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I don't understand the Iran Religious issue when it comes to the vote

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posted on Aug, 22 2011 @ 09:21 AM
First - Mods, I hope this is in the right forum, if not, please move. (It was a tough call...)

Okay, a little background here. My former father-in-law and I are still very good friends. He is a devout Christian pastor who talks the talk AND walks the walk. I respect him deeply. I, on the other hand am, shall we say "between religions." and leave it at that.

I am a staunch Ron Paul supporter while my former father-in-law hasn't decided who he is voting for, but Ron Paul isn't him. (He is in the Perry/Cain camp at the moment) His sole reason, or should I say "soul reason" that he won't vote for Ron Paul is he believes that Ron Paul is ignorant when it comes to the Iran issue. Here is a quote from our conversation:

"Ron Paul, though I like many of his positions. His stance on Israel,and Iran just shows how naive he really is."

Now, this IS NOT an attack on religion, This IS NOT a post about Ron Paul. I am here seeking some insight and opinions on why this is important to Christians and un-important to everyone else. Biblically speaking, Isn't Israel supposed to be attacked by Gog (Russia)? So how does it equate?

Also, I can't understand why someone would base their vote off of one (1) issue. It's like ignoring the rest of them for no purpose.

I don't want to hear biblical quotes, I know them. I need someone to explain to me how this affects the U.S. and the world politically.

And yes, I'm doing more research online right now.
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