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Worst Dinner Ever!!!

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posted on Aug, 26 2011 @ 10:53 PM
Cashier: Welcome to the United States can I take your order?

American Citizen: I would like a Like a well done Bad Economy, A large Crooked Congress, Could I get Extra Taxes with that and a Clueless president.

American Citizen: Could I also get as side of spontaneous Earthquakes and a Supersized Hurricane.

Cashier: Would you like the Cat 2 or The Cat 3

American Citizen: Cat 1 would be nice.

Cashier: Were out of the Cat 1.

American Citizen: Figures.. I'll take the Cat 2.

Cashier: Will that complete your order?...

American Citizen: Yes that's all

Cashier... Your Total is More debt and less freedom. Please pull up to the second window the first one is broken.

Probably the first time anyone's ever gotten what they ordered.

Just needed to write something that wasn't so damn serious. Enjoy

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