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Humming noise experiment..

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posted on Aug, 22 2011 @ 10:16 AM

I must be the only one on ATS that has not had the fortunate experience of hearing this humming noise coming from the sky/earth/or man made objects. Either this hum is too low for me to hear or I may be deaf (J/K). I feel sort of left out that I haven't heard this noise, so for my experiment this week, before my kids go to school, and before I get back into college, I will be sitting outside for one hour and see if I hear anything, that is not unusual. With no kids around me or dog, plus I really need that alone time.

I have to say I am outside most of the day, I take frequent walks, and I love being outdoors, but I really want to hear this sound. I will have my phone with me, and if I hear it I will try and capture the sound and you guys can determine if this is the same sound or if it's something different. Also your input is needed, I would like to know for the people who have heard it once or more then once when is the best time to hear this hum? What were you doing? Were you in a quiet neighborhood, out in the country, in a busy city, and so forth. Don't tell me what town you live in, but the state would be cool. I live in Maine, but not saying what town.

Hopefully I will pick up something..

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