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Maybe we are the aliens.

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posted on Aug, 30 2011 @ 10:21 AM
reply to post by mnmcandiez

Yes but most animals have a "super" sense to compensate,i.e the pig has an extraordinary sense of smell.the Rhino has incredible strength and awesome inbuilt weaponry.I suppose it could be argued that our "super" attribute is our intelligence,which is why we do not require the senses that are present in most of the instinct driven creatures who inhabit this planet.
I agree with the OP's hypothesis that we are the alien,genetically engineered species on this planet(apart from the Platypus!)
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posted on Aug, 30 2011 @ 11:34 AM
reply to post by StellarPie

I said long ago that there were Aliens here on Earth.... just gotta figure who out of all the different Nationalities here are the Aliens!!

Of course i believe that we all came here from outer space on a comet/asteroid as bacteria and we started out as Tadpoles (sort of) in the Sea and became what we are today.... but there is a new type of Alien which came much later and set up home here... either this or Enki did have a hand in making us Hybrids!! I don't believe we all came from Adam & Eve as that would just be impossible!!
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posted on Aug, 30 2011 @ 11:46 AM
reply to post by nake13

I agree with the OP's hypothesis that we are the alien,genetically engineered species on this planet(apart from the Platypus!)

but we've been here evolving for a long long time. It's an interesting hypothesis, but how about we take it down a notch to the realm of believability.

The basic DNA chains that allowed complex life to evolve on this earth could have very well come from somewhere out in space.

I, personally, don't hold much weight in the idea that some super intelligent alien being genetically engineered us then left us here to destroy the planet. but it's entirely possible that those basic building blocks came from somewhere other than earth.

posted on Aug, 30 2011 @ 11:47 AM
reply to post by StellarPie

Although I think this is true to a certain extent - it is far at the opposite end of a spectrum where in the earth is custom made for human life. Still, I love this explanation...

posted on Aug, 30 2011 @ 02:39 PM
I'll suggest something that might seem far out to some, but if you really look at the big picture you will see what you are seeking!

Have you ever tried Thinking? seriously, bear with me. Just go somewhere you know you can be alone. for 10-20 minutes, sit back relax and just think. (Dont call it meditation because that puts pressure on it. Specially if you havent meditated much before. Then you will probably be sitting with (Am I doing this right, is this what meditation is like, blablabla u get where im going with this). Just relax and think about #. After 5 minutes of free thinking and relaxing, or when you feel comfortable start trying to controll your thoughts.

For example: Ask your self questions you are curious about. ( Does aliens exist? What am I ? Where do I come from? Are we all gonna end up fine? (Keep in mind anything goes here, just know that what you are communicating with now is YOUR SELF, nothing but the absolute truth will be talked about with your self, Ironic isnt it?).

Now wether you want to hold truth too the answers you get, or just call it crazy because you think its all crap in your own mind. That is your call. But hey lets be honest, the only person in the world you can know for 100% sure that is not lying straight to your face, is YOU. You can only have a 100% true conversation with your self. (Ofc im not saying everybody walks around this planet lying to one another, but alot of people have a hard time understanding eachother. It might not be a single person lying to you your entire life, but I can guarantee for sure that there are people that missunderstand eachother and it goes as a lie basicly. Cause you agree that you understand something that in reality you are actually not understanding.

So try a thinking session, see for your self what the true answers are :-)

Peace and love!

posted on Aug, 30 2011 @ 04:05 PM
reply to post by Nikbakht

I sat there and thought about that for a big long while and realized that i had to take a crap.

I asked myself if aliens existed, and myself said no.

Thanks for your foolproof method.

I really do gotta take a crap though.

posted on Aug, 30 2011 @ 04:09 PM

Originally posted by StellarPie
Maybe we are the aliens.

What is up ATS. This will be my first post on the ATS forums. I am currently writing this in notepad because I haven't made enough posts to make my own thread on the forums yet. Man, I do not know where to start, but be prepared, it is probably going to be quite a long read. So grab your reading glasses and pour yourself a cup of coffee and put your thinking cap on, ^.^

I am going to be proposing the idea that we are aliens of earth. Imagine every form of life on earth as a small piece of a huge jigsaw puzzle. Just picture that in your mind. A normal jigsaw puzzle just fits right together right? You don't have to break an existing piece to fit another in, it just fits together. Now imagine our species, imagine us fitting perfectly into that jigsaw puzzle. It doesn't work right? As humans we break other pieces, completely removing some pieces out of the puzzle so that humans can fit in. By removing pieces out of the puzzle, I am of course talking about animals going extinct. Now imagine, perhaps the reason we fit so badly into this jigsaw puzzle, is because we are the piece of another jigsaw puzzle all together!

Just look at how much humans dominate all the other species! Have any of you seen those threads about animals being kept in horrible conditions? The reason these animals are being put through conditions like this is because they can't do anything about it. Humans are too smart and animals too dumb. We can make very complicated machines, where I think the best tool a certain type of monkey can make is a rolled up leaf used as a cup to drink water out of.

If anybody plays any video games around here, just imagine (Modern Warfare 2) that all the species other than human have only a riot shield. No grenades, no knife, no other guns. The humans on the other hand have ump45's with unlimited ammo and no need to reload, unlimited semtex's, secondary is akimbo model 1880's (before they were nerfed) with no need to reload and unlimited ammo.

Now for those who don't have a clue on what I just said, its like an army of ten-thousand trained professionals against six people who have never held a gun in their life. It's ridiculous!

Now the problem with all of the above is all the evidence is pointing to us once being one of them. For some reason, we started off as equals and humans have just risen to complete domination. We don't fit in. There's something different about us.

-----So basically the lesson above is that we don't fit in. We are equal, and then we are not. We seem to be ahead------

I want to talk a little about believing. When people talk about aliens, they tend to say the word "believe". "Do you believe in aliens?" A friendly stranger might say. But me personally, I don't like the word believe.

be·lieve (b-lv)
v. be·lieved, be·liev·ing, be·lieves
1. To accept as true or real: (Do you believe the news stories?)
2. To credit with veracity: (I believe you.)
3. To expect or suppose; think: (I believe they will arrive shortly.)
1. To have firm faith, especially religious faith.
2. To have faith, confidence, or trust: (I believe in your ability to solve the problem.)
3. To have confidence in the truth or value of something: (We believe in free speech.)
4. To have an opinion; think: (They have already left, I believe.)

Even though I'm talking about the possibility of aliens, I don't "accept" them as true or real. Until I personally see an alien up close, I don't think I will.

I "think its possible" that aliens exist. I don't "know".

Also, i've read a lot of stuff on ATS about that "feeling" that you just "know". Or your, "inner sense".

I don't know about you, but I don't know if that is reliable in any sense. If anything, my "inner sense" tells me that using my "inner sense" is unreliable, haha.

All this thread is just "thinking" and "speculation" There isn't a whole lot of facts yet.

------------------Ways that we could have ended up being superier!------------

Aliens could have manipulated our DNA a long, long time ago so that we become better.

Aliens could have taught us things a long, long time ago before written records, and helped us become more knowledgable than animals could have become because they weren't taught things. Far-fetched I know.

Alright! That about sums it up, I want to hear everybodies opinions on this and I want to hear about anybodies ideas that are similar but a bit different or something like that. Thanks for reading if you got this far

Whether we are aliens or not is purely relative.
After all we are somebodies aliens.

posted on Sep, 1 2011 @ 04:22 PM

Originally posted by Phantom traveller
reply to post by StellarPie

Nice post.

A long time ago my favourite greek author in one of his public speeches said that humans are not from this planet.And he explained why.
Mother nature is taking care of her children.Every species on this planet has the capability of protecting itself by the gifts given to it by nature.(claws,fur,speed,wings etc).When an animal is born it only needs a little time before is capable of surviving on its own.
That is a rule for every species on this planet exept humans.
Humans are born naked,without any physical protection and when a child is born he/she needs many years until he/she learn how to survive on their own.

He said a lot more and he concluded that mother nature is not OUR mother.

Maybe this is the price of our evolution.We are not aliens,but we alienated ourselves from the nature.I don't consider humans smart.We learn to be smart.We learn to survive.The animals have this knowledge from the day they are born.Maybe we are not completley alien,just evolved-genetically engineered apes(as another poster mentioned we do share the same DNA with other species).

Yes we're very vulnerable physically, only species that could not survive against predators in the nature - without the weapons / brains. Yet it is so weird, that we are also physically the most skilled species, think about the greatest martial artists, the way they use their bodies.

Intellectually the language is our most powerful tool. Without the language we certainly would not have science.

I think we must've been a species that lived in trees, shallow water or caves before inventing weapons, otherwise we would have no defence at all against the big cats of Africa. Maybe we come from the Nile originally. We stand on two feet and have no hair. Probably had to develop brains to hunt the fish. We probably slept in trees in the water area, safe from crocodiles and cats.
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