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How Do You Understand Genesis (Creation of Adam & Eve)?

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posted on Aug, 22 2011 @ 02:50 PM

Originally posted by zarp3333
Everything was fantastic and the angels praised the creation of earth. When God decided to endow Man, with a soul, and the potential of immortality and the ability to truly create, that's when the angels lead by Lucifer decided to revolt and corrupt the humans they so hated.

Who better to put in charge of testing humans than the master geneticists? The angels were given a specific period to do their best to corrupt as many humans as possible. I believe that they are attempting to become immortal by creating hybrids as glorified soul containers.

I think this is an amazing way to interpret it! I had never thought of this possibly being a reason for Satan and the others to revolt. Very good thought. Thank you for sharing your point of view.

posted on Aug, 22 2011 @ 03:18 PM

And the LORD God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living soul.

In regards to the creation of man, the above is the entirety of what all opinion is based on.

The interpretations that insanely claim Man was created a few thousand years ago along with the Earth are somehow gleaned from this. I see no reason whatsoever that this is not a description of evolution as understood by science. I see science as a study of Gods Creation and more advanced science becomes the closer it gets to God.

Adam and Eves eating of the Fruit and expulsion from the Garden I see as metaphorical. They became aware of right and wrong and gained knowledge bringing them too close to seeing over the horizon too God, too soon.

The story of Cain, the good son and the bad son, I also see as metaphorical. A representation of what constitutes good and evil. The point at which man began the journey that separates us from the other animals.

At some point in our evolution a bridge was crossed where we became aware of right and wrong and developed the mental ability to control our instincts and emotions. A capacity to move beyond our survival instincts and an awareness of our mortality. I think it is that bridge that is referred too.
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posted on Aug, 22 2011 @ 03:20 PM

Originally posted by jhill76
All of mankind started in heaven. They did not interact like the angels did in heaven in the beginning. More so like a placeholder. When God in Genesis said be fruitful and multiply in number, he was talking to all of mankind at once in heaven, as Adam and Eve was not on the Earth yet.

Also, the Bible is not a history book, it does not tell everything specific thing that happened. Other people were put onto the Earth after Adam and Eve in close proximity but not too close. This is how you seen Adams son go off and have children.

....and you know this how?

posted on Aug, 22 2011 @ 03:49 PM
reply to post by SouthernRain55

Ha! I too am glad everyone is being "nice".....we need a good conversation without immaturity and ego in the way.

I have heard some who believe that Hell is currently empty and until God sends Satan after the final battle it will stay that way. I am truly enjoying how everyone is being so respectful of others beliefs and we can actually discuss it. I am so thankful everyone has been "nice" during this thread. lol

The reason why I "think" hell is not empty is because of my NDE research. It has lead me to believe all kinds of things I may not have considered had I not researched said topic in regards to Near Death Experiences. Hell is not empty as far as I am concerned and if when I die I somehow go down you can bet I will be calling on JESUS to get me out of the Hell Hole.

It is said to be here on Earth deep inside the crust where it smells of garbage and burnt flesh, demons, monsters, and darkness. No quench for your thirst and is very painful. I hope NONE of us end up there that is for sure. No matter what faith or non ends up being a destination one did not ask for nor thought was real. Which leads me to believe it does not matter what we believe to be true. God means what he says and we should take him seriously. I only say that because it took me researching for years before I ever realized the concept. I hope to save others time and frustration. In the end.....God is are evil. Be careful what you believe because if you think like I once did...."Oh there is no hell.....its just a darkness that separated you from big deal..." Think again my brothers and sisters. Although it may not be a permanent stay....they who have experienced such think it is. It is everlasting until the light is drawn in and they are taken up to the Heavenly realm.

Peace and love!!!!! xoxoxox


posted on Aug, 24 2011 @ 04:37 PM
This is my reply to a topic in another forum about creation and evolution.

 We humans have a way of mis-stating arguments so we end up even more confused. It can't prove anything but here is my take on the whole thing.

Common sense: Our recognition of God's Intelligent Design
Creation: The Mind of God impressed upon spiritual matter resulting on the beginnings of the universe.
Evolution: God's method/process for insuring constant growth and change. Began at moment of Creation.

First God creates and then evolution begins. What happens? The earliest and lightest elements such as hydrogen are the very first physical components. They are physical and therefore have gravity so they group together into nebulas and then stars which, when ignited by pressure, produce the heavier elements of which everything else is made. This is God's Intelligent Design in it's beginnings.

Much much later our sun and planets are formed by the same process. At a certain time biological life begins on earth in the simple forms which then immediately begin evolving. Animal life progresses to primitive man-line things that we find in fossil records. God's goal in this evolution is to provide the human souls an appropriate body so they can experience earth lives and thus have opportunity to be aware and to choose between right and wrong and so on. God watches as the earth readies itself. When primitive man develops the brain which is compatible with the needs of the human mind then it is time for humanity to begin on earth. This is where the story of Adam and Eve comes in. They were the first two REAL human beings. All others before them were proto types. Not quite human but close. They were intended to die out which they did. Cain went into the land of Nod to find a wife. This is why he was able to do that. He found himself an old type female and between the two began what would become man on earth. Now there were two lines of humanity on earth. The older that had been evolving and the newer which were of the older stock but which had a true human soul where the older did not. The older had animal souls, not human. The new line produced by Cain and his wife had the sudden higher mental capacity needed by true man and that is how it all began.

So my take is that Creation comes first followed by evolution. I have never heard science declaring that "life" is the result of mere evolution. They speculate and many scientists have private opinions but not enough is known to be sure. Thus we are wrong when we say that evolution opposes creation. The two go hand in hand. This is the truth of the matter. It is all in scripture but has to be properly understood. For one thing there are more than one stories of creation but not in KJV.

The role of science is to look backwards in time further and further and try to find the beginning of matter. They have come very close and call the moment of creation the Big Bang for want of a better name. The role of faith is to take up at this point and tell us the stories of existence before this time, the reason for it all and the eventual ending of the human story. See how beautifully they mesh? Science looks back then, at a certain point where science can see no further, faith takes over.

If we could only to manage to realize this imagine how we would suddenly find that, indeed, there is a God after all and that He did have an Intelligent design. Why do we persist in fighting about something which is supposed to be so uncomplicated and wonderful? The only reason I can find is the story of creation in Genesis. When the Christian mentions "creation" he really means the Genesis story. But why? When I mention "creation" I mean the moment of the big bang. So why do we not understand that Genesis is placed as it is so that we may have our first big challenge and division of thought to overcome? God intends that we use our minds that He gave us to unravel the mystery. It's like a homework assignment. So simple. Is Genesis wrong? No. All the correct elements are there. Look at it as though it were a puzzle to be assembled properly before the true meaning is revealed. Again training us to think and reconcile is another aspect of intelligent design.

Evolution does not, and never has, been defined as saying anything about the "source" of life but only of the methods of changes that life is subjected to. Darwin only theorized evolutionary change. He said nothing of ultimate source. Creation tells us the beginnings as they were. Simple primordial forms with great potential. So beautifully eloquent and perfect.

So you see? It is we who mix things up by including our own prejudices into the argument and making it much more difficult that it is supposed to be. Human beings can be most difficult and, at times, foolish. But God is patient.

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