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Olympic Games-Judged Competitions

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posted on Aug, 20 2004 @ 12:00 PM
Ok, I don't know if this should be posted here. Hopefully nobody minds. I just want people to give opinions on judged competitions in the olympics.

I have mixed feelings on the issue, here is why. I think the Olympics should be held to a very high standard. We are talking about world champions. That is a big deal. Sports that have definite winners leave little debate over issues. Take sprinting or other similar track and feild events. The best time during the championship race wins. Person scoring the most in basketball wins. You through the iron ball the farthest??? You win the shot put.

Now, we also have judged events. Diving for instance, or the winters figure skating. (Most of you probably know all the problems that occured in figure skating last time around). When you judge competitions, there is no "absolute" winner. It is based in opinion. Opinion that can be tainted by money. I personally dont think it holds as much validity to win this type of competion (at least on the olympic level). I'm not saying that these people are not awesome athletes, just that the competition scoring system can be corrupted.

At first glance, that is my opinion. That is until I think hard. Gymnastics! After track and field, that is the first thing most people think of when it comes to the olympics. Those men and women may be the best athletes in the world (open to debate). It is a staple game of the olympics, and it is judged. Throw that monkey wrench into the gears and I have to rethink everything.

Does anyone else have any opinions?

posted on Aug, 20 2004 @ 12:51 PM
I agree that there is many problems with the judging formats... Take boxing for example.

Olympic Boxing is not really boxing, its more like sparing. The winner is the one that visually throws more quality punches most of the time... you would expect, cause they are not really going for KO's.

Well in the match with the Russian and the French man heavy weights lastnight the one who threw less punches, and obviosly had less power was the winner (French Man). If you were to ask me, and the comentator on TV, the Russian won by a long shot with his more constant power shots, agressive fight, and more power. But the judges just were not giveing him the points. Instead they were giving the French Man points for jabs and counter slaps/rabbit punches to the Russians gaurd blocking (hands and arms).

Judging has to go! Make them fight till they fall down of at least go 12 rounds without headgears and then judge it. You will have a better understanding of who is more powerfull and a better boxer, instead of olympic sparing as it is now.

Edit 1
Iam watching the Can. vs. Kor. fight right now... I think that the Kor. is wining, but not by DOUBLE THE POINTS. I mean come on, really. How can he not be scoreing some of those right hands and the shear number of more punchs that the Can. has thown..... there is no way that any person watching on TV would say that the Kor. won by 28-16.

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