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Feeling low , depressed or lacking motivation ? Try this simple experiment ....100% success

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posted on Aug, 22 2011 @ 01:10 AM
I worked as a mental health professional for many years and can say this about the OP idea... Visualization is one of many tools used in the treatment of many different mental afflictions and can be a valuable tool. It may not work for everyone, and often times it needs practice to be successful. Combining visualization with other treatments such as regular exercise, healthy expression and processing of emotions, healthy diet, etc. can greatly improve the success compared to only utilizing individual components singularly. I've found that guided meditation and visualization are often more successful in the long term until the individual is comfortable exploring the exercises alone. There really are more options than loading up on antidepressants and other drugs. Medication is a bandaid... It doesn't deal with the core issues behind the cause of the problem, unless the problem is strictly chemical and/or biological, and even in cases such as these there are alternative treatments that can be successful. While I think the OP idea needs to be fleshed out further, it's a good start! Thanks for putting this out there!

posted on Aug, 22 2011 @ 01:22 AM
I can say that shifting from a negative attitude has helped me somewhat. I have for the longest time always been a bigger boy, and because of this i was tormented from middle school until my senior year. Through these years i had several mental breakdowns, i did resort to inflicting pain upon myself, i dont recall doing it "For attention", I have been to a psychiatrist, she said i was "angry", and i had a damn right to be angry. I always thought negatively about myself, i was always concerned about what others thought of me, what they thing when i talk, when i walk by. It was horrendous on my mind.

There were good times of course, but the bad times tended to far outweigh the good times at that juncture in my life. I spent a lot of time in this routine.. Once i moved from one place to another at the end of 8th grade, i failed, so i had to retake the second half of the year. And i did, and guess who was there when i moved there? A bully from where i used to live. This made my heart hammer, i dont remember, in fear or what. But eventually i was just like "Screw it" and his words or actions no longer phased me, i just brushed him off. There are many stories of a time before this that i probably shouldn't get into, but i recognize these memories are who i am today, do i wish they never happened? Yes, i do. But not entirely for my sake. For other kids like me, no one deserves to be subjected to what i had to be subjected to.

Anyways, kinda off on a tangent there, my fingers and mind are working as one as we speak, its almost complete synchronicity on my part. Guess i have a piece to speak.

I started realizing the bullsh1t in the 11th grade, not only with the people around me, but the entire institution of public school. Complete BS. My final semester of my final year, i have failed several classes before this, and i am now 19 i do believe, or on the cusp of 19 anyways. English, my last class i had to do, the only class i had for the entire last semester. I get called to the office, and i am told that i am missing this class. It was called PAL, Physically active lifestyles. It was a half semester course.. But i recalled getting a passing grade on this, i remember so well because i was like "OH MY GOD I DONT HAVE TO RETAKE IT", i was excited i didnt have to go through that bs again. So here they are telling me, 19 year old, to go take a course with a bunch of 16 year olds. I could barely handle people my own age when i was that young. We all know highschool. I just snapped, and called it quits, gave everyone a giant middle finger and left highschool. Didnt graduate. Got a college degree though in something i actually enjoy. Without the BS

Now 23. I switched my attitude a long the way, i just stopped caring what people thought of me, what they said about me. And so when someone i know is depressed because of something like that, (like my little brothers), i simply tell them "Opinion is subjective, if people cannot accept who you are, then they are not worth your time", I lost all attachment to my material possesions when i finally realized that it was my personal relationships, love, that made me happy. Experiences, Laughs, Good times. Memories for the ages. My brother has a problem with material possesions. He wants things. And when he doesnt get them. He loses it. I have some things, do i care about them? No. If my 400 dollar phone breaks, do i care? Not in the least. My tv? Nope. Other than my computers, and TV, i have nothing else of much material value, mementos of times past. But if i must lose those too, then i must.

I told my mother, i refused to take medication, even if they tried to force me to take it, or if she ever tried to force me to take it. Wouldn't happen. I probably could have been on medication. But right on this day, i do have my depressed moments, and i do get angry. But not as much as i used to have. I used to freak. Now i am calm, i have endless patience (not endless, some things still get to me), I am caring of people, i help when i can. I love my girlfriend with all i have. I love my family and friends. I love nature, animals, everyone and everything. While i am not perfect, some things still do tick me off. Practice makes perfect. Just stand and think about it, perhaps when you walk by that homeless man, instead of blowing him by like so many others, you turn around and drop a toonie, or a five in that cup.

Drop the non-parishable items in your cupboards that have been sitting there for 3 months, the ones that never get eaten, at a food drive

Hold the door open for someone.
Let someone use your cell to make an important phonecall.
Say hello to a stranger, Ask how they're doing today. A smile and a welcome could save someones life.

Random, simple acts of kindness. Dont do it just to hear "thank you", do it because you know your helping someone regarldess of wether they do.

Simple things that are in our lives all along. Love your friends and family. Your spouse. Your children. Your pets. Live a simple lifestyle and done strive to be something that may provide a superficial sense of happiness.

I aim to live a simple lifestyle, im not concerned about how big my house is going to be, if im going to have a bmw or a mercedes. Will i have a 200" TV? Every game system? I robotic machine that will change my clothes FOR me?!

Sadly, thats the goal in some peoples minds. "I need to be better than everyone else, with my bmw, and my 10 room house"

Sorry for kinda going off there
i got in the mood i guess!
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posted on Aug, 22 2011 @ 02:55 AM
Honestly when I was in my last year of high school I was a fairly depressed person. The summer after graduation I was arrested and sentenced 1 year intense probation, an adult state ordered to be home by 6 pm. After that mess up I felt depressed a lot and I was having trouble caring about my classes at college and eventually stopped going. I was really sad not knowing why I was alive, or the purpose of life, or why I had to live in a world where we are ruled by the laws set forth by our fathers before us. Then I realized that I could have been born from parents in an impoverished nation that has to deal with famine, disease and marauding bandits/rapists every day. Compared to 3/4 of the worlds population I don't have anything to be sad about. I'm thankful to have even one second of consciousness with which to view the universe.

posted on Aug, 22 2011 @ 03:01 AM
Done it I am back stuck.

People still dying, suffering. Still a financial slave. Cant move anywhere without the use of the fixid system.

Hell I wish i was 80 again.

posted on Aug, 22 2011 @ 05:00 AM
That may work with some people who can easily place themselves into a situation and make them believe it.... But if they were able to do that then they really shouldn't feel that way to begin with since they are capable of doing that....

Me on the other hand... I just wake up everyday.... if I feel down/demotivated then I just tell myself "It could be worst" take a deep breath and start my day.... I started doing this about a year and a half ago. It's worked about 90% of the time.

posted on Aug, 22 2011 @ 05:40 AM

Originally posted by WeMoveUnseen
reply to post by tpg65

Treating severe depression really isn't that simple.

"Ok imagine you are sitting back in a chair smoking a blunt and you've smoked so much that you cannot move and can barely breath.... think about how you would love to do this all again"-...there ya go, this session is free...the next ones gonna cost ya.

posted on Aug, 22 2011 @ 07:36 AM

Originally posted by tpg65

This may not work for people with Severe clinical depression ....But you are welcome to try it

Regards .
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This may not work for people with Severe clinical depression ....But you are welcome to try it

Hold on a second here. This may (also) not work for people who are to aware of the fact that they are deliberately kidding themselves. Call it severe depression, fatalism, cynicism, but my answer to that is. the white light at the end of the tunnel is a train hitting you with 240 m/ph.

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posted on Aug, 22 2011 @ 07:39 AM

Originally posted by TribeOfManyColours
Done it I am back stuck.

People still dying, suffering. Still a financial slave. Cant move anywhere without the use of the fixid system.

Hell I wish i was 80 again.

posted on Aug, 22 2011 @ 07:44 AM
Imagination works because we live in an imaginary world. Apparently there is no reality, only our perception and projections. The entire totality of our own personal world is illusory and imaginary. We ourselves and everything around us is nothing but an imaginary idea. At least that is what Eastern philosophy tell us. Quantum mechanics have arrived at this point as well if I'm correct. (referring to what the bleep do we know)

posted on Aug, 22 2011 @ 07:45 AM
reply to post by Afterthought

I agree completely with the Vitamin D strategy. It's amazing how many documented cases of depression are caused by nutritional deficiencies, yet many co-called doctors will simply prescribe crap that only affects the body in negative ways rather than research 'foods' and 'minerals' and 'vitamins' that are probably deficient, and have been for a long time, in our diets.

Depression isn't the only thing linked to nutritional deficiency, either. blood pressure, weight, and most other ailments show up well before depression hits. All linked to diet.

Here's a list of items I suggest you research. Adding these items to your diet will affect your life in positive ways much more than any drug given by some idiot doctor who has no reason to care about your health. Doctors think differently than you might believe - their primary goal is to do no harm to their pocketbooks, then their profession, then they might make you believe they care about your health.

Practically every item on this list has documented cases of solving major health problems, and many relate directly to depression. Symptoms of depression occur in some cases when we ignore the underlying health issues that the body has been telling us for a long time.

1) Chlorella/Spirulina. 10-15 grams/day. Good source is These have most of the vitamins you need in it already for health. The tablets are the best way to go. These guys can solve depression!
2) Green smoothies. 2 cups/day. Juice some fruit or veggies, throw in some greens, blend. Drink. Suit to taste. A typical smoothie would be 3 cups juice, 2-3 handfuls of spinach (or chard or kale), a banana or so, some ice. Very easy to make. Very easy to drink. Changes the digestion immediately. Good coffee replacement. These drinks have documented proof to solve depression.
3) Coconut Butter - 3 TB/day. We like artisana Coconut Butter. Tasty, easy to eat. Buy some manna bread (whole foods, frozen section). Put some on it. Or just put it on an apple and eat with cinnamon. Very tasty, easy to digest, helps the body in a lot of ways. The brain is made up of fatty oils. Changing the balance from trans fats to good fats can help depression.
4) MSM - 5+ grams/day. Whole Foods carries these in capsules. I suggest you put some powder in your toothpaste too. Good for gums. Inflammation is a cause of body distress that can lead to depression.
5) Nascent Iodine (topical). Several drops/day on skin. Iodine is a huge deficiency for most people. Helps the thyroid, which has a whole range of health improvement issues. Thyroid issues can be a major cause of body distress leading to depression.
6) Chaga - drops/tea/powder. We get ours online (like Not sure if you can find this at Whole Foods. Chaga is natures antibiotic. You can get it in capsules, tea, etc. When we drink tea, we always use RAW honey. Tea should be hot, but never too hot - try to put honey in it when it's less than 120 degrees F.
7) Magnesium Chloride spray. Several times/day. sells spray. Magnesium chloride is another one of those huge deficiencies, and a lack of it causes calcium issues. This is beautiful stuff.
8) B-12. Transdermal patch - 500mg, 2-3X/week. sells these and others. B-12 is one of the most overlooked deficiencies along with Magnesium Chloride today.
9) Bragg Apple Cider Vinegar - 3TB/day, mixed in with water/raw honey/juice, whatever. This also fixes the body's pH, which is vital for health and happiness.
10) Vitamin D3. 2000IC / day. Critical for health. Vitamin D3 is the sunshine vitamin. Everyone is deficient unless you are a dedicated sunbather. This may be the most important vitamin (hormone) to take for depression, especially SAD.
11) Probiotics and Enzymes. These are critical to take every day, and at every meal. Alone, they may indeed solve digestion issues. If you eat food, you need these. Whole foods sells these. You can also source them from amazon. These guys are extremely important to overall health. If you don't digest, your body is constantly in shock and trouble. If it cannot focus on health, it cannot heal the symptoms of pain, and this can lead to feelings of depression.

Wishing you health, happiness, light, and hope for a better tomorrow!



posted on Aug, 22 2011 @ 08:05 AM

Excellent re-framing for procrastination.

Some things are Organic in this field, meaning the experiencer is "wired" differently, has certain chemical or other neurological ante-cedents.

This can be depression, personality disorders, pyschopathy, schizophrenia, bi polar etc etc.

Medication and a long standing hard to shift experience, for that person in those cases its true.

That is it’s a fact not a "belief".

HOWEVER for MOST people diagnosed with depression of the various types, this is not a FACT.

Most people with depression don’t have this type, and there is change process available that do work and quickly.

Please be aware and honest with yourself about any "Secondary Gains" that having "depression" and being labelled, being and known as that brings you, especially if being in that place for many years.

As described so well most drugs for this just kill of any emotion, making the persons life empty and with no richness of experience. This is just treating the "Symptoms" not the "Root" or "Cause" and so will never be a cure.

To come of them NEVER doing so without doing it in conjunction with the prescribing person, and seek out local or national support groups of others who have done the same or on that journey. Research and find others who have with your particular type of med have managed to do so safely and properly, take that info to your prescriber, back up your request at the meeting.

Unless you have a pre determined genetic, or physical/neurological injury, impairment, disease etc causing your depression then without being too harsh it is partly a choice, mixed with habit and identity if long term.

Sure you will have certain receptor issues on your cells in your body, and brain, you will have more for the peptides of fear, guilt, anger, etc and less for the fuzzy warm ones love etc, HOWEVER that is partly habit, your body just doing one of the "Secrets" as so often espoused in forums like these.

What you focus on (unconsciously too!) expands, grows, you attract get more of.

Each time your body repairs it will make new cells looking which all contribute to how you feel, with more parts of them ready for and looking for the chemicals etc released when we feel low or "depressed".

YOU have done that, not the depression, not some other person or reason event that some might choose to blame as the reason for their "depression".

So you have a choice there and then and here and now! even if only you felt better by just 25% because you had more receptors for "happy" feelings etc The choice now is focus on more positive thoughts, start them small, feel them keep doing it they will grow. How you think and Feel NOW is telling your body what to create in expectation of how you will feel later.

Your body takes about 8 years to totally remake itself, but MOST of it much much quicker, build a home for your mind of Love or Anger
Your Choice Now simple as. Nothing to do with "he/She They did this to me" "if only I had" "when I was 7" etc

Its like a mechanical system that’s how it works, just truth be positive and happy your body will be and also look for more, The exact opposite if angry down etc.

Can you imagine a goal, or even just on feeling happier and happier, that you placed as much energy, emotion, words, time & money on as you have to date to now on your depression?

BE HONEST think about how much time a day, how much a % of your thoughts and focus, surfing, words, research is on this I am sure you can see if this was placed elsewhere quickness and absorbtion in that experience would be?

Well what you have been doing is not getting you that, so be prepared to make some small changes be flexible, try being as enthusiastic about getting happy or reaching a goal that would signify to you a big turning point or you wouldn’t be depressed then?

Maybe many find it hard to imagine a time of not being depressed, can’t see a positive feeling idea picture in their minds of their future?

If so really really think on that!

Again where honestly has most of your focus been?

CREATE that picture dream hope if you don’t have one, then more!

Energy, emotion like a muscle the mind conscious, can be trained to come to the place you choose it to be, not where it has gone out of habit, which is where many are in depression like a programme that gets "looped" over and over a gain.

Do the work face your mind use your willpower bring it repeatedly to positive, make that the new habit. Meditation, Tai Chi Martial Pursuits all good, just start being Honest and aware of what’s really going on inside. Watch it force yourself to refocus on Positive, good even neutral but break your own pattern.

If you not prepared to do this again look at Secondary Gain for where you are, BE HONEST with yourself, as you obviously don’t want to make the change.

About a month for most on total change in life and experience imagine then what you could achieve after that!

70 odd % of depression is Choice, Habit, Identity and if you put in 100% of the time energy focus on change for a minute amount of the time you have been "stuck" and all that focus massive positive and happy change is possible.

It is not a good place to be at but your experience of it can change anyone saying different is just positing a "Belief" not a fact!

Now as well as needing the conscious direction, honesty and taming of the stallion if you like mentioned above, many of the real "roots" and "Causes" rather than symptoms (such as behaviour and experience feelings) lie in the subconscious.

Deal as above with your conscious mind & sort out any Limiting Decisions and Beliefs and negative emotional events, prior to gestalt in an non associated way, has been shown to be quick effective and profound in treating a myriad of emotional, behavioural and physical diseases, issues, problems.

This can be done by Hypnosis, change work yourself, or if very analytical and guarded Psychoanalysis using conscious power of imagination and creative suggestions in therapy to effect change, though this is usually a little longer to achieve.

Cant afford the therapy or coaching No problem

Below is a link to a thread I recently did which many here will find great resources to help.

FREE Hypnosis FREE Coaching Worlds Leading Expert

Many have this "belief" that PTSD can’t be treated easily, well keep on thinking that and it will be so, what’s your secondary gain? Who told you that and why do you believe it? It’s not true a fact follows FREE QUICK PTSD cure!

FREE PSTEC CURE for Anxiety Depression PTSD

Oh and by the way been there done that, wore the badge a little bit, do something about it BE HONEST and stop moaning! Unless you are prepared to put the same focus and energy time on BEING the Change. Like a reformed smoker I don't have time for it unless you DO?

Kind Regards,


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posted on Aug, 22 2011 @ 08:21 AM
I guess if you're 80 or older you're out of luck.

I wonder how many people who think they have clinical depression don't, but just think they do and make themselves miserable because they think they can't overcome it because it's a "mental disease?" I tend to believe depression is simply not acknowledging that life is a gift. You're alive, change is possible.

posted on Aug, 22 2011 @ 08:57 AM
So, i just realized this.

So i had a really horrible week and it all came to a peak last night around 11.

I read your thread a few hours later, and i don't know if i can attribute how i feel today to reading your thread but i feel like a new person today, no lie. Better than i have in a long time. And after the news i received yesterday i thought i'd be in my room all day dwelling in my depression. BUT its the exact opposite.

I was just thinking about how i felt and your thread and i guess....thank you?

But really, it was all up to me.

Anyway, goodday friends.

posted on Aug, 22 2011 @ 09:44 AM
People are weak. Whatever happened to mind over matter? Rationalizing your thoughts and understanding what your needs are and fullfilling them no matter the cost?
Most people allow themselves to remain depressed, I used to be one of them. Not anymore, by a simple choice I changed.

Only advanced civilizations have "depression" and consider it a sickness, poor countries don't have this problem.
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posted on Aug, 22 2011 @ 10:33 AM
reply to post by tpg65

Damn I'm already 87 while writing this. That ain't working for me.

Now I feel even more depressed than before.

posted on Aug, 22 2011 @ 10:34 AM
I'm not trying to sound like an ass in this post but pretending that you went back in time to re-experience life all over again won't do much of anything to help people with depression, this is like separating yourself from reality and living in a world of delusion..the simple fact that you have to "pretend" proves in itself that this "cure" has no basis in reality nor is it getting to the root of the problem. I have been diagnosed with major depression due to a chemical imbalance in my brain coupled with years of heavy metal toxicity/bad dieting. Most unnatural depression is simply induced by nutrient deficiencies and poisonings such as mercury and lead, which destroy brain matter, deprive your body of nutrients, and hinder your body's homeostatis (it will cause disruptions in how you absorb and distribute minerals and vitamins to your body). The only legal things that have helped me with my depression have been staying extremely active, correcting my diet, taking various health supplements (omega 3's, vitamin D, minerals, lots of protein, etc), and taking mirtazapine (an atypical antidepressant), my brain doesn't produce enough serotonin, but I'm currently on a regimen full of nootropic cognitive enhancers and detoxing my body of heavy metals to fix that problem. The best things that helped with my depression were cannabis and psilocybin mushrooms (albeit they're illegal), and ultimately I believe they're illegal simply due to just how powerful their antidepressant effects are..if they were legalized big pharma's profits would drastically drop..anyway, this is just my opinion and I mean no disrespect to your OP.

posted on Aug, 22 2011 @ 10:47 AM
I also have a story about natural health products.

My mother has Schizo-Effective disorder (something along those lines). Meaning she has a mix of bipolar and schizophrenia. She was diagnosed with it in my preteen years. And has been on medication right up until about 3 years ago. She decided that she did not want to take these meds anymore. And decided to go a natural route.

She started taking Niacin (b-12) capsules, and some other ones like vitamin D as well. And weened herself off those addicting pills. She has never been better, she's lost a bunch of weight since going off those pills, she does have her off days. But not like what used to happen.

Vitamin deficiency would probably be the cause of at least 70% of 'clinical depression' cases in the world. People underestimate their body and what it needs to fully function, if your missing certain amounts, they can adversly effect your physical and mental health.

I suggest anyone on anti-depressents try the natural route, and see if it works for you
, you may be pleasantly surprised.

posted on Aug, 22 2011 @ 10:53 AM
reply to post by tpg65

I just turned 60 so I feel a lot of these feelings anyway. I can see that you are trying to help which is more
than I can say for others out there in the world.
It's a good exercise and as they say attitutde is everything. The trick is to change it and the miracles will
be when science can help free us from the tangles of age and disease to a degree that physically we can
go on and want to live longer and want to be involved. We here have seen the passing recently of a 30 year
old as well as older folks in the family..I did think of one of them when reading the part where
you are 80 something and can barely breathe to paraphrase what you said. Just remember you out there..
good habits both mental and physical as well as spiritual can help assure you of a prospect of a healthier more enjoyed future.
Thanks for the lesson.

posted on Aug, 22 2011 @ 11:04 AM
Ill give it a go next time im feeling down.

I know it will work,its like reverse psychology on yourself lol.


posted on Aug, 22 2011 @ 11:06 AM
reply to post by SilverStarGazer

It's nice that you can feel that way but if you don't try to earn a living for yourself then who is going to take
care of you when you are old? It is a mad mad world out there so the song goes but begging for food is no
fun either. Talk to the folks who do it. I hope you won't join any kind of cult where you lose yourself or your
humanity and know that medicine has its proper place too. It's not just an attitude thought they say it is everything. It very well may be in certain situations.
It's nice ( and I commend you for it ) to have that it does not mean anything to me attitude but you must have faith and understanding and wisdom as well. That will take time to develop.

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