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China CCP gov, VIchy France, LIbya and Reconstruction.

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posted on Aug, 26 2011 @ 11:20 AM
China, VIchy France and LIbya

1. China has NO RIGHTS to interfere in the affairs nor have any share of the new LIbya nation. Had it not been for brother USA & Mama Clinton's help at the start despite China and several others nations condemnation as well as problems of its own, liberation of Libya would not had happened.

2. Sarkozy's Vichy France has NO RIGHTS to invite China's CCP gov now to meddle in the new Libya, just because he wants to sniff up the CCP's arses for financial help for his own country. Libya is a sovereign nation of its own.

3. Free Libya must instead use any left over funds to help China's freedom fighters against the brutal CCP regime. If not for them distracting the gov, CCP would have sent or supported troops and weapons to Gaddafi, as well as worldwide internet's community help to push their individual gov to support the rebellion cause in the early days.

The world's internet humanity community asks for nothing in return and will never take credit or the glory of the courageous Libyans who had sacrificed so much for the freedom of their country.

All it wants is that it remembers its former life under the shadow of dictatorship, how it had been helped by the world, and and free Libya will stand alongside mankind against dictatorships and tyrannies that still exists in our world today.

posted on Aug, 26 2011 @ 11:31 AM
Reconstruction of New Libya.

1. Disarmament:-

No rebel soldier will give up on his arms, but there is a better way to make it so.
Enlist every rebel soldier between 16-46 into a National Defence Army with salarles. They will need the money. Train them up, organise them and teach them responsibilities for a period of 6 mths.

Then retain the best as a regular army while demobolizing the rest into a civilian reserve army, allowing them to keep their arms. With training and responsibilities entrusted to them, they will less itchy to use such arms to resolve personal conflicts, in the manner of the Swiss Army model.

2. Infrastructure:-

For those whom had not take part in arms struggle, mobilize them to form construction brigages and use as little foreign labour or foreign companies as possible. Every Libyan needs money for upkeep, The Libyan economy begins today and cannot allow its wealth to flow out. By using local labour, money will circulate and will slowly grow the economy.

Homes, schools, and economic assets such as roads, power supply, water, etc will be the main priorities to get the economy rolling, creating necessary jobs along the way, so that there will be less friction in the new republic.

No money should be spend on useless ' white elephant' monuments. The new nation cannot afford it, except perhaps for one simple but vital monument as thanksgiving to the Almighty for liberation, a reminder of the thousands whom sacrificed their lives for freedom and a tribute to the unity of all libyan tribes that made it possible to topple dictatorship.

THe reason why it is vital is because it will be a monument to remind every tribe,every libyan and every generation of its critical unity and sacrifices that led to freedom for all, so that for anyone else whom start to behave differently, seeking for seccession, will look upon that momument, the blood of thousands before he and his followers start to spill others blood once more.

3. Corruption:-

Corruption is the scourge of all nations. When one takes a bribe, another will want it too and soon the entire nation lives only on and for corruption, causing its eventual doom for corruption progresses nothing and no one.

Thus the new Libya must set it straight from the start. Set up an anti corruption unit with powers and answering only to the judiciary. Then every gov legislator or employee, from the President to the new recruit policeman, must declare they and their families assets at the start of employment.

Should they be unable to account for extraordinary funds in their accounts or have undeclared assets, it will be seized,. placed in the treasury and defendents given a fair trial.

There is enough wealth in the nation to be shared and distributed equally by all libyans, coupled with rule of law now. WIth fair wealth distributed and rule of law where all are equal in the eyes of the Almighty and man, the impetus for corruption will be much lessened.

Libya stands now at this moment in time of a chance to rebuild itself into a great nation and democratic role model by its great blood sacrifice and struggle, for democratic Middle east and those whom seek for democracy and freedom, and contribute to greater humanity.

May they not falter or lack the courage and conviction to forge for itself a greater inspiration to its future generation, Libya unity and mankind as well.

Good luck!

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posted on Aug, 26 2011 @ 11:39 AM
This should be in the "Rant" section.
"Vichy France"? Really? Do you have a clear and informed understanding of that title?
That's like calling the current German govt "Nazis", take it easy and form some non-emotional titles next time.
Also, your solutions are not exactly clear-cut when it comes to Libyan politics and their tribal structures.
Keep in mind, despite what the mass media tells you, this is NOT a united people. There is intense in-fighting amongst the different tribal rebels themselves.
I wouldn't be surprised if civil war continues after Gadhafi is gone.
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posted on Aug, 26 2011 @ 12:56 PM
reply to post by Konstantinos

I have only pity for the great french people under sarkozy.

During ww2, Petan surrendered, sold out to Hitler without much of a fight, even though it had the greatest army in the world, and subjected the french people to much suffering under the inhuman brutal Nazis.

The famous french resistance did not arise out of nothing, nor did DeGaulle.

Today, by a fluke of time, France had returned back to the 40s. Sarkozy replaying the role of Petan, surrendering sovereignity and wealth of France to bankers, enchaining my fellow human brothers and sisters of the great nation of france to an austerity drive that will drive every french to much suffering, paying debts not of their making.

By such act, Sarkozy had returned the french gov to Vichy france.

May the french find the freedom once again.,....

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