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Idea:Use mass u2us during UFO sightings to collect data

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posted on Aug, 20 2004 @ 02:29 AM
While reading this thread:

about the Minneapolis UFO sighting last night I came up with an idea:

When a UFO event IS OCCURING (not just being reported on in the past tense) would it be possible for the mods to send out a mass email to all ATSers who have been on the site in the last few days or so? This U2U would simply state that a UFO event is going down AS THEY READ the message and that, if they live in the affected area, it would be great if they could go outside, look around, and maybe take some photos.

Yes... we have a 'recent posts' section on the board's main page... but sometimes people skip over subjects they're not interested in... or thread titles don't convey the entirety of what's going on. This past evening we had a situation where a UFO (that may have been a ballon) was spotted over Minneapolis for several hours. A thread appeared on ATS as the sighting was in the process of occuring... and many people read it. However... my guess is that a lot of people who aren't interested in the subject never even bothered to click on the thread to begin with.

We had two ATS members give first hand accounts of the sighting... however my guess is that there are more than two ATSers in that part of MN. If everyone had been alerted to what was being observed we might have had some extra reports.

Yes... I know that ATSNN is supposed to work in a similar way... but let's face it, everyone reads their u2us first when logging on. Sometimes it takes a while to get to the stories... and sometimes threads fall off the 'recent posts' list even if they have info that is about an ongoing event. That means that it can take a while for news of what is happening at any given time to filter down to even people who might be interested in the subject.

My guess is that there will be other situations where an ATS member reports to the board on something that is currently happening in the future. Wouldn't it be sensible to have a system where everyone is notified of an event they can document as it is happening?

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