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Warhammer 40K - Horus Heresey discussion

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posted on Jun, 20 2012 @ 06:52 PM

Originally posted by CodyOutlaw
I want to bump this thread, as a long-time hardcore Warhammer fan.
I just finished the Wordbearers Omnibus - so so so good!
Any other fans still out there?

Originally posted by Procession101

Huge 40k head here, I haven't read that Omnibus yet though I have the books all laying around. From what I understand Erebus is still hanging around in the 40k timeline? If so that sob is hard to kill.

I have enjoyed the Wordbearers novels very much and yes Erebus is still very much alive and shares command of the legion with Kor Phaeron. Erebus was actually killed by a chaos priest when Horus was turned but the gods of chaos brought him back to life like other champions they refuse to let go of (Kharn, Lucious,etc). Lorgar has retreated into his tower for the past 10,000 years and has never been seen by anyone execpt Erebus or Kor Phaeron maybe. Lorgar is "broken" in mind and spirit after the failed seige on Terra.

I recently read the new novel based on the Raven Guard that follows what happens to them after the dropsite massacre. Very good read and many new little insights into the mysteries of the primarchs. Also an amazing twist brought into the Heresy by the Alpha Legion. Dont want to spoil for people so i will just say I expect some big things to develope in the story regarding the Alpha Legion.

Glad to see some other 40k fans on ATS.

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posted on Jun, 20 2012 @ 07:28 PM
Sorry I missed this post, haven't been on in quite some time.

Originally posted by Brother Stormhammer
reply to post by FreeSpeaker

How could The Emperor (only a heretic would fail to capitalize His title!) not know that one or more of His Primarchs had become tainted by Chaos? Three possibilities spring to mind. I'll toss them out and see which one you like.

1) He didn't know, because the Ruinous Powers, while not strong enough to directly confront Him at this point, were strong enough to conceal the taint in the Primarchs.

There is strong evidence that chaos cannot exists in the Emperors presence. His power and the powers of chaos are like magnets with the same polarity - they refuse to exists in the same space.

Originally posted by Brother Stormhammer
2) He did know, but didn't believe it. Face it, most parents have 'blind spots' where their children are concerned. We've all seen parents who will watch their children raise fifty seven flavors of hell in a store, only to smile, laugh, and talk about 'their little angels'. The Emperor of Mankind wasn't that much different from the rest of us, and the Primarchs were His children.

I lean this way myself. The Emperor probably saw many futures with many different outcomes so it might have been a case of him taking his chances and taking a wait and see approach with his children.

Originally posted by Brother Stormhammer
3) He did know, but also knew (thanks to His immense psychic ability) that the Heresy and what came after *had* to happen (for whatever arcane reason).

This can open up endless debate.

Seriously though there are quotes were the Emperor has both claimed to be blinded to the future and others where he claims to see it. Typical 40k evasiveness and i love it.

Originally posted by Brother Stormhammer
My personal bet is #1, frankly. Even before He was entombed in the Golden Throne, The Emperor had a ruthless streak a kilometer wide (notice his treatment of the Thousand Sons and Prospero), so #2, while possible, doesn't seem likely. The only thing that *might* be beneficial from the Heresy would be forcing Humanity to be less dependent on the Emperor...but if He could foresee the Heresy, I can't believe He wouldn't also foresee that one of its effects would be His deification.

Personally #2 is the most likely for me. The Emperor knew without a doubt some of his sons were treading very close to corruption. Curze, Angron, Perturbo were all somewhat insane and the Emperor still sanctioned and used them. As you said the Emperor is very ruthless so i can accept him sanctioning the actions of those legions but there is obviously a line that once crossed will see you destroyed in his eyes. He had already destroyed 2 sons for who knows what so he may have taken a wait and see attitude with his remaining sons.

posted on Nov, 15 2012 @ 11:24 AM
You know what i always loved about the whole thing with Horus and the battle with the emporer and Sanguinis, is that in the original art work before the series of books was relised, the wound that sanguinis suffered was from a single blade, so how could it have possibly been from horus? He dual weilded lightening claws!

Its an interestign concept when you think about it, it leads to the question of did the emporer kill sanguinis him self to make him a maytr for his cause, or was it because horus knew the truth about the emporer and the side of the story we know is not the full story at all.

Obviously i know its all just fiction, but it does make me think about the lore of the 40k universe, especially in the earlier copys of the rulebook, the Empire of man set out to destroy religion and create science and help the universe, and then the emperor becomes a god in the eyes of the Human race.

Well like i said it always just makes me think, what if the Chaos are not the ones that were corrupted, but found out the truth and refused to be blind?

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