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Is it me or is UNOOSA a B.S. branch of the UN?

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posted on Aug, 28 2011 @ 12:05 AM
has anyone ever heard of this United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs? Mazlan Othman is the head and shes the lady that the UN said would be the ambassador to aliens and then denied,

"The Office implements the Program on Space Applications and maintains the Register of Objects Launched into Outer Space. The Office also provides support to developing nations in using space technology for economic development."

Thats from Wikipedia.

is it me or does that sound like bull#? a register of objects launched in space? does the UN really need to spend money on that? and help developing countries use space tech? Do you really think a poor country in Africa cares about shooting a missile into space or do you think they care about getting food and medicine?

I dont think that UNOOSA is legit....

At least not for the OFFICIAL description of what its for. Now as for being the Department in the UN that deals with aliens, thats a different story

posted on Aug, 28 2011 @ 12:46 AM
"Bringing the benefits of space to Earth" lol...

Seems like a poorly thrown together website.. no effort put into it at all. Cheers for the thread.. I was wondering what happened to Mazlan Othman.

posted on Aug, 28 2011 @ 12:48 AM
Yeah ive heard of her and her posting at the UN. When the news broke she downplayed her position, essentially describing her duties as anything but dealing with UFO and contact. However the rumor mill has coughed up a few meetings with some worl leaders on the existnce of ET and needing someone to represent Earth and since we cant seem to get along with each other I guess the UN became the obvious choice.

The UN has denied the office exists, yet aside from the denial they have done nothing to back that denial up. She is still employed by the UN and still has the title for the new office.

Part of me wonders, if its true, if its not a shot across the bow to the US. Again the rumor mill has it that most government are wanting to diclose that we arent alone, and are waiting on the US to get on board with it. Supposedly time is running out, and if the US wont act, it will fall to another country / entity.

With that being said, its all rumor and or hearsay so take with a grain of salt.


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