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DARPA + Paranormal Studies = ?

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posted on Aug, 22 2011 @ 02:22 PM
I've started this thread purely for speculatory discussion, to be clear.

If you, like myself, believe in the existence of paranormal phenomena this could get interesting.

A couple assumptions for us paranormal believers off the bat-

1. It is widely believed that paranormal "ghosts" or entities require a certain type of energy to manifest themselves, be it electrical or even the presence of certain types of people (aka psychics, mediums, etc).

2. It is also widely believed that a certain percentage of these entities are "intelligent". As in aware. And do not fall into the more expansive category of "residual" hauntings.

3. These "intelligent" entities have the ability to travel through solid objects and are not governed by the laws of physics as we know them. The exact distances these entities can travel are widely debated. Most intelligent hauntings are isolated to a specific place. A lesser extent have been know to follow actual objects. Others have been known to follow people, which broaches the subject of parapsychology which is a whole other discussion entirely.

4. Most of the intelligent entities are not happy, warm spirits. They are troubled, conflicted, or even evil spirits that are in this state of flux for some underlying reason. Be it fear, anger, unresolved issues with loved ones, etc.

Now....taking these above 4 statements into consideration....does it stand to reason that these "intelligent spirits" have something to gain from us? That we could have something to offer them in terms of assistance or closure to help them move on?

Is it also safe to say that there are certain....things they could offer us in return. Things that no human being has the capability of doing?

What I'm getting at here, it's always frustrated me immensely when I watch Ghost Hunters or GHI, or any other paranormal show, and the range of the conversation is "Do you want us to leave?" or "Are you here now?"

If you're getting back answers, be it obvious blips on the EMF detector in direct response to questions, or on tape playbacks, why stop at asking "Are you here"?????!

Why not go back, repeatedly, and develop a, well, relationship with this entity. Why not have a controlled study and show up at the same spot every night and ask different questions?? Provide a source of power...some sort of high energy electrical discharge or energy field, hell, even one of those electro-static globes you used to play with in the science store.....something to maintain an open means of communication. A simple "Yes" and "No" button could yield a trove of information over the course of a couple weeks.

"Can you travel a mile from here?" - "Can you travel through time?" - "Are you aware of a higher being in your current state?" - "Can you come with us?" - think of the possibilities if you're getting consistent'd have in your hands an invisible spy that can go through, well, anything!

For all the crazy, off-the-wall things DARPA/CIA has explored over the years (remote viewing, hypnosis, etc) one would think they HAVE to have explored this avenue. Maybe it was a dead end. Who knows. They certainly wouldnt be the first secret government organization to explore the paranormal.

Given the relative inexpensive budget this would take to investigate (versus 100 million for an F-22) what are your thoughts on this concept in terms of whether or not it's has/currently is been explored by our government?

posted on Aug, 22 2011 @ 02:30 PM
maybe they find something with the hadron collider, with this "god particle".

posted on Aug, 22 2011 @ 02:31 PM
given darpa is batsh!t crazy i'm sure its been tried but i'd imagine it was so unreliable that there was no tactical advantage in talking to some entity who is trapped in the 17th century

posted on Aug, 22 2011 @ 02:51 PM
Good point, but I'm not thinking 17th century, I'm thinking more recent, like in the past 50, 70 years. An intellect that would know what a plane is, know what a tape recorder is.

If they can respond to certain questions, it tells me they are "there" in terms of their mental capacity. If they are "there", then they can reason, they can think logically. Would there not be a small percentage of these people that would desperately want to maintain so means of communication with the outside world? Or want assistance to get out of the purgatory state they are in now? Do years of isolation on an entity have the same effect they would on a person, in terms of mental stability?

When you start thinking about the implications of the actual existence of "ghosts", its the fine details that are the most intriguing in my opinion.

posted on Aug, 22 2011 @ 11:00 PM
You should look into Wickin (Sp), more widely known as witchcraft, they deal with spirits on a higher level, You just got to remember, you have to check out every belief before you discredit their beliefs.

posted on Aug, 23 2011 @ 01:10 AM
How did you come to conclusion 4? Your other conclusions I can get behind, and seem logical as a fellow (armchair) paranomal investigator. But the last one just doesn't resound with me. Why are 'most' of them malevolent? 'Some', sure, but why most?

posted on Aug, 23 2011 @ 08:41 AM
Hey Stev,

Most of the cases I've read about, and watched on the slew of paranormal shows, seem to revolve or focus on a particularly mean/evil spirit, or a person that lost their life in a tragic accident or brutal murder. The theory being, these spirits have so much anger or anxiety about unfinished affairs they are not ready to "move on" to the next phase of this crazy thing we call life. The nice 80 year old lady down the street that used to bake you cookies that passed away in her sleep, well, not so much.

Additionally, while they are in this state of purgatory - which ignor the first 3 dimenions, there's no reason to believe why the 4th dimension, time, would be followed. This would explain some of the more classic, older hauntings typically observed in Europe and other older parts of the world where the spirit's primary language is Latin.
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posted on Aug, 23 2011 @ 09:39 AM
This isn't exactly DARPA.....or is it?

I found this to be food for thought...I'm still thinking

In a message dated August 9th 1945, Djwal Kuhl, an emissary of this Lodge, declared to his medium Alice Bailey, that the explosion of the A bomb was “the greatest spiritual event which has taken place since the human kingdom appeared” and that this explosion ushered “the inauguration of the Kingdom of God on Earth." (A. Bailey, Externalization of the Hierarchy, Lucis Publishing Company)

I BELIEVE this part (below) about the third world war being a war on consciousness!

The third World War will not only be a war between nations: it will be a war against all those among the civilian population who could still oppose – even in thought – the World Order plan. It is a subtle and magical war against consciousness, which will not necessarily require the use of conventional weapons. It is in this idea of a war against consciousness that one should seek the second objective of the Fukushima operation: the irradiation, weak but still real, of the entire planet. In fact, we know that after being spread in America, the radioactive cloud is now progressing towards Europe, and will then proceed towards Asia. However, radioactivity not only has adverse effects on health but also, and especially, on consciousness. As we have shown on other publications, radioactivity promotes the manifestation of entities called Asuras by the esoteric tradition. Coming from the invisible layers located under the surface of the Earth, these entities represent a serious hazard for the soul. On the other hand, as described by Rudolf Steiner, they are very useful to the development of black technologies. This is why the proponents of the world order automatically support radioactivity, increasing the number of nuclear plants and so-called experimental explosions. Since 1945, 2,053 atomic explosions have illuminated the sky. According to one of our sources, radioactive substances have even been placed in the concrete of European highways. Since the beginning of 2011, the consciousness is therefore attacked by the increase of waves and by a pervading radioactivity to which the population will have to adapt. It is the destructive aspect of the Plan, as intended by Djwal Kuhl and the black magicians of the “White Lodge”

THIRD OBJECTIVE The Fukushima operation also comprises a “constructive aspect” – a third crucial objective in the implementation of the World Order. In fact, we now know that the radioactivity leads to the formation of certain noble gases that in turn allow invisible entities to materialise more easily before the eyes of the living. In his book, The Great Revolution, the initiate Jan Van Rijckenborgh maintains that: “In a near future, and under the influence of the noble gas B, the atmosphere of the material world will become somehow phosphorus. Such a situation has already been achieved artificially in some regions of the earth by scientists who have experimented with the atomic bomb. Those we call the spirits bound to the earth (...) will become visible to the physical eye”. Knowing the plans of the White Lodge, we may deduct that the irradiation of the planet is a preliminary step to the Blue Beam project, where we will see the manifestation of a “planetary saviour” – a kind of Antichrist who will unite all religions and nations into one single entity of divine right: the New World Order.


So, that's a possibility.
I hope I'm not too far off the DARPA concept.
If I am, please remove this comment, Mods!
(I'm starting a new thread with's never been posted on this website, it seems!)
I see it as related via technology and programs that hurt humans.
All the black technologies complement each other perfectly!

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posted on Aug, 23 2011 @ 01:38 PM
Interesting post, but I don't see the relationship, no offense.

In fact, what you're quoting from this medium from 1945 sounds like a carbon copy of the other lesser known sci-fi trilogy C.S. Lewis wrote in the 1930s and 40s, the Space Trilogy -

posted on Aug, 23 2011 @ 03:42 PM
I definitely don't see the relationship, except for the fact that I came back to this thread literally two threads after looking at the one that RainbeauBleu created about that info. And to top it off, the thread that I looked at in between actually has 'Synchronicity' in the thread title. Truly, truly bizarre - and I'm no stranger to synchronicities.

Back on topic, I think to make assumption 4 based on the logic you've given above you also need an assumption that these spirits/energy are the spirits/souls/metaphysical energy of people, or at least energy somehow tied to people, who once lived. I'm not sure I can make that assumption.

Perhaps some of them are, certainly there is evidence to support that, but if you allow that some of them are mischievous interdimensional intelligences (I think poltergeist hauntings fit this idea) who were not once human - then it's entirely possible that they would want to trick us in other ways. Of course, once you allow for the idea of invisible tricksters then it's hard to know what's what!

I've seen the EMF-based (sometimes EVP) question and answer sessions on some of these paranormal shows. Even despite the fact that they are no doubt edited for time, I don't see these methods of communication as suitable for any sort of scientific investigation. Because these energies appear to have intelligence, creating a repeatable experiment around them without their consent and active participation will never be possible - whether they are an invisible trickster or a past resident of this planet.

That said, I do think it's possible that DARPA is in communication with interdimensional intelligences - and I think it's entirely possible that there is some overlap between these intelligences and what we culturally think of as ghosts.

posted on Aug, 24 2011 @ 09:50 AM
Good points, Stev.

I am of the opinion, however, that poltergeists are more likely the result of the individual and some sort of uncontrolled, subconscious psychokinetic energy that they exert on their surroundings. Reason for this being, time and time again, when a particular individual is removed from the house that is experiencing poltergeist-like events, 99% of the time it stops. Also, poltergeists, for the most part, center around a specific age/sex in people. Girls, typically 6-14 years old. If it was some type of malignant spirit, I would expect a more diverse range of people.

That's the main problem with conducting a controlled experiment...but, if you look at human psychology experiments, you have the same problem - you need a willing participant. SO yes, this would have to center on one or several entities that would actively want to communicate. Also, in terms of energy, that's why I suggested some type of powerful pulse/semi-conductor that is maintained. Most of these shows, the camera batteries go dead, BOOM, something happens, then they walk out claiming something happened BUT DON'T GO BACK. It drives me nuts! Instead of trying to wrap up a whole investigation in one night, they should go back 7 nights a week to see if they can make demonstrable progress in terms of duplicating their results. Instead, they go "Yep, it's haunted!"

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