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Earth changes

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posted on Aug, 25 2011 @ 06:58 AM

Originally posted by gigaherc
reply to post by Celestica

Leave him alone, kid's delusional, time to move on, thread soon to be closed.

I am glad that big ugly green creatures that lay in wait under dark bridges have no real authority in these forums.

posted on Aug, 25 2011 @ 07:00 AM
Red lake Iraq

I have seen this red lake problem on google earth, I have no idea what could be causing this. interesting none the less


posted on Aug, 25 2011 @ 07:11 AM
Well I'm not jealous, so I'm not green. I was just trying to give you some factual data. So far you have done more bullying than anyone in this thread.

Here is a list of earthquakes for this year and compared to 2000-present. You will see that this year has had less overall earthquakes than any other year since 2005. 2007 had the most.

posted on Aug, 25 2011 @ 07:15 AM

Originally posted by XplanetX
It is undeniable that these events are speeding up, possibly to some sort of climax? The aim of this thread is to delve into the possible causes of these changes.

If there are people that live under a rock and deny that these changes are taking place, could they please start their own thread titled "Earth changes are not increasing". This thread is for those that can see the changes increasing and want to contribute some theories as to WHY they are taking place.

So basically, this thread is only for those who will blindly accept your list without being able to discuss the factual backing of your claims? Way to deny ignorance
I think the kids would call this kind of thread a "circlejerk".

It's unfortunate that you do not wish to discuss these things that you percieve as "undeniable" in this thread, as you might learn a thing or to. But I guess it's much easier to just agree with things you agree with, and disregard anything that might change your point of view.

So if you're asking why you percieve these "undeniable" things to take place, there is an obvious answer to at least a few of them.


Technology has given us access to more information than ever before. Technology has allowed us to make far more observations than was possible in the past. It given us the ability to communcate easily to the ever growing population of people on this Earth. This may not explain every single thing, but it is something that needs to be considered before stating something as undeniable.

I hope that wasn't something that we weren't meant to be discussing, as I don't quite have the time to start an entire thread to examine your list of undeniable changes. Maybe later...

The USGS estimates that several million earthquakes occur in the world each year. Many go undetected because they hit remote areas or have very small magnitudes. The NEIC now locates about 50 earthquakes each day, or about 20,000 a year.

As more and more seismographs are installed in the world, more earthquakes can be and have been located. However, the number of large earthquakes (magnitude 6.0 and greater) has stayed relatively constant.

Has volcanic activity been increasing?

We don't think so.

A look at the number of volcanoes active per year, over the last few centuries, shows a dramatic increase, but one that is closely related to increases in the world's human population and communication. We believe that this represents an increased reporting of eruptions, rather than increased frequency of global volcanism: more observers, in wider geographic distribution, with better communication, and broader publication.

Oops, the first couple just slipped in there. Oh well, the mods can remove it if they feel the need

PS. I don't think you'll mind that last link being put there, as I got it from someone who was using it to claim that volcanic activity was increasing. They might agree with your undeniable claims.
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posted on Aug, 25 2011 @ 07:16 AM

Originally posted by XplanetX

It is undeniable that these events are speeding up, possibly to some sort of climax? The aim of this thread is to delve into the possible causes of these changes.

On the contrary. It's perfectly deniable.

As for the causes, they are many and varied. Though perhaps the most significant factors are the development of global instantaneous communication and the internet. Without which you would be unaware of almost all the events you list. Think about it

posted on Aug, 25 2011 @ 07:16 AM

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posted on Aug, 25 2011 @ 07:26 AM

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posted on Aug, 25 2011 @ 07:28 AM

Our Earth is constantly undergoing many changes at all levels. Most of these changes occur so slowly from our perspective that they are hardly noticeable and hence negligible. The continental drift is one such example. Millions of years ago, most of the present continents were all clustered together near the poles, which later began to drift away from each other. This drift continues even to this day, with the landmasses moving at the rate of a few millimetres per year.

Some changes are more dramatic and happen relatively quickly at the turn of Yugas, or during events like Galactic Alignments or entry into the Photon Belt. Within a short period, the landscapes and water-bodies shift, entire species go extinct and new life-forms appear and thrive. Even the weather patterns the Higher Intelligence as a part of the transformational processes.

We are in the middle of such an Earth change where many dramatic transformations have been initiated to help us sail us through to a New Age. These processes that began in 1987 were happening slowly and were still in their infancy. A major boost was given to these Earth Change processes on 1st January 2007 and since then, the pace of transformation has increased.

The events of 2012 will further accelerate these changes, which culminate when we fully enter the New Light Age.

Our world is facing major challenges and changes in every area. We can observe these shifts happening at the individual, societal and global levels.

Millions are affected by earthquakes, floods and other natural calamities all over the world. Many others are facing the heat of terrorism, wars, political dictatorship and denial of their rights. Although the politicians and economists assure us otherwise, we are yet to recover from the financial meltdown and its effects on our individual and collective economy. The environmental degradation has hit a new low with the recent oil spills and nuclear radiation leak across the globe. There are new scams every other day, exposing the corruption and low standards of our governments and self-centred leaders. All these things make it evident that they are not equipped to guide or lead us ahead in these turbulent times. In addition, there are mass movements in different parts of the globe, where people are coming together to demand their rights and protest against the injustice of the systems which benefit only a few.

All these challenges and turbulences happening at the same time all over the world indicate that we are in the middle of a massive churning process. This process is a part of a bigger reality, a shift from one age to another. This shift will result in visible changes in different areas in the days to come. Our Earth, which is a living, breathing entity participates in these changes, along with the Higher Intelligence which monitors and guides all these shifts.

In this background, 2012 plays an important role in this shift because, by then, the negativity in individuals and systems will totally be exposed! New energies that were anchored recently on our earth are working at different levels to bring out the true nature in everyone. Such an exposure will accelerate as we move ahead towards 2012.

Henceforth, many changes will occur on our Earth at the physical level itself. These changes will also affect many systems which define human life on this planet. Some of these changes are as follows:

Hardly a day goes by when we do not read about a major Natural Calamity in some part of the world. These disasters have increased sharply over the past few years. Tsunamis, cyclonic hurricanes and floods have ravaged several parts of the world, while famines and earthquakes have claimed lives and livelihood in other parts. There is a sharp increase in seismic activity all over the globe. Many dormant volcanoes are becoming active. There are unusual weather patterns: some places have witnessed snowfall for the first time, while some others have observed acid rains and cloudbursts.

All these are part of the churning processes which play an important role in the individual transformations. In the face of calamities and disasters, the artificial securities of money and power collapse — the rich and poor, powerful and commoners are all rendered equally helpless. These events corner people and make them realise the transient nature of many things that they consider valuable in their otherwise comfortable existence.

In their helplessness, many turn to God or turn inwards to re- evaluate their priorities. This is when they start to open up. The Higher Intelligence which monitors these processes will help by providing new energies and educating the individuals at a different level, to pass through the situation.

Such calamities also bring out the goodness that is inherent in everyone. A lot of unity and sharing can be witnessed among those who are affected by these events. The events also bring out more love and accommodation in them. Many times, the warring nations forget their differences and extend a helping hand to each other in the time of natural disasters.

These calamities also play an important role in destroying Evil. Many places on Earth harbour dark forces like terrorist organizations and drug cartels. The destruction occurring at such places wipes them out and helps in removing the negative forces from our Earth. Such activities will increase in the coming years. And if a person is transformed and tuned to divine will, he will not be affected by any of these calamities. Even if he is in the middle of a flood or an earthquake, he will pass through it easily.

A lot of changes are expected in the geographical configuration of Earth in the coming years. With the increase in global warming and melting snow caps at the poles, many areas at sea-level will submerge and new land forms will rise. There is a possibility of the Himalayan Mountain range going under ocean, though all these will occur much later. Our Earth has gone through the Ice Age many times and right now, we are at the brink of such an event. The main reason for this event is to destroy many areas which have a lot of dark energies.

This process will most likely be initiated after 2015, by which time most of humanity would have chosen the Light Age, and hence will be able to go through this period with less impact. In the regions between the poles and the Tropics (North Pole and Tropic of Cancer, South Pole and Tropic of Capricorn), the warm and cold ocean currents will reverse direction. As a result, those areas will completely be covered with Ice.

With the upper and lower portions of the globe filled with ice, Life will exist only in the central equatorial belt region of our Earth! The duration of this Ice Age is not yet revealed at this point in time.

One important theory is that our Earth will stop its rotation for a period of 3 days and then begin to rotate in the clockwise direction. The Sun will begin to rise in the west and set in the east. This will also lead to a change in the magnetic field of the Earth.

The other theory is that after the Earth stops, there will be a physical flip and the North Pole of the Earth becomes the South Pole, after which the Earth begins to rotate in the clockwise direction. This pole shift will be triggered by the events and alignments that occur towards the end of 2012.

There is a good possibility of the occurrence of these events. Rishis say that unless and until humanity chooses and tunes to Light, such drastic changes will be allowed to occur to bring in the necessary changes. For these changes to take place, Gaia will do a self-cleansing. Sadly, most of those who do not align themselves with Light and its Principles will perish during these events.

Many important activities occur in the small period when our Earth stands still. All the old energies of the Dark Age can be removed totally and a 100% cleansing can occur in that duration. This enables many new Souls to take birth here. Also, the Rishis will be installing many new gadgets on our Earth in that period, which will hasten up the transformative processes later on. At the individual levels, a major cleansing will happen and the newer, higher energies available in that duration will enable everyone to make a great spiritual shift.

A change in rotation of our Earth is expected to happen at some stage for many spiritual reasons. With a clockwise rotation, there will be more Light and positivity on our Planet and the dark forces will not be able to survive those conditions. By the time this change of rotation occurs, if humanity transforms on a large scale, the event will be a smooth one and without much chaos.

Such an event will also bring about a change in the magnetic field of the Earth resulting in many other occurrences. There are possibilities of violent storms, earthquakes and volcanic eruptions leading to a lot of destruction and chaos. Like the geographic pole shift, the magnetic pole shift also depends on the transformation of Humanity.

Our Earth’s Electromagnetic Field pulsates at a particular frequency between Earth’s surface and the outer layer of the atmosphere. This frequency is called as Schumann’s resonance. It’s also called as Gaia’s heartbeat. This was discovered by scientists when they observed that astronauts who spent extended time in outer space, away from the influence of these electromagnetic pulses, became distressed and disoriented.

The frequency of Schumann’s resonance was 7.8 Hz during the 5000-years period of the Dark Age. It was increased slowly from 1987 as a result of which many Earth change processes were initiated. On 23rd September 2010, when the size of the Earth was increased by the Rishis by a few millimetres, this resonance was increased to 15 Hz. It is expected to peak at 22.82 Hz in the New Light Age.

The increased frequency of Schumann’s resonance also allows the suppressed negativities in individuals to surface. They help everyone to open up to higher realities. With a combination of other factors, they also help in sharpening of the inner faculties. We are connected to Mother Earth through this vibration. It helps us to communicate with her. This frequency increases as we move into an age of higher values and purity. At that high frequency, the Earth will be able to hold newer energies and knowledge. It will also allow new souls from other Universes to take birth on this Earth.

The combined effect of all these changes will affect human life to a very great extent. The events of 2012, the flip of poles and the geographic changes will lead to many natural disasters. These result in a breakdown of the existing systems across the world. An important factor is the peaking of solar activity post 2012, which has the capacity to damage and destroy the electrical grids and communication systems on our Earth. This can easily lead to a collapse of many of our modern systems which are based on electricity and telecommunications. Such a collapse will result in a breakdown of other associated structures of modern life.

We have witnessed such temporary collapse of systems in some parts of the world which were struck by tsunamis or hurricanes. A phenomenal set of events occurring on a worldwide scale will trigger a total collapse of systems across the world, which will be permanent and irreversible. The breakdown of communications can result in the collapse of the economic and financial systems. Transportation and supplies will be hit, resulting in chaos and social unrest. Due to the erosion of law and order, the social and political structures will begin to crumble soon.

Such a collapse and destruction is not random or arbitrary because these are a part of a bigger process. The man-made systems which are tuned to the ways of the Dark Age will crumble but they will be replaced by newer, divine systems. When communication systems fail, our faculties of intuition and telepathy will start functioning with ease. As the structures of modern society come down, humanity will also make contact with higher beings who will guide them to build better and efficient systems of the New Age.

How quickly will the old systems be replaced by newer ones depends entirely on Humanity. If the majority of us choose the New Age and make efforts to transform ourselves, the period between the breakdowns of the old to the establishment of the new will be smaller and less painful. And if we are not sufficiently tuned yet to the ways of the New Age by that time, these events and occurrences will be utilized by the Higher Intelligence to weed out many who prefer the old ways and train those who are willing to transform.

posted on Aug, 25 2011 @ 07:31 AM

Originally posted by Celestica
Well I'm not jealous, so I'm not green. I was just trying to give you some factual data. So far you have done more bullying than anyone in this thread.

Here is a list of earthquakes for this year and compared to 2000-present. You will see that this year has had less overall earthquakes than any other year since 2005. 2007 had the most.

I hate to look like captain obvious but It is only august.

I bully those that try to derail my thread when it is obvious that they have not read the original post in it's entirety.

posted on Aug, 25 2011 @ 07:48 AM
On the topic of "We have more coverage and technology today, so it just looks like we have more earth changes".

I call BS.

We have had the internet since 1989. It has been widely circulated for at least 10 years. There has been an increase in earth changes at a faster rate than even technology can keep up with.

Concerning earthquakes (something that has been regularly tracked and monitered for a long time):

Bear in mind that the above data does not even include a lot of the aftershocks.

and another:

and another:

Since september last year New Zealand has had more than 7400 aftershocks, no exaggeration:
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posted on Aug, 25 2011 @ 08:05 AM
I hate to be captain obvious but 20 years of data is not NEARLY enough to unlock the secrets of natural phenomena. Are you seriously trying to say that only 20 years is needed to accurately study, predict, and forecast the Earth? What if we are in an under-active cycle, or over-active? We wouldn't be able to tell with only 20 years. What if they earth went through 200 period cycles of low and high seismic activity? We won't be able to tell until at-least 200 years of appropriate observation. People think that just because technology exists that we become all knowing beings. Sorry to break the news to you, but we have a long, long, long way to go before we fully understand our earth. If won't be yours, mine, ours childrens, and probably not even their childrens lifetime before we get that close.

Yes it is only august, actually it's basically september. But that's over half the year. Here I'll fix it.

Thus far we have had the fewest earthquakes since 2005, that could change though, but I highly doubt that we will get 3 more 9.0's. It IS possible. But i doubt it. If you really were captain obvious this thread wouldn't exist and you would have all this data already. Sorry I missed *ONE* part of your post, sorry I couldn't answer *ALL* your questions with 100 FACT. But I damn well tried, guess it's just not good enough for you.

posted on Aug, 25 2011 @ 08:23 AM
Here is James Lovelock, one of the greatest living scientists of our age 'or any other age'.
This guy has more knowledge about the natural sciences/world than anyone who has
ever lived. He is deeply respected by his peers and his gaia/earth system theory is becoming recognized as one of the greatest achievements in science, on a par with Darwins theory of evolution and einstein's relativity. This is what he has to say about climate change and how it will effect us all in the coming decades 'warning its terrifying'...

posted on Aug, 25 2011 @ 08:24 AM
Morning, brothers and sisters,

I am not here to BULLY, or to against no one, I am just helping to expose the TRUTH, sometimes its hard to to accept the TRUTH, I understand i was also like that before, BUT you can not FIGHT the TRUTH.

The LIGHT is the TRUTH, and we cannot fight it.

Sorry if have some of think I have offended you, but its the TRUTH.

We are in the TIMES , that every thing will be EXPOSED by the LIGHT.

Just see the WORLD how the LIGHt is exposing all the HIDDEN Truths, I lOVE to see every day when all those who have sold their LIES, and stories, and see how they fall appart.

I remember seeing Brother Kamping say the world was going to END in MAY. We all knew the TRUTH but he CHOOSE,

We must do our home works, and find the TRUTH inside of us

SO bless all of you

posted on Aug, 25 2011 @ 08:42 AM

Originally posted by Atzil321
Here is James Lovelock, one of the greatest living scientists of our age 'or any other age'.
This guy has more knowledge about the natural sciences/world than anyone who has
ever lived. He is deeply respected by his peers and his gaia/earth system theory is becoming recognized as one of the greatest achievements in science, on a par with Darwins theory of evolution and einstein's relativity. This is what he has to say about climate change and how it will effect us all in the coming decades 'warning its terrifying'...

Fascinating and very insightful.

As a very cynical person, I am always interested in listening to independent researchers.

Thank you for posting this!

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