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Our future

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posted on Aug, 23 2011 @ 05:57 AM
Not really sure where this would be most suited to posting, mods please move if you feel its in the wrong forum.

I believe in conspiracy theory’s, I believe that the world is basically run to benefit those who run. I believe that we have been kept docile and compliant by religion and the trapping of modern life. I believe that in reality we are all just nameless bits in a huge machine keeping the blood of capitalism flowing.

I also know that the world could be such a better place but I feel we have passed up on our opportunity to address this and have now resigned myself to a rather bleak depressing and hopeless future.

So the reason for bringing you this cheerful post is just to see if anybody feels similar? Am I wrong to feel beyond hope, what positives can we look when thinking about the future of humanity?

Am I wrong to think that:

1) The economy is truly screwed and the prospects for a lot of people are bleak and retirement will become a word to vanish from the dictionary.
2) War will continue mainly on the basis of profit and to try and shape the world for the benefit of those in power.
3) We are overpopulated and it seems we are struggling to feed the planet, clearly we can feed everyone but money and power means that lots of people starve. I only see this problem getting much worse .
4) Whole generations priced out of homeowner ship and unable to afford insane rents: Granted this may be a problem in the UK more than anywhere else but it’s a huge social problem that again is not going to be addressed simple cause government does not want to change the status quo.

This brings me to aliens.

I feel that life clearly exists elsewhere in the universe. I’m not prepared to say that aliens are visiting earth and I feel that the current state of ufolgy is awful but it seems obvious we are not alone in the universe. So assuming aliens have visited us or that they can monitor us remotely what must they think of our society?

Maybe they are similar and its just a universal law for beings to be greedy selfish and violent. But what if they are not, what if they think we are such a threat to our planet and all the other species that live on it and possibly themselves one day?

Do you think its possible that one day we might wipe out a race of aliens simply because we fear them? I feel we will almost certainly do this especially if it benefited us (well some people) a lot. For this reason I would think that one day without warning aliens might show up to exterminate us.

On the other hand maybe I’m just a depressed loner speaking crap on the internet. Maybe just maybe aliens might see all the good we do and come and help us but personally I see our negative acts far out weighing our positive acts.

In short maybe our leaders will doom us all to destruction in their quest for endless profits and stomping humanity into the gutter.

NB this is just a self serving rant on my part, feel free to try and change my mind or agree.

Thanks for reading and sorry for wasting your time.

posted on Aug, 23 2011 @ 06:34 AM
The points you listed can arguably be the reason why we can say we live in a nihilistic time period. But as with most other things, it will eventually pass. The world isn't meant to be in a perpetual state of despair, as some may feel it is at this point in time.

As for the aliens visiting us, it's not happening from what I can tell. But in the case of intergalactic travellers, they must surely have overcome some sort of critical stage in their technological and social development, much like ours. With that, I mean in relation to the kardashev scale, which you can read about here.

posted on Aug, 23 2011 @ 07:12 AM
Thanks that made for interesting reading. Basically from what I can gather humanity is now stuck in a rut whilst awaiting the next big break that will allow us to make a jump up the scale.

We need more investment in science in my opinion.


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