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UN places humanitarian team in Syria as tanks enter the city of Homs again

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posted on Aug, 20 2011 @ 09:01 PM

A UN humanitarian team has arrived in Syria to assess crisis needs as President Bashar al-Assad prepared to speak to the nation Sunday, amid global pressure to end a brutal crackdown on protesters.

"Most of the team is in place in Syria now," a UN humanitarian department spokeswoman, Amanda Pitt, told AFP late Saturday. It was not known when the experts would start their work in areas of concern across the country.

On Saturday, tanks rumbled into the central city of Homs, one day after 34 anti-regime protesters were killed, activists said, adding a sense of urgency to the UN team's mission.

Assad said he ended military operations a few days ago. Then today, tanks are rolling though Homs again, after atleast 34 protesters were killed.

Just a guess, but I doubt the UN team will find any good news. If the team determines Syria is in a humanitarian crisis, what will be next? If NATO was going to attack Syria, I would think they already would have by now. Will there just be more words thrown at Syria?

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