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Giant helium balloon would pump chemicals into the atmosphere

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posted on Sep, 1 2011 @ 06:52 AM
It is hoped that the droplets of sulphates and aerosol particles will reflect the sun's energy back into space, preventing it from heating the earth.

The concept is based on the similar cooling effect of volcano eruptions on the atmosphere.
Before embarking on the full project known as 'Spice' - Stratospheric particle injection for climate engineering - the team will conduct feasibility tests with a miniature version of the technology.


Wow conspiracy in the making or what, a lot of people will be concerned with what exactly they are pumping into the atmosphere, a balloon the size of WEMBLEY stadium, thats big.

On the other hand, maybe it is a good idea, maybe it will help cool down the planet, will we oneday see thousands, maybe 10's of thousands of these huge balloons all over the earth?

Does anyone else think thats a bit dangerous? Chemical terrorism???

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posted on Sep, 1 2011 @ 07:43 AM
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i can already foresee one potential issue with this :

saline rain

pumping large quantities ofraw seawater into the upper atmposhere on a global scale sounds insane - as its going to precipitate as saline rain - few plants are salt tolerant

plus its going to affect ground water , rivers , reservoirs etc etc

impacting both drinking water and freshwater ecosystems

posted on Sep, 1 2011 @ 08:00 AM
I'm freezing, the planet's cool enough.

Anyway, I thought there was already stuff in the atmosphere reflecting the heat back into space - global dimming?


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