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posted on Aug, 31 2011 @ 03:13 PM
Hey, so anyone who has came across my previous threads will know the last few months I have been witnessing some strange air activity In the Birmingham area. These sighting have been becoming weirder and weirder, and yet are very difficult to explain to people because it often sounds like I am describing regualr air craft. However, alot of these craft I have witnessed behave in the strangest manner.

So the last few weeks when I have had the time I decided I would keep a record of all this activity. Here are some pictures that will help you while you are reading these accounts.

Im not saying everything reported here is suspicious, as I do know there are some flight paths in some of these directions to Birmingham International, so I have tried to be unbiased when accounting these things, and have mentioned when I know there is a plane/helicopter present.

But other than that ill let my notes do the talking.

Note: Sorry 2 picks didnt crop right.

Saturday 20th August:

21.48: Two low flashing craft, slowly passing just above of the house directly in front. Going left to right, flashing white, red and green, can’t determine shape.

21.52: Craft first appeared by top of pylon, glowing bright yellow for about 4 minutes, until it approached nearer to me where it looked similar to the ones that passed over the house in front. I proceeded to look at it through the binoculars whilst it passed the big tree in front....and it seemed triangular. I then looked away for a few seconds to grab the camcorder, when I looked back it had changed position so it was level and I had a rear view, all I could see then were to big lights either side of it. When I saw the triangle, the craft was tilted vertically on its side and I could see 3 sets of lights at each angle of the triangle. I checked to see if I could hear the craft by hanging my head out my window, as it was relatively close. It’s hard to say if I heard it because there was wind in my ears at the time. If it did make sound then it was really quiet. (Note: Jess had mentioned previously she’d seen at least one triangle)

21.56: Two bright lights originating by the pylon, going right to left, they were VERY big and bright, I first thought it was one BIG craft, because of how the lights were positioned, after a minute they changes position so I realised that weren’t the case. After 30 seconds one disappeared and the other continued to travel towards the 5 street lights before that too disappeared.

00.35: Just watched a helicopter flying over the house, made a point of watching and listening to compare it to other objects. Looked like a helicopter, acted like a helicopter, and sounded like a helicopter. Can understand why the others aren’t that easy to identify.

00.37: That’s strange. The helicopters now gone off into the distance (front of house) and a big bright light has just appeared hanging in the air to the left of the clock tower. Like that bright light that appearing at strange times. Stationary. Silent.

00.40: Bright light has appeared by pylon, could possibly be a helicopter, however its motionless.

00.44: The light by the pylon is moving slowly leftwards, through the binoculars it seems to have strange patterned lights on it.

00.57: Just heard a plane and seen it fly over head.


Sunday 21st August:

21.50: Low craft passing the tree line by the pylon, going right to left. Also two other craft flashing white, red, blue and green travelling back and forth through sky direction of the big tree in the direction of clock tower.

21.52: Big bright yellow light appeared sitting in the sky in direction of clock tower. Also some craft passing right in front of the house passing tree, looked through binoculars....and it looked triangular/diamond shaped :s...Had similar lights to the triangle witnessed before.

21.55: I can hear a helicopter somewhere; can possibly see it through that big tree.

21.56: Three craft travelling above in sky, 2 at higher altitude all going in different directions, flashing red. In fact they just look red. Now ones come to a halt above the house in front, its sitting there stationary.

22.03: Red craft above house in front, no longer visible, instead there is now a craft the looks like a bright white light travelling to back a forth over the roof.

22.07: Still observing one of the red craft flying over house, flashing red and white now. Also a BIG craft with blue and red lights passing really close at the tree (my garden). Dodgey one that is, was big as a plane but flew over fast before I could use the binoculars, was very quiet considering how damn close it was :S.

23.02: Hmm that dodgey pretend star has appeared again. It is sitting to the left of the tree in my back garden. It sits there like a star, but only appears now and then, it always twinkles different colours. Just looked through binoculars and that aint no star, its got patterned lights and is clearly white/blue and green.

23.16: That one that has been sitting by the clock tower is really bright. (Them 2 appear at the same time). There’s also another craft passing the clock tower from right to left.

23.19: Four red craft at different points in the sky.

23.32: Thing by the tree and the bright yellow light are still sitting in the sky, there’s another red/white flashing craft passing the clock tower right to left.


Thursday 25th August:

(Weather-Twilight, with some fluffy clouds)

20.52: Craft flashing yellow and blue coming from pylon travelling across tree line, right to left. Patterned lights.

20.56: Brig bright light just passed in front passing tree in my back garden. I was surprised because its really close and I didn’t hear it coming....Within a few seconds 2 more appeared, followed the same path. Could hear a plane somewhere but I’m certain it weren’t any of those objects.

21.04: Big bright light appeared by pylon passing, passing tree line, right to left.

21.05: Craft flashing red/white passing clock tower, right to left. Also one travelling high above my house.

21.06: Another object passing the tree line by the pylon, very big bright yellow light, right to left.

21.08: Another huge bright yellow light passing in front, passed tree in back garden.

21.10: Another big bright yellow light passing above house (Cant hear anything by the way).

21.14: Another big bright yellow light passing tree in my back garden.

21.15: Another big bright light travelling across tree line by pylons, right to left.

21.21: Just observed another big bright white light passing in front from direction of tree in my back, it continued to travel directly in front past my house where I began to watch it with binoculars looked triangular.

Please wait for the rest

posted on Aug, 31 2011 @ 03:19 PM
Which area of Brum is this taking place? I am in Sutton Coldfield.

posted on Aug, 31 2011 @ 03:20 PM
21.26: Another 2 red and white lights travelling back and forth across the sky in front. Big, bright light travelling across tree line by the pylon (Can hear a helicopter in the distance). Wow! Just seen what I thought was a star moving at speed across the sky, kind of jumping place to place really fast. Only a speck and its orange. Weird.

21.27: Red light is stationary over the 5 street lights.

21.28: Another big bright light travelling across the tree line by the pylon.

21.29: Two more bright lights have just appeared stationary by the pylon.

21.32: Craft flying high in the sky flashing white and blue, two more now travelling across tree line by pylons. That red one is still stationary over the 5 street lights.

21.34: Another star like one jumping around the sky!

21.36: Another passing the tree lone by the pylon. Big, bright light.

21.40: Don’t know what on Earth I just saw! It was big, close up and quiet, had three lights at points so it looked triangular, didn’t actually see the shape though :s don’t know if it was an optical illusion, but a helicopter followed suit.

21.43: Another BIG bright one passing the pylons, this one is the biggest yet and its just kind of...floating above Stacey’s flats.

21.45: A craft passing far in the distance towards Selly oak.

21.47: Another travelling past the tree line of the pylons.

21.49: Another travelling past the tree line of the pylons.

21.51: Two strange craft passing the house in front, flashing like looks like a black triangle :s.
21.53: Another travelling past the tree line of the pylons.

21.54. Craft just passed clock tower. Seen shape to this one, half looks like a plane, half looks like a weird saucer..

21.56: Another passing the clock tower.

22.00: Big bright light just appeared by clock tower.

22.01: Light stationary over the house in front.

22.05: Red/white flashing craft flying in the distance, which might be the plane I can hear.

22.18: Wow! Just watched something triangular travel past the clock tower, it sat in the sky for 2 minutes :s. That’s now disappeared and there is another craft following the same flight path. There’s another bright one passing the pylon.

22.27: Red light stationary by clock tower. I can hear a loud plane somewhere. Think I can see the plane flying high up, it is not the red thing.

22.28: Bright yellow light travelling by the tree in my back garden. “Floating” towards the house in front. No sound.

22.31: I can see around six lights at various points in the sky. Two just done the maddest thing.The big bright one that was floating above the house in front was just approached by 2 red craft. The one red craft moved very fast in a strange manner and swooped on the bright yellow one narrowly missing it! The red craft observed with the binoculars is strange in deed, cannot make out shape however the lights are in a strange pattern.

And thats it really, so I just wanted to hear your thoughts on the matter. I'd also just like to mention at least 4 people can verify this to be all true.

posted on Aug, 31 2011 @ 03:21 PM
reply to post by alldaylong

Bartley green, south brum

posted on Aug, 31 2011 @ 03:31 PM
reply to post by Sinny

posted on Aug, 31 2011 @ 06:55 PM
reply to post by Sinny
Can you explain your pictures for me? What are the coloured dots? Are they showing where you saw something at night?

When you do UFO reports, you need to give details like north or south-west for the direction of the object and the apparent direction it moves in. Trajectory and such like can be used to eliminate satellites or planes. This sort of information is vital really.

I don't want to put you off by sounding overly critical. I would be prepared to come and investigate myself if I think the case is worth following up.

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posted on Sep, 1 2011 @ 12:55 PM
reply to post by Pimander

Ye, sorry..those piks are just examples of the positions and directions the craft often fly, I wish it was more detailed, but I was busy enough trying to take my notes and keeping up with them all lol.

Today I also spent an hour oberserving normal plane traffic, to get an idea of how many planes i might have seen and not realised....from my findings the objects that appear every other minute by the pylon are not regular air craft...its hard to say other than that...I am waiting on a chap called Dave Hodrien from Birmingham UFO group to come and observe these things to make sure Im not going crazy. I really thought I was tripping with those triangles, but 2 friends have witnessed them also
thanks for the interest.

posted on Sep, 5 2011 @ 11:20 AM
reply to post by Sinny
Do you have any news or pictures regarding your sightings yet?

posted on Sep, 5 2011 @ 11:52 AM
reply to post by Pimander

No really sorry, as soon as i do ill notify those interested


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