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Clue in ancient text that might prove Heaven could be different planet

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posted on Sep, 2 2011 @ 08:21 AM
If "1oo Years In Hell", Is Equivolant to "One Day On Earth"...Where Can I Book a Flight?
I Could Do With The Break.

On a Serious Note, They Probably Havent Mentioned It On Ancient Aliens, Because That Whole Show, Is About Debunking Religion..Sadly.
Personally, I Keep Science And Religion Seperate, as They Should Be.
Science Cannot Deal,With InterDimensional Workings...And Religion, Cannot Tell You How To Boil a Cup Of Tea.
That Doesnt Mean, That Both Dont Work Though.
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posted on Sep, 2 2011 @ 08:31 AM
What you're writing about in this thread is called RELATIVITY. Time and space are relative to the field of reference being used by the observer. Despite the illusion that we all exist in the same Universe, in actual fact no two person occupy the same time and space coordinate, and no two person use the same field of reference, and no two person inhabit the same Universe. That we all experience the same "concensus reality" is a massive illusion. Consciousness it self ignors infinitely more than it observes. With in your subconscious mind lays all infinity and all eternity.

In my Chinese understanding of the word "Heaven" it is originally the word "Chien" [mandarin chinese] and forms the word "ChienTao" meaning "The Way of Heaven" and also means when better translated "The Way of the Celestial Immortals". This is because "Chien" also means "Celestial Immortal" or "Angelic Being" or to use more modern verbage "Extraterrestrial Entity". It could also mean "Spiritual Being" or a "Ghost". In Chinese tradition "Heaven" is conceived as being a purely feminine existence, a life where in masculinity is non existent. Modern science calls such "Way of Heaven" by the word Parthenogenesis. In judeo-christian western tradition it is called "Immaculate Conception". This implies that "Heaven" is a life style, rather than being a geographical location. A code of law. Living in accordance with this code of conduct brings one into the "Way of Heaven".

The law that I live by and which is holding us all bonded is called PRAECEPTAE CAELENIUM (tm). I did not read it in a book. You will not find it in any book. It was revealed to me by audio clairvoyance during the celebrations of the New Millennium in 2000. Summed up it basically means no sex and no drugs and no violence. (1) From eternity to eternity, infinity to infinity, there be the One Absolute. The One True God. Her names are many but she be the one true God there be no other God. The one judge there be no other judge. (2) La Deus Nostra, Notre Dame, Our Lady, The Holy Spirit, the cause the maker Cosmica. (3) Angelic [celestial immortal] powers of truth and beauty and righteousness be sure to be loving Her Holiness Above with all your mind and with all your heart and with all your strength. (4) So as to be pleasing to Her Holiness Above therefore do not be serving the masculine. (5) Do not be and do not allow masculinity into positions of government. (6) Honour and respect the virgin pureness of the christae. (7) Honour and respect the Immaculate Conception [parthenogenesis] reproductive process of the christae. (8) Do not fornicate or adulterate or sodomize. (9) Do not bully or torture or murder. (10) Do not lie. (11) Do not steal. (12) Do not be covetous. (13) Do not be jealous. Copyright (c) NGL 2000.

It does not matter where you might be in time or space. God will always be with you. You exist in Heaven, or not as the case might be, in as much as you live in accordance with the PRAECEPTAE CAELENIUM. It is the code of law that will get you nearer and nearer to "Heaven" with every day that you live it. It is not where you in time or space are that matters, but what you are in your conduct that matters. Being rich or poor does not matter either. Better to be slave and thus get into Heaven, than to be the master and get locked out of Heaven. Better to die this instant and thus get into Heaven, rather than to live on and thus get sent to the nightmare of hell instead. What we experience as "reality" is decided for us by the Power of Almighty God.

He who trusts in violence to be his security cannot speak that he trusts in God to be his security.

The Holographic Universe by Michael Talbot.

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posted on Sep, 4 2011 @ 12:39 PM
reply to post by CAELENIUM

I love a lot of the stuff you said, it feels like I am closer to Heaven since I've grown out my materialistic ways. And I wonder if its true for everyone, but for me, I'm much happier even though im still poor and everything else, ever since I started really putting a lot of effort into selflessness and dedicating time and energy into helping others and asking for no reward and even refusing it when offered. I try to tell other people this, but I don't know if they will find the same happiness out of it as I do. This is one of the parts that is hard to explain, but it seems that your mind must be in the right place, you can't just go through the motions. It seems silly that I should feel the need to explain this, but I do feel the need and I don't know why, but: I know that I'm not perfect, and I know that I still make big mistakes all the time. All I'm trying to say is, I've found a level of happiness that I feel can never be taken away from me.

There are a few things I don't understand about what you said. Why shouldn't we have sex with our mate?? How do you, or god, expect new people to be made? Is that the ultimate goal? For everyone to live by these rules and eventually we reach a point where we stop having babies and our species dies out, in the process ascending to some better place? I may not have such high standards for myself as you, but my rule is no sex without love. No sex with anyone that you would not be willing to spend the rest of your life with. Also, no contraceptives, if pregnancy happens, it happened between two people in love and it was meant to happen.

Also, I failed to see in your set of "commandments" where it said anything against drug use?

If you do reply to this, could you please send me a u2u letting me know so that I may return to read your answer? I rarely ever return to a thread after I've posted and I just know I will forget with this one even though i mean to. There's just too much else to do, too many new threads, too many new things, I can't bring myself to spend so much time going back to check and see if anyone had anything to say about what I said or had anything new or interesting to add to the thread. Thank you very much for posting here, btw.

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