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Family sues police over California Taser death

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posted on Sep, 2 2011 @ 10:21 PM

Originally posted by SyphonX
You come into this thread accusing everyone of being ignorant, and jumping to conclusions. Yet, all you are doing, is the thing which you accuse others of doing.

Actually, I have made it priority number 1 to not jump to conclusions, so either you have difficulty reading, or you replied without thinking.

Originally posted by SyphonX
Evidenced with everything you say,

- It is most likely ...

- I wouldn't doubt ....

- I'm not going to jump to conclusions ...

- I highly doubt ...

All those words indicated that "I DONT KNOW" and I was speculating on what could have happened. You just proved that I didn't jump to conclusions...

Originally posted by SyphonX
You are also jumping to conclusions.

Wrong. The only conclusion I made was that this was probably an accident. Maybe you should learn to read.

Originally posted by SyphonX
It would be a debate, if there wasn't a final answer. The answer being that the man died, and there isn't much discussion after-the-fact, regarding the use of excessive force. It's pretty clear at this point.

I am trying to say there is little to debate because we don't know the full story yet. We don't have evidence to point either way. All we know is the guy died during a stop. We don't know the cause of death. We don't know exactly what triggered the cops to taser him. We don't know anything, all we can do is speculate with the information we have. That is what I am trying to tell you guys, but you insist on jumping to conclusions anyway. You think they used excessive force? Prove it!

Originally posted by SyphonX
You claim they missed their target with the taser. - Have any evidence of this?

I didn't claim they missed. I only said it was possible that they missed, and that would explain whey they used 5 taser cartridges. Obviously you don't know how to read, because I made that clear.

Many people on this topic are jumping to conclusions and claiming the cops used all 5 cartridges on him, and I was explaining how that could possibly be incorrect. Sometimes people miss with tasers, sometimes they hit parts of clothing that are too thick and they don't stick, sometimes they hit and bounce off... there are many reasons why 5 cartridges were used. I was speculating and naming the many probable scenarios that could have happened, and I was not jumping to conclusions like most of you were.

Originally posted by SyphonX
Because the man is dead. Sounds like they didn't miss.

You don't even know if the taser was the cause of death... yet here you are jumping to conclusions.

Originally posted by SyphonX
You claim it's likely he ran a stop sign, and this "scared" the police officers. - Again, have any evidence of this? If he was trying to 'evade police', then why is there video of him slowly pulling over to a gas station and getting out of the vehicle immediately with his hands up?

I didn't claim that... learn to read.

Multiple sources, witnesses, a TV show, the police, say he ran a stop sign. When the police tried to pull him over, he didn't stop, he kept driving. It wasn't until later he pulled into a gas station. Because he didn't stop right away that led police to believe he was evading police which is a felony, and it turned into a short police chase. This is the official story. I didn't claim anything...

If you would have done maybe, I don't know 1 minute of research, you would know this, and not need to ask for sources or evidence of this.

Originally posted by SyphonX
You claim he probably resisted arrest. - Have any evidence for that? There are multiple witness testimonies, including video, stating it didn't appear Allen resisted arrest, but he had his face smashed in and bloodied on the pavement, and it appeared he tried to turn over in pain. You say it's his fault that the officer's couldn't the difference, and basically 'wanted to play it safe'. I say that's a disgustingly pathetic rationalization, frankly.

Sadly, witnesses say he tried to turn over while he was being handcuffed. That would appear as resisting arrest to officers, and that could have caused this entire misunderstanding that led to him being tasered. Don't need evidence for that as you already know that is true.

Originally posted by SyphonX
I realize you're just trying to 'rationalize' and debate and all.. but the man is dead. He is dead. It's not like the man himself is trying to exaggerate their actions so he can get money. He is dead. His bereaved family, and the literally scared stiff community are gathering in force to show their complete and utter disappointment with the local police department.

Keep trying to rationalize, but you are not being reasonable here.

Actually, I was one of the only ones being reasonable here.

Anyway, I'm done talking to people who don't know how to read or research, and their emotions make them ignore reason and logic, and jump to irrational conclusions and reactions.
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posted on Sep, 3 2011 @ 01:56 AM

Originally posted by nrd101
all three officers should be charged with murder. How do cops get away with crimes that normal people would get life for? Forget suing for money, I want them in prison where anyone else would be if they tasered someone to death.

Yes gas chamber is required . Murder that is obvious must be punished in this life otherwise they will suffer greatly in future lives always being tasered to death .

Karma works like that . Soul never perished , only re births with accumulated karma from past human births .Fools we are who think we dont pay for our actions . Fools made by being dull headed meat eaters . You make violence to other sentient beings , your food , then that food will also come back and eat you .
Cycle of life goes on . Cant stop it but can improve it by becoming compassionate to all life . and in this case as far as karma goes it is compassionate to rid the killers of their karma now , so that next life they can try to improve without violent end coming upon them.

Never should we take life without proper cause . Defending oneself would be a good reason , but still who has the heart to kill . Many it seems , Why ? because of the accumulated effects of slaughtering animals in awfull conditions for your slab of dyed red meat wrapped in plastic . .
Im sorry that these men are such fools and have no more heart left . God maybe has left them to rot in hell . Who can help them now . So sad .Sad why ? Because they are in hellish life already and not with LOVE who is their God , Creator and their WHOLE .

Did that make sense ??

posted on Sep, 3 2011 @ 02:13 AM

Originally posted by Flakey
I found a youtube video about it for those interested in learning more.

Shocking evidence , This small community is being terrorized by their police department . Can a community sack there police department ? I mean after all they are paying for the service , so surely they can sack them. I think a legal focus needs to be taken up in this way . When a whole community agrees to sack their employees for good reasons that should be made a legal safety net for communities

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