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Study shows powerful corporations really do control the world's finances

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posted on Aug, 19 2011 @ 09:25 PM
How many of these 150 are Bilderberg members? 150?

How many of them support Rick Perry? 150?

posted on Aug, 19 2011 @ 09:42 PM
reply to post by Maxmars

Oh MaxMars - you have found the Rosetta Stone! :bow:

Thank you.

there are a lot of cross-reference opportunities here.... major holders in media, telecommunications, infrastructure, energy cartel, big pharma, big aggro.... also participation in UN committees, CFR, Bilderberg-ites, IMF, WTO, NATO, EU, ISB, Trilateral Commission, and many many more.... I hope some ATS'ers are inspired to dig with us.... anyone?.... anyone? ... Buehler?.

It's a smorgasbord of conspiracy! Line up!

Please don't stop here! I will help.


posted on Aug, 20 2011 @ 02:23 AM
reply to post by Maxmars

This makes me wonder how we managed without computers?
We were just stumbling around in the dark.

What else will we learn? What will we do with the information?
How will we bring about CHANGE?

posted on Aug, 20 2011 @ 02:36 AM

Originally posted by The Empty Skies
As obvious as it already was, it's good to have some kind of proof.

Thanks for sharing.

And I think this is's good to have some proof.
Sometimes you get information and it isn't scientifically or independently verified. You say to yourself it seems like this but that is impossible. It is the impossibility of the belief that allows you not to act on it. Once a belief becomes a fact it gains POSSIBILITY and credibility. It isn't a suspicion anymore. Most people don't act on suspicion and in fact they will deliberately hold themselves back from it for fear of appearing insane. It may take a little while for the information to saturate the masses but when it does change will begin to occur. Then we might trace the peoples movement our eventual freedom from corporate tyranny, manipulation and price gouging...right back to ATS and Maxmars.

posted on Aug, 20 2011 @ 07:23 AM
This latest article from Ellen Brown gives us some more details of whats going on ....... The One World Company
Daniel Estulin, noted expert on the Bilderbergers, describes that secretive globalist group as “a medium of bringing together financial institutions which are the world’s most powerful and most predatory financial interests.” Writing in June 2011, he said:

Bilderberg isn’t a secret society. . . . It’s a meeting of people who represent a certain ideology. . . . Not OWG [One World Government] or NWO [New World Order] as too many people mistakenly believe. Rather, the ideology is of a ONE WORLD COMPANY LIMITED.

It seems the Bilderbergers are less interested in governing the world than in owning the world. The “world company” was a term first used at a Bilderberger meeting in Canada in 1968 by George Ball, U.S. Undersecretary of State for Economic Affairs and a managing director of banking giants Lehman Brothers and Kuhn Loeb. The world company was to be a new form of colonialism, in which global assets would be acquired by economic rather than military coercion. The company would extend across national boundaries, aggressively engaging in mergers and acquisitions until the assets of the world were subsumed under one privately-owned corporation, with nation-states subservient to a private international central banking system.

posted on Aug, 20 2011 @ 08:58 AM
This is news??

posted on Aug, 20 2011 @ 09:10 AM
These are the fools we should be angry at, not welfare moms.

We bite each others throats because you are a 'conservative' and I a 'liberal,' yet neither of us really has any power.

When we are fighting over our 'deficit', they are taking the gold out the back door.

We are in a wholly engineered crisis.

The money didn't just evaporate. It was stolen by these goons.

The good news is, only a few really control every thing, so it won't take much muscle to bring them down.

posted on Aug, 20 2011 @ 09:52 AM
reply to post by jimnuggits

These are the fools we should be angry at, not welfare moms.

...And these "fools" have managed to create a Global Corporate Government, and force our nations to implement and enforce their terms. Using our money and resources.

Not a shabby accomplishment.

posted on Aug, 20 2011 @ 10:04 AM
Maxmars - You have deliberately, or inadvertently created a hit list, for all of us that will not simply sit back and 'moan' about these organisations.

I wont lie, I think there is a good proportion of us on this forum that would like to see these organisations and everything they stand for, 'ended'. More importantly, I think there is a significant number of us on here that will seriously take action against them, their holdings, tangible and intangible assets, and their key personnel.

This is where the next world war should be - destroying these corporations. Those of us who do not wish to be wage-slaves, versus these puppeteers and their zombie followers...

Thanks for the targeting intel MM, now it's time to put the crosshairs in the right place and press the 'red button'.

The Revenant.

posted on Aug, 20 2011 @ 10:13 AM

Originally posted by ARBIT
This is news??

No, see, the news is that people are asking the right questions. First, there's a sign of bubbles, then there's bubbles, then the pot is at a raging boil and flash point is reached.

Step by step little froggy, you don't have to leap from the pot if you're all set, just lie there and cook. Orrrr you could post something thoughtful or useful so as to help the process forward.

posted on Aug, 20 2011 @ 10:33 AM

Originally posted by Maxmars
Related News Links:

A PDF is there. I'm going to rename it "The network of global corporate control" and email it as an attachment to the few I communicate with. I hope you all do likewise. Be sure to mention Cornell so it's not dismissed outright as a nutter piece.
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posted on Aug, 20 2011 @ 10:50 AM
holy crap at this thread. S&F

I'm sure that most of the people who have wandered onto this site realize this stuff already, but to actually see everything spelled out and detailed is amazing. Great work.

As someone already has said...instead of wanting to kick grandma off of SS and getting angry that some woman is getting food stamps every month, direct your anger towards the head of the snake
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posted on Aug, 20 2011 @ 10:54 AM
reply to post by The Revenant

Go after international trade agreements - the legal framework for Global Corporate Government.

It's the system NOT the players that make the game what it is. Individual players can be replaced. So change the game.

posted on Aug, 20 2011 @ 11:02 AM
Hopefully, this will paste well.....

But please read the text that follows for a message from me....

What you see here is extracted from the submitted paper. I haven't included any definitions or methods of the statistics used, which are far from normal content for our community... if you are interested you should join the arvix website and read the whole thing.

I am pleased that many of you have noted the potential value of this information and understand, despite the 'obvious' nature of the title's assertion, that this is something the talking heads of the world would have a difficult time of writing off as 'conspiracy talk.' Here we have an analysis of the flow of control between millions of corporate entities and their 147 puppet-masters, who hold enough stock, or are multi-level board participants, or directly control assets and or operations strategies for their subordinate corporate "citizens."

But it was not my intention to share a "hit list" so much as a "watch list."

There is a possibility, not addressed by the researchers that certain corporations are not 'obedient' and thus are targets; there is even a possibility that within the control structure itself are elements that represent a potential threat to their own larger agenda because they individually want more control/power/wealth.... As I have always maintained... by the nature of their mental gymnastics and pliant ethics, they really cannot completely trust each other.

I suspect that it is that lack of trust that engenders the emergent (or established) control apparatus we see coalescing before our collective eyes...

I do not believe that it is necessary to attack such an amorphous entity as the one we may see here.... it will eventually kill itself.... On the other hand we can eliminate some of the fertile ground they exploit, we can make some of their activities less grotesquely profitable, and most importantly...

We can finally say "The king has no clothes." when we see the lapses in press coverage on certain things, when we find corporate operatives being appointed to key policy-making positions, we we find the larger political parties sponsored by the tentacles of these separately sovereign corporate players.

The unspoken truth is there is an entity that exists as a separate state within the international community... no one speaks of their sovereignty, or power... their impetus for war, exploitation, and the manipulations of compliant states which we recognize as legitimate.

The move to lessen or eliminate sovereignty comes from those with secret sovereignty ... the corporate consortium of financial control.... they have 'convinced' us that they should be controlling economies... .and our so-called leaders (for the most part) are well-compensated as long as they acquiesce.... (except for those stupid enough to think they are actually doing the 'right' thing when they "obey" the party leadership..... by the way... who is the party leadership - really?)

What I would like to see next is: The "Party" and her bankers.

posted on Aug, 20 2011 @ 11:14 AM
However, I think this study is akin to "Study finds, water does in fact make you wet".
I am not a believer in some grand orchistrated NWO or anything, but I do very much believe due to mountains of evidence and just a slight bit of critical thinking that corporatists do control it all...

Its good its "offical" I guess...but it will change absolutely will only expose the dagger that we will have plunged into the heart of the world with no resistance to anyone foolish enough to think otherwise earlier...but ya, anyone whom had their eyes even slightly cracked open, or turned age 16 (whichever comes first) already knew what this study has shown.

And you have the entire west demanding we give these corporations more and more power them a vote, unleashing them to fix all campaigns, etc...its not even a secret nudge nudge wink wink type is a mainstream argument and a race to see who can surrender faster to the system.

posted on Aug, 20 2011 @ 11:15 AM
Hell, I have known this for forty-years

posted on Aug, 20 2011 @ 11:23 AM

Originally posted by Maxmars
But it was not my intention to share a "hit list" so much as a "watch list."

Hit list...Watch, this is simply a pre-released autopsy report.

it will eventually kill itself....

By prayer? Hard to say it will kill itself when every month it becomes more self empowered

On the other hand we can eliminate some of the fertile ground they exploit, we can make some of their activities less grotesquely profitable, and most importantly...

We wont, we dont. Look at the daily cycles of politics from both sides in the major areas.
The fight we give them more power today, or all power today...suggest any snipping away at the power base and that politician or activist is seen as the devil incarnate.
The problem isn't just the corporations the end, their mission statement is clear...get profit and control by any means necessary. This is what they do
The problem is the media, the politicians, and the brainwashed people...all three totally connected to one another that fight for the mission statement of the corporations.
Our collars are worn, but instead of obvious steel around our neck, it is the plastic in our wallet, the commercial breaks on network news, and the lobbiest in washington...far more effective than collars as it provides no actual escape.

This is why I am pro government regulations...not that this particular government has any teeth, they are almost all sold out..but the concept of a entity formed of the people to combat these giants is the only real hope...
But until the corruption from corporate interests is vanquished from government, then we are really just creating a new monster verses a champion.

I don't know if there is an actual solution that isn't just 100% philosophical idealism...sometimes you are simply too far off shore to swim back

posted on Aug, 20 2011 @ 11:27 AM
reply to post by davidgrouchy

Lehman and BoA not doing well yet they're a big player?

Hmm. Ponzi-schemes tend to break down during recessions.... This is because investment goes down as investors withdraw and since the whole house of cards is dependent on increasing investments, it collapses under its own weight. In an actual business it's dependent on a real service or real product and thus investors are more likely confident. In other words (as it seems), a real business has more to lean on when things get bad. It's like a ship that's more real than it's fake. A more real ship has a better chance of floating while a fake ship is more likely to sink.

Just one possibility. It's never a given, though.
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posted on Aug, 20 2011 @ 11:29 AM

Originally posted by sith9157
Hell, I have known this for forty-years

Naa, come on.
Back in the 70s, had mega sears and the like...and you had big banks, etc...but it was not even remotely close to what we have going on today.

Back in the 70s, if the stock market crashed, there was immediate visible results on the population, same with a, the stock market can crash, or rise 10k points and it not seeming to make any difference in the litmus test of economics..aka, the employment rate and standard of living for middle class.

Its a completely seperated society now between the overlords and the slave the 70s, it was arguably a really good time between enough mega corps to keep some things in check and make affordable luxeries, to small companys filling in the meat of society

I used to be a fan of the globalization process, until it became clear it was not so the world together could build up...rather it was just a corporate scheme to consolidate world wealth into a few hands and break the spine of the world in the process.

posted on Aug, 20 2011 @ 11:30 AM
reply to post by Maxmars

Awesome find, Maxmars! This is one of the things I've been looking for, for years... a mapping of the world corporate power network. I'm not losing my time on ATS.

The emperors have no clothes.

(Flagged, of course!)

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