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I'm scared for my freedom.....(caution, some strong language)

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posted on Aug, 26 2011 @ 11:56 AM
Sounds like it's going to turn into a "he said/she said" trial.
Does your friend have a rap sheet as well?
It may come down to who is more believable...

posted on Aug, 26 2011 @ 12:07 PM
I do not typically accept "Short Stories" as truth or real life, but this story seems a bit real in the way it is being presented. Is this in fact a story of the "nature" of such a dire future? The suspended fear, the unknowing, the possibilities?

I think the OP is telling us something that is really happening to them. Perhaps I am a poor judge in wording and I am mistaken. For what it is worth I think it is the scariest thing imaginable to have all your freedoms being taken and being 'confined' for an indeterminate length of time. Considering the circumstance of our World, now is just not a good time to be "locked-up"; however, since I am an avid believer in personal redemption and salvation I will try to think of impending incarceration as a "means".

It is quite possible, since the OP mentioned that they are disabled and without a job that this just might be the means in which they can survive the "possible" catastrophes that are about to unfold (Cosmic,Earthly,and otherwise/Man). Now someone will be there to care for you, to feed you, and to protect you from the masses outside the walls who are facing the world alone, without assistance.

The State will mandate your care and safety! Any medical problems can be addressed without the life-taking forces of worry or anxiety that medical bills seem to create!

I never hear good things about prison food, but I imagine that any food is good food.

What I am saying is that perhaps this is a "Spiritual Gift", that what ever the future holds it holds it with you in mind! This is your journey, accept it and keep saying to yourself that you can overcome these odds and come out a better person.

If you are open to it the worst case scenario can often be the best access to the future, to a place that is better than where we are today.

Of course, if it is just Great Spirit's intention to put you into a safer more solitary situation you might make it through this on "probation" and you will find that the lifestyle change comes with more quieter times than before and that our "friends" were never really friends but a product of the environment. Anything Alcohol-related, people or otherwise, are never really true but only imagined reality; who wants to be friends with an Ape who ransacks another person's home and intimidates the occupants?

Good luck, Stories usual do have happy endings one way or another!

posted on Aug, 26 2011 @ 12:33 PM
reply to post by Greensage

This is absolutely true. I don't associate with these people or anyone at this point. I stay home and online everyday and this is the only association I allow myself. My trial is on Oct. 3rd so if I don't end up in prison I will keep you all updated as to the outcome.

posted on Aug, 26 2011 @ 01:30 PM

Originally posted by supermanning
What you mean? I am 100% innocent. Just because some idiots I was with did some stupid things, doesn't mean I'm guilty of it.

Unfortunately under the law you are not innocent, far from it in fact. You were with a couple of guys that basically forced your way into a house and ransacked it against the occupant's permission. Your belief that because you asked permission to enter and that you had drinks with the occupant while the house was being ransacked somehow makes you 100% innocent is completely incorrect. Now certainly you're not as guilty as the party that did the actual ransacking, but you were an accessory simply by being there with him and remaining there after you knew his intentions. As soon as you knew his intentions you should have left and called the police, THEN you would have been 100% innocent. This is the way the law sees it and the way a judge or jury will see it. You REALLY need to hire a lawyer, unless you feel safe putting your life in the hands of a public defender (I wouldn't).

Originally posted by supermanning
On another note, my lawyer hired a private detective to go talk to the people and neither of them can be found. Wouldn't this mean they have to drop it if no witnesses can testify?

No, because of this:

Originally posted by supermanning
I told him the whole story about everything that happened down to the last detail.

Unfortunately your very words give them all the "probable case" they need to establish a case against you. There's a reason you're supposed to ask to have an attorney present during questioning, it's because you don't know when your words are convicting you and an attorney does. Much of what you said has "guilt" written all over it, the fact that you don't think it does means nothing, because you don't know the law. You really need to find a way to hire a lawyer or you may very well be doing jail time over this. If it's your first offense then they may go light on you though, but that conviction is going to haunt you whenever you apply for a job for the rest of your life. Again, hire a lawyer. Best of luck.

posted on Aug, 29 2011 @ 02:57 AM
You're best bet is to go back to the house that this all happend.


You start out the conversation by saying - i am not trying to intimidate you - or change the truth - but here is where i stand - and it has been two years since this has happend - you just want it confirmed - on a piece of paper that the police will use against you - that while you were there and were an acomplice - you took no part in going into the guy's room - try and remember stuff from the conversation with the guy - specifics - and the deaf guy you wrote something on paper too - jog his memory so he remembers you - you just need him to remember you - BUT DO NOT MAKE IT SEEM LIKE YOU'RE TRYING TO INTIMIDATE THEM. You are asking THEM for help - make it clear.

See if you can chat again with the fellow you did the first time. Say hey - im sorry for everything that's happend - i understand you pressed charges - hell if i were you i would have too - but i did no wrong by you - i helped you by giving you names and the idiots that trashed the room gave themselves up by posting the video on youtube.

Tell him you understand that you're an acomplice and regret not having being older/wiser to have dissasociated with you're friends there and then and called the police - or doing more than having more to drink while chatting with a person who's only got a smile on their face/chatting back for fear that you'll beat the crap out of him - and not just the house he's in.

Ask him if he could do you the kindness of going over his statement - and ensuring that he remembers you - the one that did not participate in the looting/destruction of the house - and that you were the one that tried to calm the deaf guy and gave him the piece of paper with their names on it.

Tell him you dont want the charges dropped - youre just hoping that if theres any mistaken identaties - IE in his police report - you're friend - who was actualy in there looting/destroying the room was portrayed as you - is getting off the hook when you are copping 100% of the flack.

Explain to him you know that what happend was not ok - and you understand there are more repercussions than just you're guild/concience - but you also want justice to be fair, and not to be put behind bars for something someone else did. Justice / Revenge will only feel good for the people that were hurt that night if its dealt to the right people. Remind him of that too.

Bring an audio recording device. Record EVERYTHING you say. All you need him to say is that he remembers you - and you were the one that sat with him when they looted the room - and you did not partake in the actual looting.

Armed with this recording - Call the friend who dogged you. Tell them you have an audio recording. Tell them because you're not scum like them - you're going to give them one last chance to tell the truth on their statemenet before you hand over the evidance to the DA. The cops will make his life a living hell if he's caught to have lied to them on a statement like that, and it will increase his jail time tenfold.
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posted on Aug, 29 2011 @ 04:38 PM
Well seeing as how in both instances you were drunk let me first suggest that you quit drinking as this is what got you into the trouble in the first place. Secondly since you were with the other guys and you entered the house as well, even though you kept him from hitting anyone you still did nothing to prevent the ransacking of the room. This by law makes you an accomplice. I will tell you right now your friend is going to look to stiff you when you go to trial so you have to only hope that your public defender knows his tactics and is able to prove that you had permission to enter the house and you will need the owner of the house to confirm that he asked you in and you did not force entry. Also you will want to hope that the guy from the house did not end up too drunk to remember details of the incident. Hope everything works out in the situation .

posted on Aug, 29 2011 @ 05:42 PM
. . .

then PlayStation.When will we ever learn.

Just the thought of chancing a felony for a play station
says a whole lot about today's society.
What is the world coming to *sigh*

posted on Sep, 12 2011 @ 07:51 AM
reply to post by supermanning

I just wanna say one thing. You KNOW that if alcohol were taken out of the equation, this would never have happened. I realize its too late for this incident. But in the future, do NOT drink! I've been where you are and its a wonder I don't have a palethera of charges stacked up by now. What can I say, God has gotten me out of some tight ones... Maybe he will with you, too. You said past charges, but no convictions? Well, you might be lookin at less than a half year in jail. I was convicted of a class c felony, and got 45 days. Thats 30 w good time. Have your lawyer call the two residents of the home to the stand and say what happened and ask specifically about the paper you left them with. Tell your lawyer you want to make a statement. Say this incident has opened your eyes. You know you were going down the wrong path, and youre so thankful this happened before you got too deep inmto it. And what gets you the most, is that you KNOW that this never would have happened without alcohol affecting your jidgement. Which is why you quit and went to AA and got a sponser. Maybe your sponser could be called as a character witness. Court could be a year from now, you got time to do some extraordonary things that could help you a lot. And with the two guys testimony keeping you seperate from your friends in the mind of the jury, add a statement like "i knew I never fit in with those guys, I was just kind of lost in life for a while, but I was never one of them. I've just been doing my own thing, getting my life straightened out for the past __ months and I haven't even seen either of them for __ because eventually I just realized there was a bad vibe with em and all we ever did together was consume more alcohol and act stupid it was pointless and my life was going nowhere." And the jury might give you a chance. The jury might see this YouTube video... Maybe you should have linked it for us to view. If you are really looking for honest advice that is. If you are just looking for attention and sympathy, and you never did stay outside or leave the piece of paper, well then, you are probably gonna serve up to half the max sentence. Either way I hope you will learn from this. I'm sure you realize by now of you didn't already know that night, that your friend obviously took more than what was his... You know how the drunken young male mind works... It works like a pirate, or a Viking. Thinking you can take any woman, fight any man, take what you wish, say what you want to who you want. It's automatic stupid juice.

Unless you RESPECT IT. And when someone has gotten to your level, they have to quit altogether cor a year just to have a chance at learning to respect it. You spend that year really thinking about it. Realizing how annoying drunks actually are, let alone dangerous. View it from the other side for a year. That's what i did. Now I drink when I want (which averages out to once a month) and since I RESPECT it and the POWER it holds, i do not drink more than 2 or 3 drinks. Not necessary when youre a lightweight, which you will be after a year. i do this because I dont want to do anything embarassing or dangerous to me or anyone i love and care about. I know what will happen if I keep drinking. So I'm happy with my buzz and I go home and go to bed instead of drinking till 6, 7, 8am blasting music the whole time. It's been over 3 years now since I started drinking and I stick to my rule. If you go, on average, a month between drinking, your tolerance never really goes up especially since you are not consuming mass quantities. I don't act stupid anymore or do things I don't remember, and my hangovers are barely anything. A good thing as you get older. It's also good to have judgement, especially if you have a love in your life. Because if that person needs you to protect them or help them, you won't be a staggering slobbering drunk who bursts in the door all "whazzuuuup!" When you get home late and she needs you to be emotionally present. Sorry for the lecture. Maybe I'm just cementing these ideas in my own head. I hope you will or have found something that will work for you. And good luck with the case, I hope my advice helped a little. I'm guessing you got a class b felony? You'll be alright, man... Just believe in yourself and I believe you will be able to handle whatever they throw your way. Maybe a year in jail, at the worst, no prison time. I'm hoping... Might wanna start lookin for a girl who you can write letters to and visit. Tell her it doesn't have to be commital but you just wanna have someone to help you get through this. Might turn into love. Just... When you get out, do not ask her if she slept with anyone. If she did it just means she had her own life while you were in there. For all she knew, you'd get in a fight. Have to defend yourself, get another 25 years added on. So don't ask.
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