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For the Nightbreed: Ode to Luna

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posted on Aug, 31 2011 @ 04:58 AM
Another one of my "poems". This basically describes the way I feel about the night, which is my favorite time to take a walk. Even though I live in a generally "urban" area in northern kentucky I still see the night's gifts.

Ode to Luna

The night is no mere echo of day,
It is filled with the delights that only those who seek solace in shadows can embrace,
Such royal omnipotence.

Whilst those who grin for burning suns lie,
In wait of a radiant grandeur,
Those who bathe in blessings of Luna,
Burn mad with journey.

Such magickal magnificence she emits,
Sanctions placed upon the crowns of the chosen,
Her creations take flight and never make birth,
In a sea of endless splendor.

The transcendence of our cocoon,
Could only come with the quiet breath of dusk,
Fall and we shall emerge,
The denizens of a nocturnal era.

She may smite the brow with a winter's kiss,
Still we feel nothing of harm,
For it is she who provides,
The comfort of a majestic shroud.

What evil could one find,
In the heart of natural beauty?
I dare say,
It is your day which reveals the wicked!

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