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My experience in dealing with Jail and Police (such as being stripped in front of men and women lef

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posted on Aug, 19 2011 @ 01:43 AM
I'm thinking about writing a message with some questions to my city's Chief of Police who is a family friend. If any of you guys have questions you'd like for me to contribute in my letter for him to answer please let me know. But first I'm going to tell some stories about the police in Ellensburg, WA along with the guards at thier jail. Please bear with me as I want to explain why I went to jail before what happened to me in jail.

Ellensburg is in central WA and home to my old college CWU. The only reason the town exists is because of the college or else it would be just a gas station off of I90. I had to leave ellensburg and attend one of their sattelite colleges because of constant harrassament (They knew my car because it was a customized charcoal 4.6 liter 05 Mustang). During my first year I made the mistake of moving my car at a party because I was asked to move it from the driveway to the side of the road across the street. Because of that as soon as I stepped out of my car a "peace officer" came and I was arrested for a DUI. Being the dumn college student I was I continued to drive (trust me during winter you don't want to walk from your house to the campus when it's somewhere between 0 and 16 degrees with wind coming from the cascades non-stop) and one night I was carrying groceries to my car when I saw 2 police officers, I wished them a good night and hoped they would stay safe. Apparently that was my worst mistake because the officer claimed that when I gave him that friendly jester he knew I was the kid with the mustang and of course they folllowed me and pulled me over for another citation. The area is inundated with 5.O's and whenever I had friends come over they were always followed, one time we got followed from the party across the town to my house the police officer was just waiting for a mistake to pull us over I recognize these are all my fault but please bear with me.

Years later my friend SWIM was late for class and when he got there at the end to turn in his mid-term essay a friend of SWIM's told him the police came to his class to look for him. Puzzled SWIM thought they needed his help and saw them waiting outside and came out greeting them. They immidiately arrested him without telling him what he was charged for explaining "SWIM knew what he did". Swim spent 2 weeks in jail without an idea of what he was getting charged for constantly being questioned by a detetective like this was an important murder case of his carreer. Apperantly it was because SWIM kicked down somebodies door. Now SWIM apparently kicked down the door because there were 2 girls sitting in his backseat that didn't come with him to a party but demanded they wouldn't get out of his car unless he dropped them off at their house or somewhere across the town. When he dropped them off across the street of their house which was on a corner SWIM did a U-turn and ended up stopping just ahead of the stop sign on the corner right as a LEO drove by. As swim looked in his rear view SWIM saw the cop do a U-turn as well pulling him over close to his house and charged him with a traffic citation and driving without insurance. SWIM was so furious about it because these girls he didn't even know got him in big trouble that he wanted to talk to them and when they didn't answer he kicked the door down without even thinking later getting SWIM charged with felony burglary. Thank God for lawyers! The detective even forced SWIM out of his house weeks later when they came knocking and swim answered the door the pig told his partner "Be careful he might have a shotgun behind the door". They refused to let him back in until SWIM would talk to a "counselor" and be "cleared" to go back into his own property. Lucky for swim the next few times the detective came over SWIM's roommate would be out on the porch playing his guitar and would tell them to "FU(K OFF! and get off his property!".

But lawyers aren't even immune to the law, my lawyer got pulled over taking me back from court for going 5 MPH over the speed limit.

Jail: Well IMHO I think the jail/prison guards are just as worse as the prisoners they guard. They have no compassion and love to see and get away with torturing you mentally and physically, But there are some sick people and some sick situations that happened there as well. One inmate who barely turned 18 and who obviously was suffering some serious metal sickness killed his mom's dog and "supposedly" raped it's dead body in front of her because he was pissed off she wouldn't let him play his video games... This guy was on anti-psychotics, had an animal cruely felony charge and was very easy to manipulate as whenever he took a shower the other inmates would say he "smelt like wet dog", obviously making fun of what he was charged with. Anyways they "convinced" him to shave off all of his hair on razor night with a single blade razor which cut him up quite a bit. The last time I went to the Kittitas County Jail I brought in my medications as I was on methadone at the time. The guards claimed I tampered with the prescription bottle and gave it to my parents outside. When my parents told them that I was going to go through massive withdrawls if I don't get it and will feel like im dying they took that as statement that I was suicidal which I told them personally I wasn't at all. But that didn't stop them from making me strip in the main intake infront of these sick and men and women and be put in the "drunk tank" right next to them so they could check up on me. So besides going through withdrawls and feeling cold and sick I was stuck in a cell naked without a blanket for 72 hours being forced to smile at them and tell them everything was great and I was feeling mentally euphoric so I could get moved to general population. Needless to say I went through 3 weeks of hell while the guards would just joke away at mine and other peoples expense. They thought it was a riot when they let us go to the rooftop for exercise and we'd play dodgeball and everybody would pound the doggie rapist with dodgeballs the entire time.

On a plus side Kittitas County supposedly had the best meals out of any jail in the state! But anyways I'm going to be writing a letter to the Auburn's Police Chief and I want to know who are the individuals policing the police (Besides crap Internal Affairs). I know that they tend to recruit officers that tend to be mentally slower because they are more likely to obey orders without asking questions. I also want to know why we require so many police and why do police officers tend to go overkill on their target (does each officer pointing the gun feel like he needs/wants to shoot somebody even if his colleagues are firing too?). I'll be coming up with more questions but I'd like to take some of yours if any of you feel that you need to get an answer to anything. Anyways I think we shouldn't put non-violent offenders in human storage facilities.

posted on Aug, 19 2011 @ 02:06 AM
Crazy story man. Hope your vision of reality isn't permanent damaged by these experiences. I hope that you have a pure body and mind now.

When I was in jail they put me on 24/7 lock down for 3weeks.
I went to the toilet to do necessary number 2 while working.

And on suicide watch. Every hour they put on the lights to check if were alive. Stupid mental games they play.

best wishes

posted on Aug, 19 2011 @ 02:21 AM
See the thing is that CWU is their ONLY income in that town, yet the people that live there HATE the college students and think they bring trouble. No better way to rape these students for more money by having the police fill up their massive quotas every year. That town gets sooooo much income by just screwing over college kids it's rediculous, I mean whenever I was in court it would be crowded with kids my own age. Many of them just came for the weekend to visit their friends so they would hafta drive from all over the NW to make thier court date.
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