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Religion, Myths, Science and Memory Tricks

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posted on Aug, 20 2011 @ 06:03 AM
I've been thinking recently about religion, myths and legends and their origins and meanings.

We know that we have lost a lot of the esoteric meanings behind religious stories. Many if not all religions originally had a hidden knowledge only known to initiates.

Gnosis is the common Greek noun for knowledge (in the nominative case γνῶσις f.). In the context of the English language gnosis generally refers to the word's meaning within the spheres of Christian mysticism and Gnosticism where it signifies 'spiritual knowledge' in the sense of mystical enlightenment.

But what was this hidden meaning, what are the secrets and what is their purpose?

Well as we know even in societies that do have the written word many people are still unable to read so what better way to transfer knowledge than via a story? I suspect most of us know the memory trick where by you can be given a list of unrelated items and then memorise them in order by composing a story around them....

Remembering a List of Items For remembering a list of items you can use the Story Method. Simply take the words you need to remember and make them into a story by modifying the words as needed.

This is what I have come to suspect religious stories are... Memory tricks and possibly Mnemonics

The phrase 'as above so below' got me thinking and I wondered if it wasn't a very simple lesson in physics... In other words 'every action has an equal and opposite reaction'- as above so below.....

There are also a number of religious stories which contain numbers, the Christian Bible for example has a lot of scriptures which contain numbers. Other religions also have many stories that contain seemingly random numbers. Its my opinion that the stories containing these numbers are actually trying to pass on scientific knowledge. held by the ancients and contained within a story as an aid to memory.

What sort of scientific knowledge could they contain?

Well almost anything.... This simple saying is a good example of a mnemonic.... 'Richard Of York Gave Battle In Vain'. As a child I learnt the colours of the rainbow along with a little bit of English history by remembering that simple sentence. The first letter of each word corresponds to the first letter of each colour. I believe that many religious texts do the same.

Nursery Rhymes are another method of passing on information in a manner which is easy to remember...

Two examples of these types of nursery rhymes history and origins are 'Ring a Ring o Rosies' which refers to the Bubonic plague and 'Remember Remember' nursery rhymes which allude to Guy Fawkes' foiled attempt to blow up the English Houses of Parliament!

Now I don't have any idea what knowledge the ancient sages of the distant past might of been trying to pass on but here are a few ideas


The order of planets in average distance from the Sun: (Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto) My Very Easy Method: Just Set Up Nine Planets.

Progression of the Equinox
Planets and the Solar System


Physics is one of the oldest academic disciplines, perhaps the oldest through its inclusion of astronomy

Other possible information which could be passed on in this way are Historical data, Medicine, Biology, Geography and so on, in fact the possibilities are endless....

Its my opinion that this is the true meaning of almost all ancient religious stories told by such diverse cultures as the Sumerians and Mayans to the Celtic Druids but over time the stories have become garbled and we have lost the true meanings of these texts and the information they contain.

Anyway its just a thought and I'm interested in hearing your opinions on the idea along with other types of information that may be contained within the now probably garbled religious stories

posted on Aug, 20 2011 @ 07:39 AM
reply to post by Versa

You are asking questions that I was asking 20 years ago. After reading thousands of books and seeking these answers, the final answer comes down to human weakness and lack of infinite perspective. Our minds are suited to slow growth. Alchemy is a term that relates to the transition of substance from gross to subtle. The transition of metals from state to state finally ends in perfection as gold. All life makes this journey to the most subtle and perfected state possible. All nature is in a perfected state. Humans are placed in this garden to learn the story. All aspects of nature tell the same story to our minds. Symbols are a reflection of this story nature tells.

Metal and mental are similar words with similar alchemical meanings. Nature takes the unrefined state of a life-form and perfects it over time. This process is a natural transition from gross to subtle. It is is possible, with both mental and metal, to speed up the process. You are currently using the process a alchemy to produce faster results with your mind. This is the hidden meaning behind 100% of the symbols you are viewing. The meaning of my words contribute to this process for you and for me. When a person teaches, they learn twice.

Our minds are geared toward this search for truth and meaning. Symbols are images that speak in layers like an onion. For instance:

You can view the ratio 1:1.618 as the Greek symbol for phi. Phi also stands for the golden ratio. It also stands for the golden spiral. The golden spiral also indicates the fingerprint of the creator in all of creation. And on, and on we go. One symbol now speaks more to the mind than the outer layer of the onion. When you get to the core of all symbols, you arrive at the inner court of truth. When the Bible says, "Do not cast pearls before swine" it is referring to the following area of refinement:

There are two perspectives to all truths by degree. This is referred to as the outer court and the inner court.

The outer court of truth is held by the profane. This is a term that describes individuals with a low sense of symbolic meaning to their thinking and reasoning. If it is possible to rise to new life, it is also possible to sink to new lows. Swine is a term to describe the profane who refuse truth. The profane treat sacred topics with abuse, irreverence and contempt. You see many people doing this on ATS from ignorance. Sacred knowledge is obtained by reflection on spiritual understanding. Spiritual understanding is protected from those who abuse the power contained in the meaning. How many people on earth abuse truth for advantage?

The inner court of truth is held by the elect. This term describes the individual that has a high sense of symbolic meaning in their thinking and reasoning. The elect treat sacred topics with honor and respect, realizing where this knowledge originates. Spiritual reasoning is attained by first recognizing that there is a hidden hand in all creation. This is referred to as faith in the Holy Spirit of God. We all have a piece of this spirit within. Each life-form is an artificial creation with consciousness. This consciousness is spirit. We have an unrefined spirit that is moving closer to dividing the light from the darkness. Over time, the spirit is refined by God. Light must be shined on the spirit in stages or the light blinds. God cannot shine all the light on us or we would be destroyed. Our eyes must adjust as we emerge from the cave of ignorance.

Blasphemy against the Holy Spirit is unbelief in the pre-existence of this spirit. This is unbelief. Science is blinded to the truth of spiritual matters because their main platform of reasoning excludes God. Our education into science happens on God's schedule and not ours. Jewish scientists are responsible for the vast majority of major discoveries in this world. Israel is the light unto nations.

As you study any esoteric tradition, you will find belief in God. Intent and the drawing of implications is another matter. The Bible is the root of all knowledge related to spirit. It contains all the layers of the onion in their correct format and order. All symbols that you can find in religion or traditions arising from religion are there to lead the mind toward the inner court of knowledge. This is why some religions lead to stealing, killing and destroying. Some beliefs originate form a counterfeit source. Only the Bible originates from the correct source.

To save you time, I can give you the inner meaning of all traditions:


Read 1 Corinthians 13, then work your way back through the symbols. You will find Jesus at the epicenter; at the tipping point; at the apex of all that arises beyond. Jesus is the source of all streams that flow away and then back again. Look up the term LOGOS and you will see how this works. Also, read this article. LINK


posted on Aug, 20 2011 @ 08:26 AM
reply to post by SuperiorEd


I understand what your saying and that is the more traditional approach to mystery texts etc but I am beginning to wonder if MANY of the teachings were actually not of a spiritual manner at all but simply science, history and geography lessons...

posted on Aug, 20 2011 @ 02:58 PM

Originally posted by Versa
reply to post by SuperiorEd


I understand what your saying and that is the more traditional approach to mystery texts etc but I am beginning to wonder if MANY of the teachings were actually not of a spiritual manner at all but simply science, history and geography lessons...

Right. I think it was an entire package. Aristotle, Plato, Prognathous and so on all had schools of enlightenment as we additionally witness in the Eastern traditions. There were many mystery schools as they were called. Jesus came to set the record straight. He made it clear that the wisdom of men was not the wisdom of God. Enlightenment to truth can only be found when a person seeks God from a standpoint of humility. Belief is the first step. The next step is righteousness and justice. From this platform, faith becomes realized in the hope of salvation. Knowledge and wisdom come on God's timetable no matter what men proclaim or boast. We are only discovering what has always been there by the guidance of the good Shepherd. If you really want something to study of value, get the Ancient Hebrew Lexicon by Jeff A. Benner. Nothing is more enlightening than making the connections of Ancient Hebrew morphology. LINK

posted on Aug, 21 2011 @ 03:20 PM
reply to post by SuperiorEd

I agree there was certainly layers (like an onion) and that moral stories were contained in some of the religious texts we find. I personally believe though that those could of been a later addition and the original stories were just methods of passing on data....


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