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Unauthorized Photos From Inside Fukushima

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posted on Aug, 22 2011 @ 10:51 AM
Cracks opening in the ground and emityting radioactive steam are a good clue to where the core is now....
It has escaped containment probably a month or so ago by my estimates....
Tho i am no expert , the core mixed with the storage rods from the pool above the reactor, has melted through the concrete long ago.
(it has already been reported the fuel breached the containment vessel and was on the floor under the reactor a month or more ago)
This means the concrete floor was the last obstacle between the nuke fuel rods etc and the earth.
What is happening now i believe is this intensly hot ball of fuel is eating its way deeper into our mother the earth.
Into the water table, hence the steam and cracks in the ground.
It is not my bailiwick but i wonder sometimes if there is sufficient quantity of highly radiactive material to go critical and explode causing the mother of all earthquakes deep under Japan, and it all goes crashing into the sea like the Cayce prophecy predicts...(its just an aside, and not really of import)
There are three more such reactors, two within bowshot of this one, that are doing similar things. IMHO,...(breached containment.) The chancesof the nuclear materials uniting deep underground are low probably, but there,
Id like to know how the TEPCO people are going to deal with the whole thing.
The goverment should be able to force them to state a continuous plan as to the different stages of recovery here .....The whole shebang seems to lurch onward from one catastrophe to the next with no real progress being all that obvious.
What are the estimates of highly contaminated water they pumped in for cooling,and what percentage of that highly irradiated water has been let go back into the North Pacific ocean?
This whole water thing is being underplayed very big time, and it is of the utmost importance to all the pacific rim. Every nation that has detected higher levels of radio-active fallout,since this utter failure,has the right to demand these and many more answers.
Why is there not political pressure being put upon the Japanese goverment towards at least mopre transparency?
We here who live on the shores of the pacific, have a despertate need to know....
Instead of hushing this all up, we should be giving free geiger counters to coastal residents and lessons on how to read them.
Or at least there should be monitoring of the fish harvest of the species we catch off our coasts,,,,
Every boat should have at least one person checking their catch....
The resevoirs of the entire coast(indeed, the entire nation, are endangered by this ongoing assault)
Surely a radiation counter should be installed at the outlet of every major and minor water supply in the affected areas, which cover a very large portion of the populated earth for gods sake!
High density populations of the far east are particularly endangered, but the fallout has been demonstrated to be world wide in scope and there are no guarantees of safety anywhere......
Certainly the entire globe will sooner or later be affected adversly by this and other nuclear accidents and natural disasters.
There seems to be nobody with any common sense in control of any damn thing anymore!All around me i see the whole damn world being managed by totaly incompetant idiots who seem to invariably do nothing decisive or constructive.
The Law seems to ignore these huge endangerments and disatrous results of stupid engineering and utterly incomprehensible desicions....
Most of which only come to light after the disaster has occurred.
Nobody goes back, and asks why the engineers designed such a facility to be placed in such a dangerous area.
Or who the goverment" watch dog" was that was sleeping on duty when the whole thing was initiated in the first place.
There are no consequences for stupidity at that level, and there certainly should be !
There is a sinking feeling in my guts over this, and i have the impression that it is probably twenty times worse than the huge oil spill in the gulf, on a comparative scale to the damage to the pacific waters from the projected emission of radiation from the nuke plant into the ocean directly.
How hard is it to imagine the nuclear material getting into the pacific entirely?
The whole fukishima plant sits right at ocean level, right on the "beach" so to speak.....Who figured that one out in a tsunami zone?
Why havent they hung the guys who must have ramrodded this through the various envornmentaal agencies responsible for public safety.?
(And the gov boys who approved it for Tepco as well?)
This is a mass murder of extreme proportions taking place before our eyes in slow motion(it may take generations to die for Tepco`s bottom line....
There is a stench here that is so rotten, i hope the MSM will be unable to cover it up.
This whole thing exposes the way we are lied to and kept in the dark to the benefit of the ruling class elites.
There is no concern how many are going to die, be born deformed,or other gross sufferings.
There is not even any concern over the fate of the entire nation.
There is a deep seated trait, in Japanese culture(aisian culture actually) that is at the root of the downplaying and under reporting of the worst of the news, called "Saving Face"
The whole world cannot afford this cultural luxury any longer over this crucial disaster.
The whole truth, and the unvarnished FULL facts of the whole situation should be revealed to the scientists and public of the whole world, as we are all affected by this huge lurking danger, which we cannot see or hear or sense with any of our own senses.
Few hot particles need to be inhaled to beging the cancer process.
Radiation can be ingested onfood, or drunk in the water, as well as be in all kinds of other foods.
Their will be a spike in cancer cases the world over because of fukishima.
We have seen a spike in infant mortality already on the west coast.
What other perils do we face blindly?Rainwater?
Radioactive cabbage?
What percentage of the worlds food will be inedible because of this?
What is the next stage of melt down after containment breach. and escape into the ground?
Is there potential for a huge steam eruption or explosion if a water source of sufficient quantity is encountered?
how extensive is the ground cracking that is occurring around the Fuki plant right now?
How close to the water table is the core now?
remember we are talking driectly beside the sea?
There is a lot to answer for and nobody seems to be talking.

posted on Aug, 22 2011 @ 03:41 PM
reply to post by DieBravely

This is correct, the 'Loss of Face" is unbearable. They have had entire governments collapse from loss of face.


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