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The Best NWO Cartoon Series In The History Of Video Games

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posted on Aug, 26 2011 @ 04:44 PM
Republican Space Rangers!!!

In my opinion, the makers of this cartoon series within GTA4 are brilliant NWO satirists!

If you haven't played GTA4 or ever heard of Republican Space Rangers, and you want to laugh your azz off, then watch this series!

Warning: Strong Adult Language/Themes

I also hate to admit it, but I have met several people with this mentality, as ridiculous as it is.

Does anyone know if they will be continuing this series? I would love to see them get their own TV series, maybe on Cartoon Network after midnight.

Mods: I am not sure where this falls under as far as T&C, not for language but for sexual themes that are animated.... because it is allowed on YT who has similar policies to adult themes. If this violates T&C then please remove. Thanks.
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