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Opening my eyes.....again!

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posted on Aug, 24 2011 @ 06:11 PM
After chatting to an old friend tonight i've realised how unaware i am of the world around me....still.
I suppose i've always classed myself quite awake at current events.I used to question everything as a child.I guess i'd always class myself as having a healthy curosity. My friend found his avenue to this genre thorugh underground Hiphop and i found mine through most of my early teens in the 90's watching X Files. This friend 'opened' my eyes a few years ago and gave me a thirst for knowlege on paranormal activity and the 'powers that be' and i guess it kinda stemmed from there, from finding 3rd rate sites and reading second hand experiences and theories til i found ATS, where i still read second hand experiences (no offence intended).
Even after chatting to him for 3 hours, he challenges my 'beliefs' and i'm glad i'm still open enough to accept them. There are many people on this board, who may not be religious, but are very religious in the way they express they're ideas and live in there belief system.
He taught me that you shouldn't build up walls around any belief's you have as all beliefs are based on what you've been taught and experienced.

Anyway i guess the question i wanted to ask everyone is, What got you into the whole 'questioning the rules around you.
Was there a specific place/time that made you sit back and realise that the world wasn't what you thought it was.
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posted on Aug, 24 2011 @ 06:25 PM
I agree with your friend completely. No matter how absurd an idea sounds -to a certain extent, mind you- it is important to keep an open mind. I can't remember who said this quote but it goes something like :
"Keep an open mind but not so much that your brains fall out." I am much more open minded with things like meditation and spiritualism. Not even a year ago I would flat out reject anything that I thought had to do with religion, but I like to think I've matured a lot since then.

I stumbled upon this site by clicking a few links after watching a couple documentaries about the contreversey of 9/11. I was in disbelief for a few weeks but as I searched more and more I had to face the truth eventually.

On a side note, is a great website that I check often. It is filled with a vast selection of documentaries that have helped open my mind and quench my thirst for knowledge. Take care though, just because it's a documentary doesn't mean it is 100% fact.

posted on Aug, 24 2011 @ 09:04 PM
reply to post by ShiftyMedi

Strangely enough I think I always knew. At age 5, my teacher asked us what our lives would be like at 50. I told her no one could know because the world would be so different, no one could imagine it, so why ask. At 10, I started questioning my religion when no one could give me answers. At 12 I realized how screwed up the Mormon religion is underneath it all. At 15, I started recognizing a whole different universe than what I had really been shown. At 18, I started having precog nightmares. It just went from there. Nothing is as it seems, and I guess it doesn't surprise me anymore.


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