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There is a secret war being waged in Space (update)

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posted on Aug, 27 2011 @ 07:46 AM
A serious 'update' might be to point out [again] that there are studies that demonstrate that the prosaic explanation is the correct one. It's undeniably a weird-looking unearthly scene, but in terms of what we've learned to expect as normal for outer space, it's pretty ordinary and explainable without aliens or secret space wars.

See here:

ufo astronaut incidents

and especially this detailed report:
03/31/1999 - Purdue University (speech): The STS-48 "Zig Zag UFO" -- A Prosaic Explanation

posted on Aug, 27 2011 @ 08:55 AM
reply to post by JimOberg

if you had read my answers, than you knew what i meant with "update"

posted on Aug, 27 2011 @ 09:28 AM
There's a secret war being waged in space!


No there's not.

posted on Aug, 27 2011 @ 10:14 AM
reply to post by Anunaki2012

I left a post at youtube and got mangled by typos so I'll fix what I can in an amended quote.
There is no war going on just a war against the Tesla invention.
No aliens either just cartel owned ships that perform very well.

Some of the hows and whys of propulsion and performance are given in the post:

Its a natural Tesla ship. Let me explain this one more time. Think outside the bulb. Tesla's electrostatic pulses, not EM or magnetic as he always said to J J Thompson, made charged matter vibrate till illumination. He did this in bulbs. Since all matter is composed of electrical charges there is a lot of force and atoms illuminate by electron path changes brought on by the vibrations. Thus the name Tesla star ship powered by quarter wave massive antennas off voltage oscillations.

Amended by taking out double illuminate and on by not the where they appeared.

posted on Aug, 27 2011 @ 10:27 AM
I have never trusted this video.

First off, if it is what they say it is a terrible shot. hold your mouse over the screen possition where the light that changes direction is when the flash occurs. The light swooshes off to the right then the seccond light from the bottom left rushes up, and goes NO WHERE NEER where the other light was (Possition now marked by your mouse pointer)

There is a whole lot of other motion in the frame which tends to have me half beleiving in the official story.

But only half!

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