine guns.


posted on Sep, 23 2012 @ 03:50 PM
reply to post by maybehelpful

Yep, they sure do notice your ranting and raving about military take overs. You are nothing but a self serving lunatic with too much time on his hands, keep stroking your own ego and tell yourself it is all due to your efforts to make something out of nothing.

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