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Solipsism - With an amazing video that I'm sure you'd LOVE to see

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posted on Aug, 26 2011 @ 10:33 AM
reply to post by arpgme

"No man is an island."

At some point arpgme, you must have discovered that you can "always" say "illusion!", no matter what the argument! I'm not exactly sure how that can give anyone any genuine satisfaction, but good for you!

While all circular reasoning systems can keep their adherents in orbit forever, surely you see that there are some better approaches to getting to the bottom of whatever reality is.

Within your tight circle, of course science, our senses, are illusion, along with all the rest. But isn't there is still a "problem" with this notion?

Nothing seems to exist in a vacuum, our ideas all "source" somehow.

In the case of the physical structure called the brain, we find something that appears to point to something other than singularity.

Sure, we can hand-wave, and continue to repeat, "it's all illusion!", but the rational person might seriously wonder "why" such a counterintuitive physical structure was dreamed up anyway (not to mention "how" it could have been dreamed up).

Nature, illusion or not, provides "clues" about reality. Sort of like the video games so many immerse themselves into these days. You know it's not "real", and yet, the many aspects of the game that are enjoyed usually come from a team of designers / programmers, who have built that world. Perhaps if you were lucky, you might know one of these people, and it might be in the knowing of him / her that you find a greater understanding of the game you play.

Nothing seems to come from nothing. The reason we have something, could be because there was always something. Whatever that something may be, singular, or not, manifests.

I realize this may be getting a bit advanced for such a forum, but if you're with me so far, indulge me just a bit more.

The manifestation, whether dream, or not, has content that emerges not from "nothing", but rather, must speak from what it knows, and can hardly do anything else.

For example, your game designer may "imagine" a game with a million "colors". Never mind the fact that the players can only really see a handful of colors, but the concept of "color" emerged from somewhere, and could be further reduced to a "symbol" perhaps of realities that lay beneath the perception.

In this case, what we call "color" is the brain's interpretation of wavelength.

I know, I said "brain"...Resorting to semantics comforts many people of course, but it may be a false comfort. For example, you might choose the apparent "precision" of saying the "brain" is irrelevant in favor of the term "mind". That's all find and good! But I hope you can see that making such a distinction doesn't always help your case.

In this case, for all intents and purposes (which have to do with discovering the "true" nature of underlying reality), the "brain" would have to be a physical manifestation of what the "mind" what up to anyway.

So again, "why create" such a bizarre physical structure in the proposed solipsist world of illusion, and further, what is the "message" here?

Ah, let me help you, no worries, I'm pretty sure that I won't find this too much of a challenge.

The "message" for the poor solipsist is (sadly) always the same: The apparent "duality" that we encounter when examining the brain can only be yet another ingenious attempt by the "mind" to deceive itself into perhaps accepting the "false reality" of otherness.

OR, finding such a clue could also prove to be one of the small, almost invisible sign-posts that lead out of the quagmire.

There are others, one in particular mentioned in the OP video. What of our parents? Solipsist: The "mind" has really pulled a good one on Me now!

Actually, whether this is the case or not, we again encounter what could be a "message" of sorts.

In this case, two people came together, our parents, and as a result of their physical relationship, what we might call union in this particular example, we came to be.

A very specific "we" in fact, one exhibiting all the signs of a deep foundational imprint, that again points back to relationship.

Why might this be?

Ah yes. As it turns out, the honest solipsist suffers from a problem, and sort of a big one too. No, I'm not speaking of mental issues, this is strictly philosophical.

The solipsist is, by definition, ALONE.

Here is really where we notice some deception! Even in the video, the issue is light-heartedly side-stepped. In fact, is is rather typical of solipsist thinking to focus more on what we would simply call "boredom".

Hmmm. What is really the greater problem here for our imagined singularity? Is it boredom, or is it the fact that it finds itself alone?

I certainly wouldn't want to assume what "your" particular answer might be, but if it happens to include the latter, the problem of aloneness, then you will find yourself right back at the small sign that had been ignored for so many orbits: Relationship.

Another way to frame the concept of "aloneness" could be to say there is a lack of relationship.

Now, for extra credit, let's think about "how" such a lack could be "truly" remedied? Surely a small issue for such an imaginative being. Perhaps we could "imagine", imaginary friends! That's it!

Or is it?

Ah yes, I am a solipsist! By definition, I'm screwed in this department. There remains, after all my most imaginative efforts, one small thorny problem...At the end of the day...I am still alone...


posted on Aug, 27 2011 @ 03:16 AM
There is nothing wrong with being alone. You can be positive and see it as solitude, or be negative and see it as loneliness, that is a choice.

posted on Aug, 27 2011 @ 03:34 AM
If there is 'oneness' that means that you are alone.
It is your dream. You are the dreamer and the dream.

posted on Aug, 27 2011 @ 04:01 AM
reply to post by arpgme

If love of both self AND other is to be real, the game can still be satisfying, provided, there was always at least two, to begin with. Absolute oneness ie: solipsism, has never felt right or congruent to me, like it's attempting to defend against, the love of God. I smell fear in it's false sense of bravado and profound revelation.

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