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New form of virtual irritation is emerging: Spim

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posted on Aug, 22 2004 @ 04:10 AM

As internet firms are doing all they can to combat junk e-mail, a new form of virtual irritation is emerging.

Close-up of keyboard
Instant messaging is quick and easy to use
Called "spim", it is similar in design to spam.

But instead of attacking your inbox, it works through instant messaging (IM) services.

It is thought that "spimmers" have developed the idea because of the attention-grabbing nature of IM, and the increasingly effective spam filters that specialist companies have developed.

Why can't these idiots leave us alone. We, internet users, have enough crap to deal with already; Spam, Hackers, 'Crackers' and lets not forget Viruses.

This new 'spim' doesn't seem to be as bad as these for the moment because viruses and rude images can't be sent first as they need someone to accept the download but how long before it becomes a 'real' problem?

What I mean is how long before people start hacking or cracking or whatever the IM programs and sending trojan horses or whatever else they might have?

Why can't we be left alone? Goverments should really crackdown and start jailing serious offenders.

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