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We will prevail

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posted on Aug, 20 2004 @ 02:09 PM
We will prevail

Looking across the mighty Hudson River man can see the crumbled spans that once took the arrogant Americans to and fro. Rust, twisted metal and broken concrete are all that remain. Mile upon mile of stalled piles of rust and burnt plastic are all that remain of the automobiles that once plied the highways into mighty New York.

Every asphalted roadway was nothing more than blackened and charred dust and crumbling clumps of man made additives. Concrete had long since crumbled and broken apart in the areas we moved across. In our wake there was nothing but ruin, destruction and desolation.

Mortar is a frangible matrix that when acted upon with diligence loses its ability to hold. We have attacked this with great vengeance. Brick, concrete and stone block buildings have fallen quickly. Factories, housing, commerce have ceased.

Ferrous metals, iron, steel and all their composites were far to easy, simple changes in molecular chemistry denuded even the most hardened of armors. The ceramics that modern civilization relied upon and its glass fiber/carbon fiber composites have proved unconquerable for us, yet it matters not as metals are part of every weapon system. War making has been rendered impossible.

We take no prisoners, it is not in our nature. Westerners have foolishly attempted to deal with us as they have dealt with each other. Their attempts would be humorous were they not so pathetic. After we unleashed devastating plagues, sickness unimagined only then did the westerners wanted to compromise.

As every building, both large and small crumble, we advance. Wood based structures were our staring points. For thousands of years western man relied upon frame and stucco- no more. Small piles of dust have long since blown to the nether places where once stood row upon row of framed house and small store.

Our attacks upon the Europeans finished during the last moon phase and all Europe was under our sway. The once mighty European Union degenerated into open warfare as those states moved recklessly about attempting to strengthen their positions with their fast disappearing weaponry.

Western man's food supply has vanished. From destruction of his cities to starvation and disease he has died by untold numbers. He thought genetic engineering would be his salvation- thanks to him he created strains of life nature could not control.

Asia will be next. Asia will be the most difficult because of the space and archaic building materials- so much stone. The food supply of fish and rice will be another difficulty.

We will prevail.

(more will be added)

[edit on 20/8/2004 by PublicGadfly]

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