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Met the Author about D.B. Cooper that was on Brad Meltzer's Decoded

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posted on Aug, 19 2011 @ 02:09 AM
Last weekend I was at the Auburn Good Ole' Days helping out because my parents help run it. Anyways one of our guests was the author Robert Blevins who wrote Into The Blast: The True Story of D.B. Cooper. It was awesome meeting and helping him and finding out he lived in my town and that he was actually on The History Channel. What was even cooler is he knew about ATS! And what was even cooler than that I got to see in his slideshow his personal pics of him with the crew of Decoded! EVEN COOLER IS HE BROUGHT EVIDENCE WITH HIM! He brought the ceiling panel which was right above Kenny Christiansen's bed which is supposedly where he stashed the cash. Apparently Kenny had a real ax to grind against NWA. He also received parachute training in 1945 in preparation for X
ay, the invasion of the Japanese Homelands. When he hijacked the plane he was given 2 parachutes one of them a modern-day 1970 style chute the other one an old WW2 para. He strapped on the WW2 parachute in seconds like it was natural for him before lowering the stairs in the 727 and jumping out into the darkness.

He also explains why the new evidence that was just recently brought up by the woman claiming it was her uncle was completely untrue for a variety of reasons, I can't remember them all right now. The dead giveaway that it was a hoax though is because she said her uncle apparently tacked the D.B. Cooper comic up in his room for years except the only thing is the FBI didn't release that comic until like 2007 or something. I got some pictures of the evidence and other stuff I think so if you guys want to see any of them let me know. I also got an autographed copy of his book that the Mysterquest show was based off of! =D

posted on Aug, 19 2011 @ 04:56 AM
reply to post by Swing80s

Ok. Here is the thing. Some guy's ceiling panel is proof of nothing.

A WW2 era parachute consists of 3 straps. 2 buckle around the legs. 1 buckles across the chest. You would need to be a complete retard not to be able to put one on in less than a minute. If it were a T-5, T-7 or T-10 parachute, the only real difference would be the types of connectors on the buckles.

Also nobody saw D.B. Cooper put the parachute on or jump from the plane. So saying that the WW2 chute was natural on him is a false statement used to bolster your case. Prior to putting on anything, he ordered the flight attendants up to the cabin. When he was alone, he put on a parachute, opened the ramp and jumped.

Besides, in 1971 Kenny Christiansen was almost completely bald, had blue eyes and pale white skin.

D.B. Cooper, on the other hand, had a full head of hair, brown eyes and olive tan skin.

posted on Aug, 19 2011 @ 07:29 PM
You're wrong: He used the WW2 parachute because he was confortable with it because he had ARMY AIRBORN training for landing in the rough terain in japan. Why would some person not use the most modern jumping equipment unless the individual was only familiar with the WW2 style cute?

You're wrong: When all the flight attendtants were told to go into the cabin the last flight attendant that had been with him the most throughout the entire ordeal saw him putting it on by the rear fusalage

Reason #3 you're wrong: why would somebody that's hijacking a plane (or robbing a bank or performing any related crimes) not use a disguise? Have you ever heard of tupees before?

Reason #4 you're wrong: Kenny was only getting paid 500 dollars a month but after the hijacking he suddenly had money to buy a new house and a new car. Where did that money come from?

Reason #5 you're wrong : An additional cache of money was found behind his house.

Reason #6 you're wrong: how could a TWA flight attendant give money and loans to friends and family members such as lending a friend $10,000?

I could go on and on about all the reasons why you're wrong but I would be typing forever. Does anybody else have any questions as opposed to just saying I'm wrong and giving out faulty information? I'd be happy to address any questions =)

posted on Aug, 19 2011 @ 07:38 PM
Oh yeah I forgot something else, Kenny had a friend from TWA that he knew from Alaska where they were stationed, Mike Watson, who thought to have been in on the plot. When the History Channel tried to talk to him he was kind at first but then when they introduced themselves and told them who they were he got extremely upset and clammed up and declined to be on the show.

posted on Aug, 20 2011 @ 04:04 AM
A person would choose the World War 2 parachute over the new one because he didn't know the first thing about parachutes. You are simply assuming it was Kenny Christiansen when it was not.

According to the official transcript, at 7:42 PM, ALL members of the flight crew were in the cockpit. That is when the aft stair light came on and Cooper made the jump. Afterward, a flight attendant was sent back to look and he was already gone.

D.B. Cooper may have been wearing a hairpiece. But this was 1971. How did he change his skin tone, height and eye color? He doesn't match the description.

Kenneth Christiansen was found to have a large coin and stamp collection after he died. Perhaps this is where the money came from. Maybe he invested wisely. Who knows.

The supposed cache of money found behind his house was obviously not part of the DB Cooper hijacking. The serial numbers would have been matched. And thus it is irrelevant. As is the ceiling panel, which is just a ridiculous thing for somebody to take.

He wasn't a flight attendant. He started out as an aircraft mechanic in 1954. Even back then, it paid well. For a brief time he was a flight attendant before becoming a purser. Given that he had access to quite a bit of airline funds as a purser, it is reasonable to assume he stole it.

You ARE wrong. And you ARE dispensing disinformation.

posted on Aug, 20 2011 @ 12:15 PM
Where are your sources that back up what you are saying? Mine are from personal accounts of the people involved. Kenny Christensen flew the orient rounts for TWA. He was the last person to get on the airplane. Since this wasn't an orient route flight he assumed that he would not run into any of his fellow co-workers. As he got on the plane it was documented that he walked up to the cabin first instead of taking his seat so he could be sure nobody on that flight new him. He knew the 727 could lower the stairs mid-flight because he was on a 727 when they tested it out to see if it would mess the aerodynamics of the airplane which it didn't. Although the money was traced starting with the serial # L he demanded only 20 dollar bills be brought so there would be less of a chance of somebody noticing the stolen bills in the future. They were also non sequencial which made it impossible for a bank teller or anybody to really tell if the L bills were being circulated from the ransom or not. D.B. Also made it known to Tina Mucklow ( I feel bad for her she's being stalked by a D.B. Cooper fanatic at this moment ) that he did NOT have a grudge against the airline and made a point of her to remember that ( he didn't want anybody to know he was connected with TWA). The pilots were instructed to go below 10,000 feet, depressurize the plane, put the flaps at 15* angle, and lower the landing gear. Tina then helped him lower the staircase when Cooper offered her a 2-3 bundles of 20 dollar bills to take. She refused and was ordered to the cabin with curtains drawn with the rest of the crew. He also had with him FOUR parachutes 2 back and 2 front.
Tina peered through the curtains and watched him slip into the NB-6 Navy back parachute. And the reason he did that was because that was the EXACT same parachute he used in WW2 training and was the only one he was familiar with (mind you he hadn't parchuted in 25 years). I don't know why you think him using the NB-6 was because he didn't know how to use paracutes, it was because that was the ONLY parachute he's ever used before and knows, and the modern parachutes were way more easy to operate and provided much smoother jumps but he was only comfortable with what he knew why would you jump out of a plane in a parachute you don't know a thing about?.
-Oh yeah the hostages reported he had brown eyes
- Kenny also didn't work too much and was barely scraping by before 1971 making less than 500 a month
-The hijacker was left-handed, so was Kenny
-Kenny sometimes wore a tupee but never after 1971
-He loaned 5000 dollars to his sister (how could he do that if he had few work hours and worked only odd jobs?)
-He wore a pin (mother of pearl tie clasp) on his tie which Kenny's sister said was the same pin her brother wore
-the money found behind his house was only in 20 dollar bills which were all "L" sequenced bills
-Kenny's alleged co-conspirator Mike Watson broke into his ex-wifes home after Kenny died and stole some documents he didn't trust her around with
-Oh yeah I forgot to mention there's a picture of Kenny dressed up as DB cooper with a parachute and a sack right in front of his room with the hidden ceiling panel taken as a momento and look it up
-Katy Watson was asked and answered many questions about Mike Watson claiming that he was a thief and did other shady things and even talked about Kenny and told the author he was left handed along with other details but when she was told she was being questioned in relation to D.B. Cooper all of a sudden she couldn't remember exact dates or times or events any longer.

If you still are too naive to except circumstantial and hard evidence I suggest you look at the picture of Kenny dressed up as D.B. Cooper that he took right before he died then maybe you can open your eyes to actual evidence and not run around with blinders.

posted on Aug, 20 2011 @ 07:55 PM
My sources come from the official transcripts released by the FBI. They come from the time of the hijacking and not several years later by glory hounds. The same problem happened with the JFK assassination. People change their stories.

Now in the transcript between the Pilot and the Tower, at 3:13 p.m. the pilot stated that DB Cooper demanded 2 back pack parachutes and "negotiable American currency. Denomination of bills not important".

Army paratroopers in 1945 did not use Navy parachutes. They used either the T-7 or T-10 Army parachute. They did not use Navy issued NB-6 parachutes which weren't invented until the mid-1950's and manufactured by Switlik Parachute Co.

The Boeing 727 was not made until 1964. It made it's first flight in 1963. At that time, Kenny Christiansen was no longer an aircraft mechanic. Even if he was, he did not work for Boeing and would not be there to test anything.

How did he come into money after the hijacking? Easy. He stole it. You say he bought a house in cash. But none of those bills matched the bills used in the hijacking. So that money came from somewhere else. There is a reason that only $5,800 has ever been recovered. It's because DB Cooper died before he could spent a single cent.

posted on Aug, 23 2011 @ 03:02 AM
You're wrong again... OK here we go AGAIN... although you claim the NB-6 was never used in preparation for X-Day it probably was extremely similar to what D.B. Cooper was used to. He DID jump in an NB-6 parachute that was a proven fact. It is also a proven fact that an NB-6 parachute was found in Clark County (SW WA) where he was assumed to jump. AND I DIDN'T SAY COOPER WORKED FOR BOEING TESTING THE 727 LADDER IN MID-FLIGHT! When he worked for TWA they took up a 727 and lowered it in midflight to collect data incase it ever was lowered accidently or unaccidently to see what would happen to the aerodynamics. Kenny was there when they did it and relized that nothing dramatic happened if it was flying at a low enough altitude for oxygen and the cabin was depressurized. And like I told you before the FBI handed Cooper "L" series bills... And nothing but "L" series bills were found behind his house. And there was an additional reason why you're misled in thinking the only "L" series bills were the ones found by that kid near the Columbia. 200,000 dollars in 20 dollar bills is a lot of "L" series cash and since they were not in sequence it was damn near impossible to look at every "L" series bill passed to a bank and going through a list of 10,000 20 dollar bills that WEREN'T IN ANY ORDER. And you still can't explain to me how a guy barely scratching thru his existence was able to come up with soo much money to spend and loan and actually invest leaving him with around $200,000 dollars in his name when he passed. So please explain this to me... I respect your arguments even if you're completely wrong

posted on Aug, 23 2011 @ 03:15 AM

O Sorry I forgot he wasn't dressed as D.B. he only has his suitcase from the hijacking and one of the bags he used that was full of cash... oh yeah and behind him is where the secret panel was that wasn't discovered until 2010 or 11. He lost some of the cash from spillage because of the violent jump or it was an additional tote that came loose with some extra cash, crashed on the ground exploding causing money to fly everywhere. I'm too lazy to remember how many totes he was carrying... anyways if you don't think that's incriminating than why they hell would he take a picture like that bud?

posted on Sep, 8 2011 @ 03:09 AM
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