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Don't Panic!

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posted on Aug, 26 2011 @ 03:46 PM
Hello ats and lurkers,

My name for all intensive purposes is Cilvanus although i am prone to signing my posts with sourpill or pill137. Pill137 is my oldest moniker, which i created as an account for my bestfriend's original release of halo. I am not however a halo guy, i had a ps2 for the longest time and still to this day i have not beaten halo all the way through. Additionally i strongly disagree with the abuse of drugs. For those of you who are wondering, pill 137 is vicodin. I did not know that at the time, i was roughly 12 years old, maybe younger. 137 is the unification of bad luck and luck in one string of numbers, 13 and 7. I chose Cilvanus because i am trying to shift away from the moniker i have gone by for so long.

Having taken care of that, i have been a lurker to ats for a short while now, referred to the site by alexbassguy, my best friend, and have subsequently created an account to be more involved in the site. My paranormal experience is limited and most of my logic is tied to real world science.

Aliens, ET's, and UFO's:
I have been witness to one definitive ufo and another potential sighting within the same week. My beliefs related to ET's is probably my most fanciful, but i believe the logic is sound. I am a strong proponent of the ancient aliens theory. I am undecided as to whether we were genetically enhanced from proto-homo-sapiens, or whether evolution has brought us to where we are now. Whether we were created, modified, or evolved, i firmly believe the ancient aliens visited us and intentionally left landmarks, so that in the days of nuclear technology and the space frontier, we as humans would still be hard-pressed to replicate the scale on which these landmarks were constructed. I believe that these ancient aliens do not cryo-hibernate in between stars because even at lightspeed, linear travel is hysterically inefficient, rather the ET's can either punch holes in space time, or reduce the mass of their vehicles to absolute zero. I believe in the latter because of my definitive UFO experience. I watched a bright point of light fly up to about a hand width from the horizon from the ground directly south of me, waver up and down heading in an eastern direction, before shooting off rapidly, like shooting star quick, in a south western direction. Btw i live in northern colorado and the sighting was made from the pawnee national grasslands, far western edge, looking south, towards the city of Windsor, colorado, The time was roughly 11pm to 2 am and took place in i want to say april of this year. I have never seen an airplane accomplish such a maneuver or witnessed a bird reflecting light (lubbock lights), and based on our 'public' limitations of technology, it by my understanding of the word an unidentified flying object. Additionally, i believe that we as humans or more specifically earth is a no-go-zone and is enforced by some kind of regional or galactic police, the black traingles. I have also heard that in 2012 our solar system will pass through the galactic plane. As in if you were to take the milkyway galaxy, slice it perfectly in half as if you were going to spread butter over a side of it, that would be the line we would be crossing. I have not read anything validating this information but based on the incan's and mayan's being in the southern hemispehere or closer to it, they would be more capable of viewing the milkyway and studying it. We already know their math is mind boggling well done, so why would they not be able to predict the exact time when we are on the top/bottom of the galactic plane. Seeing as how we define time by a complete rotation or a complete orbit, it wouldn't be a stretch of the imagination to conclude that crossing the galactic plane could be considered a meter of time for space faring civilizations, as whole races and civilizations can rise and fall in the time it would take to complete a rotation of the galaxy. From there it could be concluded that this whole 'new way of thinking' which is foretold in the mesoamerican long count calender, is the return and full disclosure of life outside planet earth. Again, these beliefs are purely fanciful and speculation. It could also be logically concluded that ET's would wait until we have achieved interplanetary travel or have reached an exoplanet. We will find out soon. Based on the above statements you can probably conclude i am not a nibiru or nemesis guy. You would be correct. Additionally, i do not believe aliens are riding in the tail of comet elenin because it would be exceedingly inefficient to travel in such a manner.

Another speculation i have is this: what better way to desensitize the citizens of earth to the possibility of ET's than to outright deny it. I think that this train of thought comes from the initial reaction to the radio broadcast of war of the worlds in the 1938. Panic and terror. Think of how much worse it would've been if there really was a saucer in the sky. So, as such, the government outright refuses to answer questions related to UFO's and refuses to investigate publicly. After all, the soviets or the chinese could have invented such devices, or so our imagination likes to believe, so why do you think the united states government just passes them all off as hoax's and figments of the mind. Watch the television and you will see hollywood and msm love aliens. and subsequently every human exposed to these devices probably caries around in their head what an alien looks like, featureless grey skin, big head, no mouth or no nose, and dark glassy eyes(tiny or big are the options), and additionally how tall they are. The most developed nations, probably have seen independence day or district 9, so they have images of what a mothership floating overhead would look like. I believe the only reason aliens are hostile in movies and television is because it sells so well. Hollywood loves david vs goliath type scenarios, and what is better than the goliath mothership, with impenetrable sheilds, and a weapon that can level a whole city in a blink of an eye? Again pure speculation, but sound logic.

I am an Athiest through and through. I do not readily believe in ghosts or spirits, as i have not had personal experience and the science is lacking. I do however believe that there is an energy that envelops humans, whether electromagnetic or metaphysical, i do not know. The human brain is an infinitely fascinating machine and is immensely powerful, so until can figure out how to measure and understand it, we can only speculate as to what it can do. Hypnosis, placebo, astral projection, ki, psionics, mind over matter, are all fascinating applications of the mind, but what are they really, how do we measure the energies that each draw from if it is even possible. I am open to the possibility of each being fully real but until the science develops, and the frauds get out of the business, will i hold any credence to the above. I believe humans are one of the most potent viruses ever evolved. Our ability to destroy is unparalleled, and all we need to do now is find a new host for us to really begin infecting the population of stars. Based on that, how could any creature create us in it's image? A god like us would be more than capable of ruling the universe by himself and would not need peons to do the work for him.

NWO and Government:
I am mixed on the NWO trains of speculation, i do believe there is an amount of orchestration between governments of the world and the main stream media, but my biggest problem with the theory is this: when the world elites have killed off 85% of the earth's populous then what is their elite status worth? If there is no one to maintain their highways and trash systems, or power plants and sewers? I really doubt i'd see a Rockefeller picking up the trash of a Rothschild. Additionally, the elite couldn't claim 1% of the world population, once people catch on it wouldn't last. I do not believe there is nearly enough discipline in remotely enough people for such a plan to be executed. However, i firmly believe our current united states is probably the most corrupt government on planet earth. Corrupt as in not working in/with the interests of the people that compose that government. The fact that the people we put into power would threaten to intentionally default our nation, just to get their earmarked legislation passed is indicator that they really don't care. If things get too bad they can afford to leave the country on their private jet. What do you think we are really worth to them? Additionally i believe when china quite visibly begins encroaching on american sovereign soil, or tries to claim our nation, the citizens of the united states would be shaken into action and would prevent such things from coming to fruition. When we actually are united to the best of our ability, such as when the Japanese attacked pearl harbor, we become the most powerful force on the planet. Imagine, most the patty flippers for McDonalds being converted into assemblymen for tanks, cpu's or bullets. It must be considered that when WW2 started, the united states increased our industrial capacity by either 300% or 3000% i cant remember specifically but either number is quite impressive coming from a nation that was worthless in the 10 years before the war began. Based on that alone, i think any nation of the world thinks long and hard in considering ways to invade U.S. soil. Then factoring in our technological dominance and our homefield advantage, it would be impossible to fully conquer the united states. Sure our enemies could turn us into radioactive glass but then what are the things that make america a powerhouse worth? And what could russia or china gain by invading the united states? Both have more petroleum, land, and natural resources. What would our enemies gain by turning us to glass? There will always be another power to fight the superpower, whether it's the rest of the world or whether it comes from your own population. No human, world spanning superpower has the ability maintain control over every control sphere. I believe in 1000 years there will still be independent nations on planet earth, whether the superpowers become Mexico, Libya, and Cosovo, can be left to the speculation.

Additional conspiracies:
JFK: was shot from the sewers by the cigarette smoking man because of his ability to lead apart from the elite.
Moon Landing: we landed there, then aliens told us we were trespassing.
9/11: does anyone think it wasn't an inside job? If so please refer them to research on WTC7
Roswell: Alien Police crashed, transferred pre-disclosure protocols on handling ET's and how to disclose.
BP Oil Spill: was intentional, possibly to poison the water, or maybe a chance for the gov to spend a stupid amount of money on the earmarked corporations.
Sarah Palin: Is a tool, no body is that stupid... i hope
Count de Sainte Germain: Was really the Doctor.
Aurora Project: reverse engineering of an ET's police cruiser, see roswell.
Phoenix Lights: desensitizing effort by regional aliens.
Giant Yukon UFO: ET's that punched a 7 instead of 9 into the galactic coordinates and was like oh "s***, this isn't cygnus 5b, bail, bail, bail."

In case you couldn't tell i am comedic about things that are either quite well proven or things that just outright implausible. I will not readily believe any information anybody posts until i have checked your references and then cross check your facts, so please post links if you are going to claim anything. I will NOT believe you just because you said it.

I am quite informed on topics such as space and physics, weather phenomenon, what is really in your food, 9/11, and Christianity. I consider myself an expert in psychology and body language, as well as horticulture. I am 420 friendly however my horticultural fascination is in in orchids and trees. I aspire to own my own brewery one day, whether post-apocalyptic or not you can find me in saint george, utah in 10 years brewing up some tasty beer. Look for beers with a particular emphasis on dungeons and dragons. I am also a writer and will one day create my ouroboro of creation; create my beers and brewery to sell my d&d story, my d&d story creates my campaign setting, the campaign setting and story sells my beer, and yes it will work flawlessly. I am a huge fan of d20 systems and will always hold them above video-games, at least until you can kill the npc giving you the quest because it was too hard, or you can build your own castle and have the world react to your decisions, like d&d. I do however play Anarchy Online and Dungeons and Dragons online, and i eagerly anticipate the launch of The Old Republic. I am obviously a big Rush fan, but my musical interests are all over the board. Some samples of the items in my music box: Between the Buried and Me, Radiohead, The Beatles, Dr.Dre, Pink Floyd, The Fall of Troy, the Glitch Mob, Jan Garbarek, Tool, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Armor for Sleep, Led Zepplin, Third Eye Blind, Styx, Primus, and Alphaville. I really do not like country music, modern rap and hip-hop, new grunge(ie: Nickelback wannabees), and really out there music like Frogeyes. Feel free to ask questions because i will reply, although i really doubt anybody reads these introductions.

posted on Aug, 26 2011 @ 03:52 PM
If I could star you, I would.

Welcome to ATS

F for Flag!

posted on Aug, 26 2011 @ 04:05 PM
reply to post by Cilvanus

Wicked introduction!

Here is your tin foil helmet and 3D specs. Please keep arms, legs and other appendages inside the forums at all times when in motion. Please sit back and enjoy the ride!


posted on Aug, 26 2011 @ 04:07 PM
reply to post by Cilvanus

Welcome to ATS, Cilvanus!

Great introduction

edit on 26-8-2011 by cakeordeath because: 11:11

posted on Aug, 26 2011 @ 04:08 PM
reply to post by Cilvanus

Very welcome! Loved your intro!

And if I could star you for your music preferences, I would have done so a hundred times! Spot on for me with everything on that list - likes and dislikes.

Looking forward to reading more of your posts and threads.

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