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New Data Supports Previous Fairewinds Analysis, as Contamination Spreads in Japan and Worldwide

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posted on Aug, 23 2011 @ 11:22 AM

Newly released neutron data from three University of California San Diego scientists confirms Fairewinds' April analysis that the nuclear core at Fukushima Daiichi turned on and off after TEPCO claimed its reactors had been shutdown. This periodic nuclear chain reaction (inadvertent criticality) continued to contaminate the surrounding environment and upper atmosphere with large doses of radioactivity.

In a second area of concern, Fairewinds disagrees the NRC's latest report claiming that all Fukushima spent fuel pools had no problems following the earthquake. In a new revelation, the NRC claims that the plutonium found more than 1 mile offsite actually came from inside the nuclear reactors. If such a statement were true, it indicates that the nuclear power plant containments failed and were breached with debris landing far from the power plants themselves. Such a failure of the containment system certainly necessitates a complete review of all US reactor containment design and industry assurances that containments will hold in radioactivity in the event of a nuclear accident. The evidence Fairewinds reviewed to date continues to support its April analysis that the detonation in the Unit 3 Spent Fuel pool was the cause of plutonium found off site.

Third, the burning of radioactive materials (building materials, trees, lawn grass, rice straw) by the Japanese government will cause radioactive Cesium to spread even further into areas within Japan that have been previously clean, and across the Pacific Ocean to North America.

And finally, the Japanese government has yet to grasp the severity of the contamination within Japan, and therefore has not developed a coherent plan mitigate the accident and remediate the environment. Without a cohesive plan to deal with this ongoing problem of large scale radioactive contamination, the radioactivity will continue to spread throughout Japan and around the globe further exacerbating the problem and raising costs astronomically.



Easily the biggest crisis currently ignored by most of the planet!

How dumb can we be????

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posted on Aug, 23 2011 @ 11:31 AM
reply to post by loam

This just grow worse and worse every day, very scary that it could be leaking.

Unless they do something and soon it could affect us all.

I Doubt it will be very intense radiation when you get a few thousand miles away from the meltdown. When Chernobyl collapsed there was higher radiation levels in Sweden and Norway, but i never heard about more mutations in those regions.

But They encapsulated the Chernobyl reactor core with reinforced concret that didn't leak until this day (as far as i know of). Seams like there's no will to stop Fukushima, which is a Inigma to me.

Some of the news reporters and people inside the governments must have children too. Those living "close" to the disaster area is in a big risk of cancer and other nasty mutations, do they all have a deathwish...or dont they know what's happening?
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posted on Aug, 23 2011 @ 11:33 AM
More on the burning of radioactive material:

#Radiation in Japan: Practically Any Radioactive Debris Will Be Burned and Buried

On August 10, the Ministry of the Environment made public the base plan for the ashes from burning the debris and sludge that contain radioactive materials from the Fukushima I Nuclear Power Plant accident. The plan would technically allow all the ashes to be buried.

The plan was given on the same day to the ministry's committee of experts to evaluate the safety of disaster debris disposal, and the ministry hopes to finalize the plan before the end of August.

In June, the ministry announced that the ashes that test up to 8,000 becquerels/kg of radioactive cesium can be buried in the final disposal facilities. It called for the temporary storage of the ashes that exceed 8,000 becquerels/kg but didn't specify the final disposal procedure. In the base plan announced on August 10, to bury the ashes whose radioactive cesium exceeds 8,000 becquerels/kg, some measures need to be taken to prevent radioactive cesium from making contact with ground water, or to process the runoff appropriately. For the ashes that measure 8,000 to 100,000 becquerels/kg, the plan calls for: 1) processing facilities with roofs; 2) durable containers; 3) mixing the ashes with cement to solidify.

The whole plan is moot, because, on the side, the ministry has already told municipalities that they can "mix and match" - burn radioactive debris and sludge with non-radioactive debris and sludge to lower the radiation below whatever the limit the ministry sets, which has been 8,000 becquerels/kg and now 100,000 becquerels/kg if the plan gets an approval from the expert committee. The ministry set the limit for Fukushima Prefecture, then notified other prefectures to "refer to the Ministry's instruction to Fukushima Prefecture and notify the municipalities accordingly".

The Ministry of the Environment, which is likely to be selected as the new regulatory authority over the nuclear industry in Japan, is not very known for timely disclosure of information online. This base plan, if it is announced on their site, is buried so well that I can't find it. The latest information on the earthquake/tsunami disaster debris is dated July 28, which specified the "temporary" storage of the ashes that exceed 8,000 becquerels/kg of radioactive cesium.

It looks like the ministry is simply making this "temporary" storage into permanent.


Note they are disputing what to do with the radioactive ashes that remain.... Apparently, much burning has already been happening.

I didn't know this:

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posted on Aug, 23 2011 @ 11:45 AM
Deepwater dejavu´! this policy of silence ,disinfo and outright lies when a serious disaster strikes is becoming a very obvious pattern. For the last yrs every major disaster has been a media controlled event. This is following the same pattern. The gulf is still spewing oil from the ruined sea floor and it IS slowly dying off but the news is a conspicuous black hole about it.
Fukushima, we all watched a reactor blow the hell up and they want to sell that the material is not that big a deal.That the radioisotopes we have been breathing and eating since this happened are not that bad.And the one that affects me personally,that the ocean is protection from the radiation here in the PNW. I know it is all BS and we, along with Japan bear the brunt of the contamination as it follows the jet stream onto our shore.
The gulf was full of gloom and doom ¨we´re all gonna die¨ posts, well yep there are folks dying from it right now but mostly in silence. I do not think when the full effects of this are felt silence will still be an option.

posted on Aug, 23 2011 @ 11:49 AM
reply to post by mustard seed

Originally posted by mustard seed
Deepwater dejavu´! ...policy of silence ,disinfo and outright lies...


I do not think when the full effects of this are felt silence will still be an option.


But another obvious point is that even when people know, little is done to demand accountability.

I mostly believe that such silence is possible because the populous permits it.

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posted on Aug, 23 2011 @ 05:44 PM
reply to post by loam

One of the things he talks about in this video at the beginning is the smell of Sulphur in California. In the last 2 weeks of March and all of April 2011 I could smell sulphur in the air on 4 or 5 different occasions. I had no clue what was causing it or where it was coming from, until I saw this video.
I was in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

posted on Aug, 23 2011 @ 07:35 PM
Hello all. Arnie's great but he did say that #3 SFP blew. The NRC is now saying it was the reactor (NOT the SFP) due to the evidence around the site. In this most recent video Arnie is admitting that he thinks the NRC is wrong and stands by his original analysis that the SFP blew, but if he is wrong the situation is actually far more serious. The title of your thread is actually misleading in that regard. The new evidence actually points to Arnie being wrong, but we all hope that in the long run the evidence points to him being right

(and of course, they've known all along, they're just not wanting to publically admit it)
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posted on Aug, 23 2011 @ 09:14 PM
reply to post by loam

I agree that this video is one of Arnie Gundersen's most significant yet on the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster. His use in this video of the phrase "radioactive rivers" in Japan certainly got my attention. My family and I are looking at possibilities for setting up a greenhouse for growing some food crops, clearing away the surface ground inside the greenhouse, of course, so that we can plant crops in a cleaner environment than pre-F.

Here the latest news entries on Fukushima Daiichi that I have posted to Cybermacro. Scroll up the page to see earlier entries:

And here is my thread to start some brainstorming here on ATS in the Food and Cooking forum about radio-protective foods:

posted on Aug, 23 2011 @ 09:16 PM
reply to post by Uphill

It has gotten to the point where when I see a new video of his, I'm almost afraid to hear what it will reveal.

However, the guy is a real hero and a true champion of informing the public.

He deserves a medal.
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posted on Aug, 25 2011 @ 10:14 AM
reply to post by loam

On the Fukushima-caused radioactive contamination issues, I have 3 other concerns:

1. Until, as Arnie says, the Japanese government "admits it has a problem" with the environmental contamination in Northeast Japan (extending as far north as some parts of Hokkaido, according to some radiation maps I've seen), it will not accept the need to invest in a now enormously expensive containment barrier around, under, and above the Fukushima Daiichi (FD) site. Only when that containment barrier is seriously attempted will the Japanese government get a handle on environmental contamination. Without the building of that barrier, all other remediation efforts will fail.

2. I am attempting to get a Letter to the Editor published at Wired magazine on the uncertainty of cold shutdown at FD. Michio Kaku, PhD, when he last touched on that topic 4 months ago, said only that FD cold shutdown is targeted for 2012. The TEPCO "roadmap" speaks glibly of many things, including cold shutdown by January 2012. My point is that January 2012 is not a given, and neither is "2012." The best estimate of local experts in Japan (from Tokyo University) for FD cold shutdown is "less than 2 years." ...."Less than 2 years" is a vision of horror for global airborne radiation, especially when combined with the wanton burning of contaminated materials in Japan. The "less than 2 years" forecast is why I recommend that people stock up with a 2-year supply of foods whose shelf life is that long (your basic grains; drink-making materials (be they tea, coffee, whatever); fats or oils you need for cooking (fats are solid at room temp, oils are liquid at room temp); canned foods (especially those from Eden Foods, the only manufacturer I know of that uses natural materials as can liners instead of plastic); aseptic packages of whatever food staples you are used to; condiments such as soy sauce or other sauce-making essentials, and don't forget a new set of spices, since whatever you have on hand will not have a 2-year shelf life. For other details see my thread on radio-protective foods in the ATS Food and Cooking forum. This advice is for all readers, since FD airborne radiation is everywhere; true, there's less in the Southern Hemisphere, but it's there, too. Remember the advice of the physician epidemiologist Steven Wing, MD, MPH, who told Arnie in an earlier Fairewinds video about FD that distance decreases the concentration of radioactivity but not the total number of cancers.

3. Examples of "thintelligence" (as the late great Michael Crichton called it), where the problem-solving focus is too narrow, and you don't take into account the consequences of your actions, will continue until the global nuclear power industry is forced to pay for the damages that result from their lack of planning. Successful political movements have prevailed on lesser causes than this. Time will tell.
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posted on Aug, 25 2011 @ 10:22 AM

Originally posted by Mimir

But They encapsulated the Chernobyl reactor core with reinforced concret that didn't leak until this day (as far as i know of). Seams like there's no will to stop Fukushima, which is a Inigma to me.

The Sarcophagus of Tschernobyl has Holes so big that different kinds
of Birds breeding inside!
(watch the Documentary about it!)

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reply to post by loam

Until now they buried a lot and in many private areas like Houses we can see a big Stockpile
of Sacks full of removed Soil!

Japan has had sadly no real idea about what to do with all this Stuff
since the beginning of the Nuclear Age.

Japan faces costly, unprecedented radiation cleanup

Tokyo has been slow to provide a plan for rehabilitation, leading some residents near the plant exposed to high levels of radioactive cesium in homes and food, have started their own cleanup instead of waiting for the government to act. "I was worried about the radiation exposure impact on children and felt that I had to do something to reduce the radiation levels," said Hideaki Takita, a 37-year-old resident of Koriyama city, about 60 km west of the plant, who has been cleaning houses.

Takita and other volunteers use their weekends to scrape off layers of dirt in yards, wash walls and windows and bury or store the radioactive waste in the corners of properties in an effort to reduce radiation levels in the air. "We are trying to bring the levels down for families who want to but can't evacuate, since they might feel slightly better," he said.

"Fukushima is mountainous and such large-scale and highly concentrated contamination has not taken place on earth before in an area like this. How things will go is unpredictable."

The area in need of cleanup could be 1,000 to 4,000 square km, about 0.3 to 1 percent of Japan's total land area, and cost several trillion to more than 10 trillion yen ($130 billion), double what it took to build six nuclear reactors at Fukushima Daiichi plant, some experts say.

The government has banned people from entering an area in a 20 km radius surrounding the crippled plant and some 80,000 people have evacuated. Residents are calling on Tokyo Electric Power Co, the plant operator, to clean up the area, but the firm is still struggling to bring the reactors under control.

Another major headache is where to store the radioactive waste like dirt and water generated from cleanup work.


I hope you all will learn what a Nuclear Accident will mean to your Homecountry,
we all need to stand Hand in Hand to finish this unholy way to boil Water!
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posted on Aug, 27 2011 @ 01:46 PM

The above is the link to Arnie Gundersen's latest 5- minute video, from Friday, August 26, 2011, where he discusses confirming evidence from TEPCO about the damage to spent fuel pools at Fukushima Daiichi reactors 1, 2, and 3. That video also has an embedded high-resolution photo of reactor 3.

That evidence (levels of 2 different radionuclides (cesium-134 and cesium-137) at each of the damaged reactors) was released on August 19 and 20, 2011. I wonder if that information was ordered released by outgoing Japanese Prime Minister Naoto Kan?
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posted on Aug, 27 2011 @ 02:16 PM
reply to post by Mimir

Chernobyl is still a critical hazard. Geiger counters still go haywire within 20km of it. A nuclear scientist in Ukraine says that even to this day, robots are still ineffective due to the radiation. The concrete they buried Chernobyl in is beginning to crumble from being decades old and the constant irridation of the area. There is still a huge dead zone around it, and it is fenced up to keep people out. Although there are trees and plants there, they are all still highly radioactive. Here's a vid to bring things up to current.

posted on Aug, 27 2011 @ 02:30 PM
Deepwater is still leaking and this disaster is like others that will happen in the future, I wonder how many disasters for profit we can endure? Its like a slow motion train wreck. What kind of idiots build a thing like a nuclear power plant right on a coast that is prone to earthquakes and tsunamis?

posted on Aug, 27 2011 @ 02:42 PM
reply to post by Human0815

They reported that the sarcophagus in Chernobyl has holes bigger that 6m in it. It is riddled with holes all over and they are worried about the dust becoming airborne and blowing around.

Life around Chernobyl is doing just fine, there was documentary where they went and studied them, but Chernobyl is not a dead zone.


posted on Aug, 27 2011 @ 04:08 PM

Adds that fuel pools are far more damaged than authorities are admitting.

posted on Aug, 27 2011 @ 08:16 PM
reply to post by Wertwog

I said from day 1 in the big thread that #3 was a linear, directed explosion that was most likely caused by the core breaching the RPV and hitting the water in the primary containment, flashing over and making the RPV lid go away at high velocity

Actually this is one of the times I really wish I had been utterly incorrect.

posted on Aug, 28 2011 @ 01:52 PM

Originally posted by SFA437
reply to post by Wertwog

I said from day 1 in the big thread that #3 was a linear, directed explosion that was most likely caused by the core breaching the RPV and hitting the water in the primary containment, flashing over and making the RPV lid go away at high velocity

Actually this is one of the times I really wish I had been utterly incorrect.

And I still think you and TRN & Silver were correct. We've had a lot more analysis on the monster thread since then, your expertise in photographic blast analysis is sorely missed

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