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The Threshold

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posted on Aug, 20 2011 @ 09:08 AM
Lets take a snapshot and stand back and look at where we are. We are resident on a world where, although we are becoming quite advanced, we do not have acknowledged contact with off world life, if at all.

We appear to be having sporadic fleeting glimpses of what appears to be off world technology, although there is NO irrefutable evidence in the public domain that this so.

Our military are so powerful, paranoid and encapsulated that for all intents and purposes they are a power unto themselves, where they will make decisions on what is good for us, and them. They will most likely do anything to obtain ET technology, if they so wish. Currently, we as ordinary people have little influence on the right and wrong, or morality of persuing this line.

So therefore we are currently no threat to other worlds other than our own.

That is where we are, for the moment.

Most people reading this forum is aware that our Sun is a star, one of 100's of billions in our galaxy, which exists among 100's of billions of other galaxies.
Any planets that exist with sentient life orbiting other stars, do so in complete isolation from each other. This is a very very profound statement, in that most civilisations up to and including ours from a technological development standpoint, exist while being totally unaware of others,
until some important threshold is crossed.

The tools to cross this theshold are in the hands of advanced off world cultures, who are capable of interstellar travel and communication.
They may have had this ability for 1000's if not 1000000's of years so that we can assume that multi cultural ET contact has produced rules and treaties on a many great number of things.
Included in these treaties would be a set of rules that could relate to how they deal with our "situation".

Considering our lack of open contact,
it has become abundantly clear that we do not fit some of the criteria required to join the club so to speak.

So we are where we are, and while the more enlightened peaceful members among us might find this incredibally frustrating, even heart breaking that we can't immediately progress beyond this point, our planet has to be treated as a whole unit in compliance with an alleged interstellar treaty.

So unless some profound changes take place in our near future, our elusive ET visitors will reamain at a distance, indefinitely.

Perhaps they may covertly intervene from time to time in military goings on, or in the case of extreme natural disasters.
Until we become acceptable to them, attepting contact will be as futile as neanderthal athowing crap at the moon.

So my challenge to YOU is what, realistically, we can change to get over the threshold, or for us is it simply too soon in our collective evolution?

posted on Aug, 20 2011 @ 09:43 AM
I am not sure that humanity as a species can overcome these issues. When the majority of the worlds population is still mired in aggresive self perpetuating education systems (religious and societal) whose primary rules come from 2000+ years ago there isn't much that i see can be done. Note that i do belive that those rules were highly relevant and useful AT THE TIME THEY WERE CREATED. e.g. the abhorance of pork...due to some merchants selling human flesh as pork in the period.

However as individuals i do believe we can overcome these and reach for the stars ourselves.

For the record i do not believe that any advanced races would allow for the Tyranny of the Many to hold back the development of those few who wish to move forwards. Without giving the few who are ready a way to move forwards that shows such a lack of compassion on their (E.T.s) part that i for one would want no part of any future or civilisation they belong to.

And Few/Many are only in comparison to each other.

posted on Aug, 20 2011 @ 12:00 PM
reply to post by Donegal_TDI

An exellent thread here. I definitely hold the same views in regards to extra-terrestrial life being a, in all probability, a likely certainty due to the shear vastness of the universe. Any denial of life outside our own environment is bordering on complacent ignorance in my opinion - something along the lines of unquestioning acceptance of dogmatic creation and rule/law and not daring to wonder! I read in another post today that the church of old only permitted the elders in a community the knowledge and power of being able to read and that all others should just follow their example...that says a lot to me in regards restricted and controlled knowledge of our then present state of being and wouldn't be swayed to think that these same conventions are not employed in recent times by the 'elders' of our world - otherwise referred to as The Powers That Be!

The only part of your thread I can't agree upon with you, and its only because its speculative beyond which I normally like to go, is the idea of these treatises which don't permit extra-terrestrial contact due to our systems of war and the perversions of truth which most of us are unknowingly exposed to everyday.

In my opinion, for all we know, if ET has made contact there's every chance they may be malevolent and are colluding with those that vie for control of us presently. They may have even been benevolent but were tricked in siding with TPTB (there's nothing to say that they are above being decieved if they exist). The reason I come to these points is because I believe that if any civilisation other than our own made contact with our race then a big announcement would surely ensue..unless they have technology that may be deemed as too useful for the continued subjugation and control of us civilians, and that is when they would keep it a secret. Other reasons obviously include religious consequences and fear of the unknown..

I for one would welcome any sort of contact from an extra-terrestrial race, I think as a species we are now grown up enough to accept the possibility of life elsewhere in our universe. We could probably still keep the God concept too, maybe leaning more towards my belief of a more spiritual and less religious sense of God where God represents the natural order of the universe, the force(s) that govern it and the mysteries we are yet to uncover about oursleves, our abilities and connections to other forms of energy!
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posted on Aug, 20 2011 @ 12:55 PM
Excellent replies both.
The reason that I proposed that there may be treaties among
interstellar capable races,
is that it would be in their own interest to do so.

Once a civilisation/planet crosses the inserstellar threshold,
they cease being a problem just for themselves,
but could very much cause issues for others.

This is profound and requires great caution,
and would make sense to enforce contact treaties.

Of course there could be rogue elements,
like the Goa'uld in the Stargate TV fable,
who stole their technology.

If contact has been made by earth's military,
and the very fact that it is being deliberately witheld from us,
I fear it could be with one of these rogue groups,
in the militarys desparation to get their bloody hands on the technology.

posted on Aug, 21 2011 @ 10:39 AM
With a lot of posts in this thread it does indicate a big problem that humanity brings to the intergalactic community. With humanity as a whole not smart, decent or strong enough to sort out such blatant corruption with 9/11 as a clear example, my recommendation is to keep the quarantine active for the time being.

If contact has been made by earth's military, and the very fact that it is being deliberately witheld from us, I fear it could be with one of these rogue groups, in the militarys desparation to get their bloody hands on the technology.

There are a lot of stories around about the Tau9 treaty that indicates that this is the case. There is a high chance that these rogue groups have infected the political process, either directly or indirectly. Humanity appears incapable of responding to this threat with fear being the main weapon that is being used. With positive guidance there is a lot of good around, but in its current state there is also a lot of conflict and self interest.

posted on Aug, 21 2011 @ 08:48 PM
It therefore follows that there are likely two scenarios,
1. There is an ET presence from the alleged treaty faction who will forever remain aloof until we are considered acceptable and the fleeting glimpes we have of them are in a purely caretaker role for want of a better word, and they will not actively be persuing contact with us but attepting to remain covert.
2. There is contact between one or more rogue groups and some human organisation trading God knows what, and their activities could be provoking those from group 1 to break cover and intercede in their goings on.

I have always felt that if and when the truth is known,
it will not in itself be a simple matter but a tangled mess of nefarious deeds by many parties, both human and ET.
It would be difficult for those from group 1 to maintain their anonimity AND be effective in counter measures against those from group 2.

This truly will be for us the greatest story ever told,
if only we could get for once some irrefutable facts,
and these will have to come from one or more "insiders"
who have the balls to come forward and see it through.

If YOU, reading this are one of those insiders, many here could help.
Private messaging is permitted to keep initial contact out of the public eye.
Please come forward.

posted on Aug, 21 2011 @ 09:57 PM
reply to post by Donegal_TDI

When looking at the diversity on Earth, it is very reasonable to expect this diversity to spread throughout the universe. Here are a few sites that share many common themes in the alien situation:

While I cannot prove the accuracy of these claims, there are many other sites around that do support this general situation. This does provide some weight to the arguments presented as a likely indication of what is going on, a very complex situation. In the current political environment I have little faith that the government could be honest about what the actual situation is if they are to disclose what is going on and will spin the facts to further enhance their position.
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posted on Aug, 22 2011 @ 10:05 AM
Folks seem to getting stirred up of late that something big is looming,
I don't think that this will be the case,
just more of the same,
lid locked tight shut
and continued speculation and failure of prophecies.

But we can keep digging,
and who knows what might develop by accident,
or by unforeseen circumstances yet to come

Long live the free thinkers.

TPTB can peddle their tat elsewhere

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