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When we are all criminals who is free ?

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posted on Aug, 27 2011 @ 01:20 AM
In 53 years of my life I was arrested once. It was because I swore at a officer on my own property on my front porch. I had my ankle broken, I was thrown threw my fence and my shoe thrown at my head . My teenage daughter told to shut the fuc.up or you will end up with your dad.(She kind of flipped about her dad being assaulted by 5 officers) It was over a car registration with a long story all legal. I was charged with disorderly conduct. When asked why I was arrested I was told because you swore. I told the officer you swore at me first. His response was in case you have not noticed I wear the badge I can do anything I want. You think just because we beat you up your not gonna be arrested. This officer is now the sheriff he has put himself on an island because he.uses the motto I am the sheriff I can do anything I want. Please do not question nor debate the issues or circumstances. I was straight up assaulted on my property on Christmas eve. I had a great case, a couple of threats later I let it go for a 15 dollar fine and a conditional discharge. My point is we are all criminals. Every day we have broken a law. We have been legislated into a country of criminals and our FREEDOM is at risk. I realized that day that I am a good person good citizen and a criminal no longer Free.
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posted on Aug, 27 2011 @ 01:42 AM
What's sad is. Stories like yours are far too common. Even right here in my town I have heard many similar ones like that. Getting fined or arrested just for swearing at an officer. When they are disrespectful, how can they not expect to get disrespected back? It's not like those words physically hurt them.

They say while arresting you, anything you say, can and will be used against you in the court of law. But how about officers? Nope.

edit: wanted to add. When I was a kid and swore, I was told to go to my room. I didn't get whipped. I may of got spanked once in awhile, but never for swearing. Getting assaulted just for swearing... This angers me.
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posted on Aug, 27 2011 @ 01:51 AM
reply to post by HEATHERTHOMSON911

my friend i am sorry this happened to you. and i'm sorry we read of similar stories, usually with much orse endings, every day we read news reports online or peruse forums.

i've come to the conclusion that 'Freedom' is an illusion in our minds, one of the last, the few fine lines that keeps people from arming themselves and emptying buildings of badge-sporting thugs and lying suits & ties who play politic while we pay the price.

"Ignorance of the Law is no excuse" we've read so. damn. many. times.

Meanwhile: there are so many laws & statutes that most lawyers are ALWAYS behind on their reading.

There are so many laws & statutes that MANY lawyers specialize in one tiny little area of the Law.

We long ago became a country where darn near everything may be viewed as illegal activity. In my heart I feel we have almost no true, real rights whatsoever.

There are more on the books every business day, week after month after year. And worse things wait in the wings to be enforced at the stroke of the pen.

9/11 hijinx ushered in the wholesale screwing of the American citizen. Thank you Government who feigns interest one way while allowing MILLIONS of illegal immigrants to come right on down and take their slot on the world's saddest game show, American's Price Ain't Right.

You my friend hit the nail on the head. 'They' hit their objective long ago: a land where virtually anyone may and will be arrested and pretty much anytime for anything. If they have nothing, they'll make something up.

I have more fear of Government and the bat-shiat crazy members of Law Enforcement that I do of the criminal element in total. Sadder yet, a whole lot of those 'criminals' do not deserve that tag. Why the hell adult Americans allow our Government to consider the magic leaf as illegal and jail people for it is beyond ridiculous. Same goes for willing adults in the Sex Worker business. WE ARE ADULTS. WE DON'T NEED 'DAD' DECLARING HOOKERS ILLEGAL, YOU GO TO JAIL.

Dammit this makes me so angry my head starts shaking like a frickin' bobble-head doll. You only get one sweet, short life and then the show is over. And these s.o.b.'s got to piss all over our backs, saying "it's raining!"

posted on Aug, 27 2011 @ 02:21 AM
The mistreatment of the police against people in many areas of the United States disgusts me. It is exactly that kind of mentality, by the police, that brings no good to this world. A bunch of bullies with a badge, whose job is to protect you but they end up doing the opposite. But, there is not too much to be done about it except for maybe some big movement that demands police behavior to fit suite.

I moved to the UK to study, and I can definitely say that, while they may not be as aggressive, they can pretty much do whatever they want to people. It is safe to say that it is a bit threatening and discouraging. Police states for the lose.

posted on Aug, 27 2011 @ 05:37 AM
The first time I heard of the concept of "total criminalization" was from Frank Zappa. Though he was a musical satirist his material was quite ahead of his time and based on common sense. By making everyone a criminal to some degree the state can retain control over all of us.

I'm sorry to hear your story, it's sad. I can empathize after having Federal Marshals tear apart my home looking for documents relating to my ex-wife's work and having my former place of employment stop operating for months while the BATF did an inventory. There's a Federal or State agency to regulate every kind of human activity and they have increasingly become more intrusive into our daily lives.

Every email and phone call, every website you've visited, every purchase you made with a credit card, every trip to the doctor - every one of these is available to the State should they decide they need that information.

Privacy died long ago and with it went Liberty and individual dignity.
We have traveled far down the wrong road but it's not too late to turn around and find another route. If we don't, life won't be worth living if every action we take is monitored and regulated under the auspices of big brother.

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