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Double Standards

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posted on Aug, 30 2011 @ 06:08 PM
“ATTORNEY-GENERAL Robert McClelland has accused WikiLeaks of "incredibly irresponsible" conduct after the self-styled whistleblower group released a cable that named 23 Australians accused by ASIO of having contact with Yemeni terror group al-Qa'ida in the Arabian Peninsula.” The Australian 30-08-11.

Link to the Article

Having watched the interview of David Hicks last night I can’t help but feel that there are clearly double standards at play here.

Of the 23 accused Australians 11 of those were recommended to be placed on a no fly list by the US apparently for the following reason.

“The one common element linking their stories is the alleged connection to AQAP, now considered to be al-Qa'ida's most deadly franchise, partly due to its ability to attract radicalised Western Muslims. Many of the Australians on the list are accused of having direct contact with cleric Anwar al-Awlaki, the American-born preacher connected to some of the more recent high-profile terror attacks.” The Australian 30-08-11.

The following is a link to a relevant section of The Anti-Terrorism Act (No.2) 2004.

Link to the Anti-Terrorism Act (No.2) 2004

I am not going to defend Mr Hick’s actions however it is clear that there is considerable doubt about his links to terrorism. It would seem to me that these 11 individuals have a much more defined association with terrorism than Mr Hicks ever had and if ASIO is in a position to accuse these individuals then surely they can be charged and prosecuted by a real law and court.

Finally, I see no real harm in “outing” radical elements of our society particularly those relating to terrorism of any description. Concealing the truth adds to the fear. The argument that outing them will push them underground is a nonsense that is just more fear mongering. You might also say that new unknown cells may take over, well how do you know that’s not happening anyway.


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