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How is it that Muslims move into a foreign country en masse, demand rights, and receive them, when C

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posted on Sep, 1 2011 @ 10:01 PM
I don't think the majority of westerners believe that all Muslims are the enemy, or that all of them are potential terrorists, or anything like that. But I do think that, where many westerners start to lose patience, is when there seems to be some what of a blind eye mentality with a good portion of Muslims, when it comes to the things that the extremists do.

If an extremist group from America started going around blowing people up for some nutty cause, you can bet that the US would do everything we could to stop those people. They would be hunted down by the federal justice system, and if necessary, the military. There would be a collective feeling of shame from the public. However... That is often not the feeling you get from predominantly Islamic countries. People in those countries will many times say... 'Well, we condemn extremists'. But actions speak louder than words... When it comes right down to it, they may not be participating in it, but they aren't exactly knocking themselves out to stop it either. When all is said and done, the overall attitude is kind of... 'Well, what do you want us to do about it?' Or they blame us for the terrorists, because we fight them. Well, if those countries took care of business, we wouldn't have to go do it ourselves in the first place.

If a nutty group of people from the US were going into Canada and blowing innocent people up... how long do you think the Canadian people would put up with the US just shrugging it's shoulders and doing nothing, before they did something about it themselves? A country's government has a responsibility to it's people, and that means doing whatever it takes to protect them. And if somebody else won't take care of the problem, then the responsibility falls to them

posted on Sep, 1 2011 @ 10:48 PM
reply to post by dpd11

That's all true - but you need to also remember that the moslem extrmists can point to the koran nd justify their actinos, leterally, as in support of the word of god.

I think "we western liberals" (even GOP voters) simply do not appreciate the influence that the extremists can exert by telling "moderate moslems" that it is hte extremists that are acting in accordance with the literal truth of the koran - and that those who chose to interpret the koran in "liberal terms" are distortign het word of god!

Remember, the koran is:
1/ the word of god
2/ written in the perfect language (Arabic)
3/ written by god's last prophet - no-one is entitled to rewrite it.

It's a circular justification - but if you are serious about being a moslem it is a very powerful one, and we in hte west get hung up on individuals and organisations like AQ and forget that there's a foundation to them that isn't being weakened at all.

posted on Sep, 2 2011 @ 12:59 AM

Originally posted by Aloysius the Gaul

No doubt, the core of the problem is a belief... A belief based on arrogance really. The arrogance to think that your version of god is somehow more righteous than all others. Which in turn makes YOU more righteous than others. Which is really what this is about. So righteous that it basically allows you to justify doing just about anything. This has been going on with one group or another ever since there were people. The only difference was, back then there weren't methods for a a handful of people to kill thousands or even millions. The mentality is nothing new... The technology mixed with that mentality is. And no country has people that feel more arrogant about their beliefs than the Saudis. Their religious arrogance eclipses all. And of course, they have the money. So you have people that are playing both sides of a very hypocritical game... 'Should I kill the people I despise, or continue to take their money that makes me rich'. And the very fact that they continue to take that money, is probably what helps to fuel the hatred in the first place. They not only hate us... They hate themselves for even associating with us. Then they take that money and hate, and use it to fund the teaching of more hatred around the world... Instilling it in people who will do their bidding for them. That hatred is taught to men who have very little to begin with, and then they focus that hatred on us.

So yes, the root of the problem will continue to exist. But how do you stop a belief? Read through a forum like this... Have you ever seen anybody with a strong belief in something be swayed a different way? Ever? You can't change what people believe.

What people don't understand is how Iraq falls into all this... Iraq pulled away some of the power from Saudi. It allows the west to be able to go to them and say... 'Hey, you know what... We don't need you quite as much as we did. Maybe you should think about your future, because maybe we won't be taking this crap you guys have been doing behind the scenes, quite so much anymore'.

As far as the actual people being used as that tool of hate... All you can do is punish the people who act it out. You basically have to punish them so much, that they have to choose... 'Do I want to continue acting on my hate... or do I want to continue to live?' And then you enforce that choice as systematically as possible... Which is what we are doing now. It's a ruthless and brutal thing, but it appears to be the only way.

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