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Just another Ron Paul thread...

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posted on Sep, 2 2011 @ 05:45 AM
I look at modern America and I see the Jersey Shore people. I see people that care more about football than their country. I see people that are so into their own lives, their work and kids that they simply have no time to care about whats happening in the world around them. I see people that are so self obsessed that they only care about what they can achieve in the short term. I see brilliant news reporters like Bill O'Reilly (the man truly is brilliant) that started out covering stories like JFK only to sell out and mold himself into the face of the very thing he stood against.

Please listen to me I beg of you. I dont care if you are left or right black or white. This country was founded on the idea that every man is born equal. It was founded on the blood of good men that said NO to a tyrant King because freedom isnt the norm for our species. Tyrants ruling over man, slavery and oppression is what we have documented as history. America used to be the apple of the world's eye and now we are their police. We are hated not for our freedom but for our leadership. We are hated for our undeclared, unconstitutional and illegal wars. We are broke because of private central banks and paid off politicans.

Abraham Lincoln said NO to a central bank in America. He was shot in the back of the head. JFK attemped to introduce a silver backed currency. He was shot in the back of the head. Our mordern Government doesnt care about jobs. Our mordern Government doesnt care about the poor, the blacks, the illegals or the education system. Our politians are bought and paid for and its so obvious when you look at people like Rick Perry that would force a vaccine that has proven to kill people on 6th graders.

I had a conversation this morning with a ww2 veteran. He told me that he fought in ww2 so the young people like myself could have a voice. And then he told me "please dont waste it". This moved me more than anything Ive seen in the past 10 years atleast. We have true heroes still alive today and they understand whats going on right now. So I ask you as he asked me: please dont waste it.

No other candidate on the national stage is more for our constitution than Ron Paul. The man is as strict about our constitution as our founding fathers were. Nobody else will bring our troops home and end these illegal wars. The man has a 30 year record of never going back on his word. You cant say that about Obama. You cant say that about Bachman. You cant say that about Perry. Democrat or Republican this man needs to be brought into office. I dont care how much the media says he cant win because guess what? They dont choose our president. We the people do.

Do not let them divide and conquer us. Skin color and class means nothing. We the people are the Government.

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