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I can't get a council house and its driving me mad!

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posted on Sep, 30 2011 @ 06:41 PM
Get over the notion that your government owes you ANYTHING. Yes, you pay taxes. That entitles you to ZERO. They take your money and buy $16 muffins for their meetings or give it to a crony in exchange of a campaign contribution. The sooner you understand that taxation is merely legalized theft the better off you will be.

Good. Now let it sink in that you can expect ZERO from your government, you are ON YOUR OWN, and can depend upon no one but yourself. Now: figure out how to do it. Maybe you'll have to get a second job (when I was a little kid my Dad had THREE jobs). Think about a different job that makes more money. Think about what else you can do to make a little extra on the side.

Now you are thinking the way men have been thinking for hundreds/thousands of years before the welfare state bred the self-sufficiency and independence out of people.

There are two kinds of people:
Those that make things happen.
Those that complain about what's happening.

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posted on Oct, 3 2011 @ 06:44 PM

Originally posted by ALOSTSOUL
reply to post by Stovokor

I take offence to your comments. For one I am the taxpayer and I deserve YES deserve help over those who do not want to work or are newcomers to the country.

My child although unplanned is not a problem. I will do all I can to house, feed and cloth my family but is help for the state I fund to much to ask?


Hello ALS

I know of a scheme that might help you but only if you are in the UK . You would need to google for your area .

Housing associations do a shared ownership scheme.
The regulations could be different to each county, but basically if you cant afford a private property rent and you cant get housed, this shared ownership scheme could help you.

Heres a link for the 'gist of it' Scroll down the page to find properties available by entering your area etc.

In our area, you would have to have a £15,000 per annum proved minimum income and be able to supply a deposit. They do check all your details to make sure.

The good about this scheme is if you can raise your deposit and its not too bad an amount then you can actually buy the shared ownership but later on if your income improves you can increase the amount you pay on the shared ownership and eventually own the whole property.

It might help you because not only would you have somewhere that you could afford but you would actually part own it and have the ability to own it outright in time to come if you wished. You can also sell your stake back if you needed to ( I think( again you need to look at as Im not 100 per cent sure about selling back.

However, in the link I have posted you can check shared ownerships all over the country and this might just help you and your partner and your soon to be family on the property ladder and give you some hope too.

Meanwhile, Councils and Housing Associations are very difficult to even get on these days and when you do get on the list, they interview you and then they put you in BANDS for Priority - 'A' band being top priority then B band lesser priority etc. If you are below C band the wait could be years.

Most people in A band would be pending homeless or homeless or they are victims of abuse etc. The A Band is an EMERGENCY LIST. Anyone in that band will ALWAYS be housed first. If you are in B band and a lot of people are in this band who are still priority have to take a back seat if more emergency A band people come up. Everytime people are put in A band all the other Bands are put back a while longer. You can guess that anyone in C band and under run out of patience!!

They also have a 'bid list' so even if you are on the council list and you are waiting to be housed, they put up their properties on their counties websites each week and you just bid on them. The highest priority bidder wins and usually they are in the top three bands. These properties are all different types but you have to stick to the guidelines that when you bid you bid for the right size property or it would be refused.

Homeless people mostly get housed but even then, to be classified 'homeless' you have to prove it was through no fault of your own.
They even check previous addresses to see if you have done anything to contribute to the housing situation you find yourself in at the current time. Living with family is a total 'no no'. They will regard that as a' roof over your head' and will do nothing to help you. Believe me, they say 4/5 people can live in a two bedroom house though how they think that I dont know, but they do. They will only upgrade you to a bigger house if you have two children of the opposite sex when the youngest one reaches 11. So that is the only way you even get a spare bedroom.

They will also house you if you are living in private property and are repossessed by the landlord and given a notice to quit. Without a notice to quit, they wont house you.

Im sure you probably know most of this anyway.

Hope the link I sent you is useful information.

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posted on Oct, 3 2011 @ 07:38 PM

Originally posted by Merigold
reply to post by kindred

Paint your face black and forge your passport and tell them your a refugee from Somali and you'll be living in a £1 million pound mansion in no time. Or be honest and join the long cue..........

All the council estates around here are filled with WHITE ENGLISH people.

It's easy to blame immigrants, but the reality is far from the Daily mail headlines.

As for the OP, I really struggle to understand why you can't make it. In addition to your income, there are credits you qualify for. I grew up in a family where only my dad worked and then my mum once my dad left. There were four of us kids and we made it. It was hard, I remember the Christmas's that weren't and the nights lit by candles, but you made me a better person, seeing my parents struggle to make ends meet. Your hard work and obvious love for your partner and child are worth so much more then any "stuff" they might be missing out on.

You have your pride, isn't that worth something?

My partner and I both work. A few months back I found my self unexpectantly pregnant. We could have terminated and been secure in our nice life, but..I am much older then my partner, and I knew this would probably be my last chance, so..we decided I would quit work and we would live off of his salary ( he brings home the same as you). It meant, no more holidays, no more long weekends, no more gadgets, no more fancy dinners out..ect; we would have had just enough to pay the bills, eat and buy ONLY the bare essentials. I don't' know where you live, but I live in the most expensive county in England, and working the numbers we could see we COULD do it, hard as hell, but possible.

My pregnancy ended up being Ectopic and I lost the baby so I'm still in work, but we dont' use BC and though it is highly ( drs said not gonna happen) unlikely I will get pregnant again, if I did we would go back to our initial plan and I would become a stay at home parent whilst my partner worked his butt to provide us with the essentials.

Im really sorry you lost your child. You have coped amazingly well despite all the problems you have had. I really wish you all the best.
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posted on Oct, 14 2011 @ 12:20 PM
reply to post by SecretFace

Don't turn on the TV
Don't use gas..freeze come winter, but at least it's cheap.

Don't bother with insurance
Don't buy a fancy Apple as you go is all you need.

Don't buy a car, get the bus or bike everywhere like I do.
Don't have kids.

It isnt that hard.

posted on Oct, 14 2011 @ 01:18 PM
reply to post by ELEVATOR7

Shame all those houses are already sold or occupied by people who cant buy them.

There is a housing crisis...housing is given to immigrants first. I have spoke to several people from different councils who told me this. If you are born here you are given jack ****!

Ive yet to see a a British family put up in a £5,000,000 house in Kensington...plenty of Afghans and Somalians living in £2m + properties....but ohhhhhhhhh nooooo, its far to good for us born here!! Makes me sick...and angry!

Hope you sort something dude

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