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As a Chinese ,my impression for Bush and Kerry

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posted on Aug, 22 2004 @ 02:59 AM
As we live in an autocratic society, the message source received has very great limitation, so perhaps my view on them two will have some deviations ,please excuse me.
Bush is the great president Lincoln's successor, I am always full of compliments to Republicans, i.e President Reagan in the eighties last century.
Before 911, president Bush has been forthright and more sincere all the time in my eyes, dare to speak, without so much red tape, this is rare among the US President. In any case, the president have personality make people better.
But after 911, president Bush's anti-terrorism war is a bit excessive, capture two sovereign states, causing innocent common people to die, certainly still include the outstanding young men of the American army inside.
I think , the Afghan war is a just riposte to the terroristic , but the Iraqi war includes too many interests factors inside. With a Insufficient reason , launch a war ,It lose the confidence of the people of the world from morality and justice.
Conservatism originally went against the tide of history , present world moves towards being multipolar, emphasize open and talk. From essence , the final result of the war can only be the tragedy.
I would rather believe that Rumsfeld and Rice and others lead president Bush to a blind alley , but I think, as one US President, it's the indispensable one to have great intelligence essential. If can not make this, Bush can not become the great president.

Come again to say something about Kerry , this Democrats have proud military exploit , have deep understanding to the war, and have certain experience of going into politics .
However, it seems that he lacks a person's glamour a bit, though this changes gradually as general election is close to , but he the face that does not can laugh at very to exist among my impression deeply.
In Democratic Party ,president like Bush and Reagans in persernality is so rare, but I think that their political idea is riper, adapt to current U.S.A. further.
If Republicans mostly "Liberator", so Democrats is a more one "Builder" then. Lincoln has finished slavery, Reagan makes the Soviet Union disintegrate, Wilson rebuilds Europe, Clinton make U.S.A. economic take-off.

In sum, in this general election, I hope to win in kerry, the foreign image of U.S.A. needs mending, economy needs developing. Have a look now, even the traditional allies of U.S.A. all produce very great difference with U.S.A., U.S.A. cannot bear to be so, if like that, that will be human's grief.

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posted on Aug, 22 2004 @ 05:51 AM
I am generally impressed with such a comprehensive view.

The only thing that lost me was part mentioning Bush and Reagan have a 'rare' personality. There are traits in those men that are quite common. Whether those qualities are perceived as good or bad is entirely based on perception.

The ideal of equality for humankind is our greatest continous goal, the question is how would one go about encouraging others to do the same? I will agree that the current administration could have handled things quite differently, rather than persuing an unrelated(imho) agenda.

posted on Aug, 22 2004 @ 06:00 AM
One reason I love these boards is that people from different nations communicate.

In the first part of Bush's presidency he was not being aggressive. Then he was on TV with bruises on his face and this was passed as an accident with a pretzil. Then he became very aggressive in foreign diplomacy. It was also noticed that he was obviously drugged while giving press conferences.

Did something change with this guy? Did someone help change him? Weird stuff out there.

posted on Aug, 22 2004 @ 10:48 AM
As a Chinese ,my impression for Bush and Kerry

As we live in an autocratic society, the message source received has very great limitation, so perhaps my view on them two will have some deviations ,please excuse me.
Bush is the great president Lincoln's successor, I am always full of compliments to Republicans, i.e President Reagan in the eighties last century.
You have a remarkable grasp of US political history. Thank you.

President Bush, Dick Cheney and Don Rumsfeld are correcting terrorist non responses which occurred during the Clinton administration. IF we do not wipe out these terrorist cells hidden within this free society. America will collapse. This is not an extreme statement.

Terrorism and the chaos which occurs due to lack of investor confidence in financial markets, consumers withholding purchases etc.. has historic reference Money is indeed the lifeblood of America. The Middle east greatly over shadows this for several reasons.

Interrupt the velocity of money (m1) and it plunges into unemployment, businesses closing, less taxes collected etc...I agree with you that Bush is an emancipator as was Lincoln. No question about that. The vision of the administration is to get a foothold in the middle east through Iraq and change the politics from religious fantascism which oppresses people and seeks to blame western civilization for the ills and backward societies spawned in fanatacism.

On the other hand John Kerry and his record indicate a high tax advocate without question. A record of indecisiveness and another liberal to seek relieving America of its sovereignty. Most Americans resent that type of thinking. .

What most people who have never taken economics courses don't understand is that people invest money when they have it available. That's why we drop tax rates. When you increase tax rates, they seek to find a rate of return which is more conservative or get into money markets.

They will not invest in businesses which cannot make a reasonable profit if those same businesses are being taxed at higher rates. Therefore ,we have what occurred during the 1970's under Democrat President Carter. Carter is the model all democrats cast themselves into. They have little understanading of economic engines and only wish to propel America toward socialism. Carter's economic malaise, double digit inflation and an economy mired in tax collection rather than economic creation of jobs and business expansion was expunged by Reagan when he cut marginal tax rates from73% to 35%. That was the igniting factor for the roaring economic expansion during the 1980's and during the Clinton administration in the 1990's.

Now, getting back to the middle east, with democratization of the middle east there is the same opportunity for emerging freedoms which occured in your country only after the 1970's when Henry kissinger, Former US Secretary of State, promised to grow trade with China and grew it into the economy it is today. These were part of the negotiations made to remove the US from Vietnam and allow a US withdrawal.

Now, poverty abounds in the Middle East simply because there is no economic engine to employ people. Oil is not enough. It needs an infrastructure expansion and educational institutions such as what took place in Japan after 1945. South Korea has passed through these same economic portals of social uplift to people and governments. Fueling economic engines are the lifeblood of civilizations.

Getting back to the middle east, hatred for Jews and western civilization being taught in Arab schools, Palestinian children taught hatred by the time they are 10 years of age and willing to murder themselves and others by being homicide bombers do not creat engines of economic expansion. These are remnanats of religious desperation seeking to blame other covilizations for beiong more progressive. Punishing these civilizations into a regressive and chaotic society such as the 12 century is the goal of fanatics.

If Bush does not succeed in turing back the threat of terrorism , I have no hesitation in believing that the western institutions will collapse. Martial law will be declared and the US constitution removed until peace US has been resored. This is a heavy price to pay. A domino effect will occur with the world economy in collapse. This is what the terrorist goal will politicize itself into.

The power of the enemy within a country cannot be taken for granted. The US has made a huge mistake under its liberal open border policies. The terrorists are now nesting and simply waiting. If we do not address and expel these people hiding under our freedoms, the world will learn a lesson by respecting their own sovereignty and know that democracy as America tried to instill it to free people failed.

Your views are a joy and refreshing.

Thank you.

posted on Aug, 22 2004 @ 11:55 AM
I think , all the terrorist is not an innate terrorist , why a normal person becomes terrorists, and then united as the terrorism force, there should be some external reasons.
It is no doubt hateful for the terrorist, but we want to think that lead to the fact what all these happen. Who would like to live like a rat? Standing hungry and poor living condition , far away from modern civilization, possibly to get killed at any time . how terrorism take shape, appear without foundation ?
President Bush should consider when wrestle with the terrorist that the origins of all these ,too.I wish he don't go to revise one of last government's mistakes briefly , he should examine the Middle East policy of this decades completely.
Present Middle East, besides having petroleum which U.S.A. needs, what have they got ti be? Brilliant Arabic culture declines gradually, the social development stagnates ,even falls back, the democratic process is not within the foreseeable future, the whole Arab peoples falls into the unprecedented crisis.
But, this decades, U.S.A., while asking for petroleum, what are done for the Arabic people and society? A lot of allies in the Middle East area are still keeping the cruel death penalty system of chopping off the head so far, when has U.S.A. condemned them as condemning China's human rights state?
This of mine is not trying to explain away for terrorist, but I think that there are someting not done enough by the U.S. government, including Europe is the same. China's traditional culture stresses " treats both principal and aspect of disease", should solve the superficial problem , solve the inherent problem too. The real terrific soil does not exist in a certain country or a certain place , but exist on your own behavior.
I think , show some good will to the Arabic people , will give in enough repayment too while asking for, this's the best way to root out the terroristic a opening society, just because it incorporates things of diverse nature, accept outstanding immigrants of various nationalities in a large amount, so she has such an achievement today, such a policy is not a mistake, not even the door of the terrorist's convenience.

Your view is very precious ,I enjoy it.

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